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A veranda is an extension that serves as a connecting link between the courtyard and the house itself. It is arranged in such a way as to create the maximum feeling of comfort and warmth of the home, as well as to demonstrate the beauty of the surrounding nature. In addition, the design of the veranda of a private house or cottage should involve the creation of a cozy corner in which you can relax in peace, gather a small company with relatives and friends. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully approach the arrangement of the veranda to make it comfortable and beautiful.

terraces, lighting, modern design ideas, photo

A classic design option for the porch

What is a veranda for?

For a veranda You can find a lot of applications, in addition to additional storage space for various things. In fact, the summer terrace is a very useful extension. For example, it is suitable for family dinners and tea parties, friendly gatherings, as well as for arranging a full summer kitchen. In addition, it is a great place for a children's playroom with a mini sandbox, a wall bars and even a tent. Every home owner can find the practical purpose of the veranda, which will delight him and benefit.

terraces, lighting, modern design ideas, photo

The veranda is a great place to socialize with friends

Styles for the interior of the terrace

Nowadays it’s very popular uses several styles of design of verandahs in private houses:

  • traditional;
  • rustic;
  • modern;
  • pop art;
  • British;
  • glamorous.

Pop art

terraces, lighting, modern design ideas, photo

Steep veranda in the style of pop art

As a rule, this design of a veranda at a dacha is chosen if one wishes to arrange a space for spending time with children. The main features of this style include:

  1. Bright colors of the walls, which can be diluted with graffiti.
  2. Decorations in the form of posters with images of idols and superheroes.
  3. A large number of objects of various shapes, colors and sizes.
  4. Soft ottomans or huge pillows.
  5. Bright decorative elements.

Traditional style

terraces, lighting, modern design ideas, photo

Cottage style - modest and uncomplicated by

It is also called cottage . If the owners of the house preferred him, then they should observe the following principles:

  1. Strictly selected color scheme without bright colors.
  2. A small number of pieces of furniture.
  3. Lack of any original decorative elements.
  4. This design is economically profitable and is great for decorating porches for work rooms.

British style

terraces, lighting, modern design ideas, photo

Wicker furniture as a feature of the British style

With the help of the British style of decoration of the terrace, you can demonstrate the aristocracy and refined taste of the owners of the house. It provides for the rigor and elegance of the interior. With this option of arranging the premises, experts recommend:

  1. To give preference to wicker furniture.
  2. Buy a rocking chair.
  3. Hang up shelves on which plates with images of hunting or fishing scenes will be placed.
  4. The wooden floor is a dark color.
  5. There should not be any varnished items on the veranda!

Wooden style

terraces, lighting, modern design ideas, photo

Wooden-style terrace : a modernized version
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Despite its simplicity, this design of the terrace in the country is very popular. To create an appropriate atmosphere, you should take care of several nuances characteristic of wooden style:

  1. Wooden walls without coating or with varnish.
  2. Shelves decorated with embroidered towels, jugs, and glass bottles.
  3. A floor of planed and polished boards.
  4. Simple furniture - for example, benches knocked down a bit carelessly.
  5. The most simple sofa and armchairs.
  6. Curtains with a simple pattern.


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Glamorous veranda can also be tastefully decorated

This design is the most suitable option for people who like the atmosphere to be bright "expensive and rich." In this case, welcome bright pink shades, shine with sequins, fur. Mandatory elements of the decor:

  1. Bright and colorful wallpaper on the walls, however, without any drawings.
  2. As many mirrors as possible in various sizes and shapes.
  3. A lot of frilly furniture, best of all in white.
  4. White “wool” carpets on the floor.
  5. Shelves with glass decorative elements.

Modern style

terraces, lighting, modern design ideas, photo

Vernanda in modern style: nothing superfluous

Choosing a design in this style , the owner of the house will not be able to make a mistake, because everyone will like the result. However, it is necessary to take into account the fact that you have to spend a large enough amount of money to purchase equipment, as well as various interior items. This style is distinguished by the following features:

  1. Lack of shelves (it is extremely rare to have one or two shelves to place family black and white photographs).
  2. The presence of a multimedia photo frame is a big plus.
  3. Thin TV on the wall or low massive cabinet.
  4. The floor is of varnished or polished wood of dark color.
  5. Carpets are not allowed, only in front of a sofa or chair you can lay a rug without a nap, in a light shade, plain or with a minimalist pattern.
  6. Upholstered furniture is better to choose leather or lint-free light finish. In addition, it must be necessarily low and massive.
  7. When choosing a table with chairs, preference should be given to products made from chromed metal and glass.

