features of planning, construction stages, projects, photos

Houses from a bar with a terrace are economically very convenient and profitable. The project itself does not require significant capital and makes it possible to build an eco house with a well-equipped place to relax in the fresh air. The veranda (terrace) pleases its owners from early spring to late autumn and is not afraid of winter. Such buildings are popular, and therefore their projects are diverse.

features of planning, construction stages, projects, photos

The terrace will harmoniously complement the house from a bar

Houses from a bar with a terrace: the key factors in favor of choosing

Choosing a house from a bar with a terrace is not limited to one option. The catalog presents projects large and small in size, two-storey and one-story houses from a bar with a terrace. The projects combine factors that are beneficial for future tenants:

  1. The veranda creates an additional functional space (tea-drinking with the family, barbeques with guests, evening reading on a swing or a sofa).
  2. Properly constructed terraces are protected from fire and bad weather conditions.
  3. A separate pergola is not required. It saves plot meters and wallet.

It is possible to make improvements to the proposed projects according to the wishes of the future owners or to prepare a completely individual house plan.

Advantages of buildings from a bar

A beam is obtained by sawing out a solid log. Excellent geometric shape makes it very attractive for construction work. Without much difficulty, you can get a flat wall, which will require a slight finish. The material is convenient to use.

features of planning, construction stages, projects, photos

Timber is the ideal material for building a country house.

There are several special advantages of timber buildings:


Compared to concrete or brick, wood material will not interfere with the natural exchange of air. Thanks to this there will always be a pleasant atmosphere in the room.

Woody fragrance

Even with additional protective treatment, if you follow all the technologies, the level of environmental friendliness in the house will not be lowered, which contributes to the saturation of the air. Many people love woody fragrance.

Excellent heat retention

Standard walls of timber are several times smaller than brick walls. However, they keep the heat much better. Natural mezhventsovye heaters close the gap, located between the crowns. Because of this, it is always warm inside the house, even on the coldest winter days.

Pleasant appearance

Most of the citizens living in big cities get tired of concrete mansions, glass, iron and other materials and want to enjoy silence in nature. Houses from a bar - the excellent decision for a quiet life in the country. Such buildings are famous for a wide variety of exteriors. Therefore, to make the appearance so as to meet the wishes of the future owner is not difficult.

features of planning, construction stages, projects, photos

Classical layout of the house with a terrace: first floor

features of planning, construction stages, projects, photos

Classical layout of the house with a terrace the second floor

On the first floor there is often a kitchen, a workplace, a bathroom, a living room and a hallway. Above the same room is equipped with several beds. Types of wooden houses with a terrace are often also presented in the catalog.

If desired, children’s playrooms and gyms are added to the schedule. Therefore, such a house is a great place where everything will be for a comfortable, relaxing holiday and privacy with family and nature.

In the design and construction of timber, no adhesive substances are used. Such eco-housing is suitable for lovers of natural materials.

On our website you can find contacts of construction companies that offer the service of designing houses from a double beam. Directly to communicate with representatives, you can visit the exhibition of houses "Low-rise Country".

Features of the design of wooden houses with a terrace

The types of planning of the house from a bar with a terrace and a veranda are based on the convenience and desires of the owners.

features of planning, construction stages, projects, photos

Terrace Size and Filling - Host Selection

The filter for selecting projects from a bar usually includes:

  1. Houses from a bar with a large terrace or compact.
  2. Projects of houses from a bar with a terrace-veranda with or without a bay window.
  3. Decorative and functional variations.
  4. With large windows and open type.
  5. Buildings of angular, square and rectangular types.
  6. Choice of elite equipment.
  7. Economy class projects.

All houses with a log veranda have an attractive appearance.

Stages of construction of a house with a terrace

Before building a house with a terrace, it is necessary to study the soil and other geo-features of the site. The shape of the house and the base for it depend on it.

Houses with a terrace are built in several stages:

Construction of the foundation

features of planning, construction stages, projects, photos

Foundation for a house with a terrace

First you need to decide on the foundation. Tape or pile foundations are often preferable.Given that the house and the terrace differ in weight, the shrinkage should also be different. Even if the house and the terrace are built at the same time, the console will still have to experience excess weight due to uneven shrinkage. If there is one hard base at the terrace and the house, there will be no load on the connection.

Important! The foundation is set for 30-40 days. Then the obligatory binding is laid before the installation of the walls.

Installation of walls

The walls of the terrace are built using several technologies. The most simple is the frame method. When the first row of bars will be laid, grooves and logs for racks are cut into them. At the end of the bar, a thorn is cut down, which will fasten the straps into the grooves.


features of planning, construction stages, projects, photos

Multi-level roofs can be interestingly beaten by the designer

The roof is often shed. They work, taking into account whether the roof will be settled separately, or it will be tied to the house:

  • if the roof is separate, the extension frame elements are used as support for the rafters; piling of timber, which should be horizontally nailed to the wall a level higher.