Lighting on the veranda

When setting up a terrace, first of all, you need to take care of lighting on the veranda in a wooden house or brick building, because it plays an essential role in creating a cozy atmosphere.

terraces, lighting, modern design ideas, photo

Original lighting on the veranda

If an open-type porch is attached to the house, then it is better for her to pick up lamps that are called "street ". Such devices are characterized by increased impact resistance, as well as protection from moisture. Especially attractive are the designer lamps corresponding to the general style of the interior. Lighting fixtures can even be mounted on walls or railings - this solution will look very original.

In closed-type verandas, stylized lanterns are often installed, or several luminaries similar in model, which differ from each other in height. Thus, it is possible to create quite interesting light and shadow effects in the room, thanks to which it becomes even more comfortable.

Zoning of space on the veranda

In most cases, the veranda in the country house or in a private house has an elongated shape, and a relatively large area is allocated for the arrangement. For best results, experts recommend dividing a solid space into several functional areas. This will make it possible to create not only a comfortable place to rest, but also two or three additional corners of another purpose: for example, a play area for children and a study or dining room.

terraces, lighting, modern design ideas, photo

Example of successful zoning

The advantage of this design idea is that you do not need to act globally, dividing the extension into independent rooms. In some cases, to obtain the desired effect, only a hint is required: properly selected pieces of furniture and accessories, the creation of so-called aisles, and different lighting.

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What rooms can be made from the veranda?

A veranda, the design of which can be chosen for any “taste and color”, can easily be transformed from a link connecting a courtyard to a hallway into a fully functional room. There are plenty of ideas how to rationally use this space.


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Meeting the whole family

for dinner on the veranda This option is one of the most popular on present day. As a rule, such a dining room is designed in the style of minimalism using only basic pieces of furniture and accessories: a table with chairs, textiles, and pots with indoor plants.


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The living room on the veranda is especially good where the view behind the window strikes

No less popular and the idea of ​​transforming the veranda into a beautiful living room with the help of properly selected furniture. To create the right atmosphere, a sofa is best suited, the dimensions of which will correspond to the area of ​​the room, a pair of tone chairs, a TV, a coffee table.


terraces, lighting, modern design ideas, photo

You can set up an office even on the smallest veranda

Choosing the design of a small veranda, lately time give preference to the design ideas under your personal account. After all, this is the best option for a room with a limited area: you just need to put a table and a chair and hang a couple of shelves.

Children's playroom

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Designer verandas for young sailors will be relevant for more than one year

Children will definitely be in delighted with having your own personal corner, which seems to be both in the house and at the same time in the fresh air, it is especially comfortable to play here in rainy weather. If you wish, you can arrange a veranda in thematic style, creating a castle for princesses or a pirate ship.

Winter Garden

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This garden will be warm and pleasant all year round

for people who love greenery , experts advise to turn an extension into a winter garden. It will only need to install coasters and shelves under the pots, as well as take care of good lighting.


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The porch is the place to do creative work

Creative people will appreciate the idea of ​​making a veranda a real workshop: for example, an art studio with an easel or a room with a potter's wheel. In addition, it is often assigned to a "design studio."

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Features of the choice of curtains

Completed decoration of the verandah, like any other room in the house, can be considered only if curtains are hung. When choosing this piece of furniture you should consider the following nuances:

  1. The best is to look light transparent tulle, creating a feeling of airiness.
  2. You can use street curtains of acrylic fabric that repel dirt, dust, and water.
  3. Bamboo cloths are perfect for a private office or a living room.
  4. Tarpaulin curtains are often hung on the open porch, which protect them from bright sunlight and wind.
  5. Safety curtains made from PVC film are practical for the summer kitchen and the game room.
  6. Blinds for gazebos are a good option for almost all interior styles.

terraces, lighting, modern design ideas, photo

Bamboo curtains - a find for the interior

Interior decoration

Special attention should be paid to the arrangement of this space should be given to decorative elements, because they will favorably complement the interior, emphasize important details.

Landscaping of the room with the help of various climbers that will delight all year round is considered the most advantageous option. The main thing is to make sure that the placement of the pots is vertical - this will protect the veranda from excessive sunshine and create a feeling of comfort. For summer terraces, as a rule, choose the option with a vineyard.

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The veranda is a useful space that can not only serve as a warehouse, but also become an ideal place for work, family time-up, children's games and much more.


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