Doors and windows

Many prefer not to glaze the terrace from a bar. Whether it is a fence or not, is determined on the basis of the concept. People making glazing, want to protect themselves from dust, precipitation and wind. In such cases, tenants want to have natural light, because of which large windows are so in demand.

features of planning, construction stages, projects, photos

One to the floor - ideal
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Floor and ceiling covering

The last stage is the ceiling and the floor of the terrace. Lags for a floor more often keep within on the base or crash into a verandah. The ceiling is either sheathed with eurolining, or left it open. The second option is preferable, because it complements the integrity of the terrace and fits the overall concept.

For a better accomplishment, a landscape design project and land improvement services are ordered with the housing package.

Arrangement of a terrace and veranda in houses from a bar: a few words about the interior

The interior of such an area can be either minimal or decorated furniture and flowers. Also, the zone can be used for storage.

In the form of a veranda (terrace) in houses from a bar it can be executed:

  • both in a single version, for example, from the entrance side, and from various facades of the house;
  • closed or open type;
  • an extension to the building or part of it.

features of planning, construction stages, projects, photos

An interesting house project with several terraces

Exposed verandas can be complemented:

  • panoramic windows;
  • decorative railings.

Windows fill the space with natural light and protect it in bad weather. Veranda (terrace) in the houses of the bar is made of wood. This perfectly complements the project, emphasizing naturalness. From the terrace the house looks cozier.

The most beautiful terraces from around the world - in this video selection:

Features of houses from a bar with a terrace

Wooden architecture has become very popular, even outside the Russian Federation. With the help of modern technology, the creation, transportation and other works are carried out in a very short time. The quality is not lost.

The addition to the house in the form of a balcony, garage or terrace not only decorates and gives integrity to the building, but also performs several practical functions. The terrace, for example,

  • is a beautiful and smooth transition from the structure to the surrounding nature;
  • it can comfortably spend summer evenings with relatives and close people, breathing in the clean air and implanting the closest natural landscapes;
  • it is made of wood, which perfectly combines with almost all materials for decoration. But most people minimize the exterior and interior trim. Due to this, natural beauty remains unopened materials.

features of planning, construction stages, projects, photos

Stylized swings and a couch on the terrace

On the veranda, they often hang a swing for children or make a play area. A good solution is to place the sun loungers.

An excellent option would also be to put a terrace as the entrance to the garden. The housing of the timber has excellent sound insulation, keeps the heat and itself maintains a favorable humidity in the room. Terraced houses have everything a man needs.

Stylish housing from the manufacturer

Manufacturing companies transport, manufacture and assemble a wooden object of any level of complexity. The production uses an excellent tree, which is obtained mainly from the Kostroma forests. The forests from Kostroma are famous for their long operational life, which is praised even abroad.

Thanks to professional employees, work in large companies is performed:

  • in the agreed period;
  • turnkey;
  • with a high level of quality.

The leading manufacturers in the market are actively using:

  • the best innovative ways of building residential premises;
  • new equipment;
  • transport for delivery projects;
  • working technologies.

This is how truly stylish housing is created. Due to the listed advantages, the structures are not only beautiful and practical, but also durable.

Important: when purchasing a set of housing from a bar from the manufacturer, people have a guarantee on all materials.

Luxurious summer house with flexible parameters

In the construction of country houses of a bar with a terrace some of the most popular and sought after. Their practicality and naturalness won the hearts of Europeans and Russia.

features of planning, construction stages, projects, photos

A house with a terrace can even accommodate up to 100 square meters. m.

These houses are characterized by flexible modeling:

  1. In size, country houses of this type can be up to 100 m2, 100-230 m2 and more.
  2. The area of ​​the veranda is from a couple of meters to 25 and more spacious!
  3. As an optional extra, there is a garage for the car.

A summer house with a terrace significantly extends the service life of the front door and the lock, which, thanks to the covered veranda, does not come into contact with precipitation.

What are the styles of a house with a terrace?

House projects with a terrace or a veranda are performed according to the chosen concept. Regardless of the size, the appearance is performed in one of the styles:

  • Finnish,
  • English,
  • Scandinavian,
  • Canadian,
  • chalet.

features of planning, construction stages, projects, photos

House with a chalet-style terrace - a corner of Switzerland in Russia
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The construction and design of wooden houses is recommended to be trusted by professionals. Knowledge of the supply, the quality of wood, its proper transportation, and the experience in assembling structures will protect against errors in the construction and preserve the performance of the structure for many years.


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