photos, drawings, types (metal, wooden), design features, step by step instructions

The primary task of the workbench for the garage is to create an ergonomic working space for plumbing and carpentry work. The article describes the varieties of desktops and the features of their designs. The material proposed below contains information about the pros and cons of wooden and metal models and the features of their configuration. You will get acquainted with the criteria for selection of equipment and organization of the workplace.

photos, drawings, types (metal, wooden), design features, step by step instructions

Complete order in the workplace

About types of work benches

Car owners regularly encounter the need to perform a variety of repair works For anyone involved in carpentry and plumbing (whether professional or amateur level), competent equipment of the workplace helps to economize the distribution of time and effort, and also provides the best result. The role of universal equipment suitable for use in garage conditions, suitable workbench.

Initially, the workbench emerged as a carpentry workplace designed for working wood. With the advent of diverse (including electrical) equipment and the separation of occupations, the workbench began to specialize. Today, in addition to carpentry, there are carpentry and metal benches, as well as combined varieties.

photos, drawings, types (metal, wooden), design features, step by step instructions

Great-grandfather of modern models

Basic equipment

A workbench in the garage is a fully equipped work table in the garage. elements, which include:

  • Metal frame (table). Its design is designed for a solid weight, from 70 to 300 kg (depending on the model). Tables designed to work with heavy and large parts (eg wheels) are reinforced with additional diagonal joints.

  • Tabletop for carpentry and plumbing. Depending on the functions performed, it can be made of galvanized or stainless steel, chipboard, plywood. The safety margin of the table top is designed to withstand dynamic and shock loads, contact with chemically active compounds.

  • Accessories . The workbench serves not only as a working area, but also as a place for saving tools, spare parts and other accessories. Therefore, the required components of the structure are cabinets, screens, drivers (drawers), shelves, and hinged holders.

photos, drawings, types (metal, wooden), design features, step by step instructions

Every thing in its place

Selection criteria: wood or metal

For many car enthusiasts, the garage is a second home, so they approach its arrangement with due attention. Particularly important moment is the acquisition of the workbench; the criterion of choice can serve the purpose for which it is intended. In most cases, such equipment is installed to perform the following work:

  • For regular maintenance and maintaining the state of a car.

  • For minor plumbing , minor repairs, correction of defects related to the maintenance of the house and garden land.

  • If plumbing or joinery is part of your hobby .

The first question that arises when choosing is the material of manufacture. There are wooden (mostly self-made) and metal workbenches offered by various manufacturers, both domestic and foreign.

photos, drawings, types (metal, wooden), design features, step by step instructions

Workplace for the soul

Wooden workbenches

Wooden workbench in a garage made entirely or partially in wood , suitable for periodic and short-term work with simple details; It is poorly suited for machining complex metal components. The frame of such models is made of hard wood (beech or oak) and secured with self-tapping screws. The stability of the table is provided by additional spacers, transverse or x-shaped. Wooden models are usually equipped with shelves or drawers for storage. A wooden tabletop on the edge of the finished metal.

A common model is the construction of two massive pedestals connected by a tabletop. This option looks quite practical, because it solves most of the problems associated with the placement of tools. Despite the relative cheapness and good (although somewhat limited) functionality, many believe that the wooden workbench in the garage has significant drawbacks:

  • The wooden bench is not designed for serious work .

  • With enhanced operation the service life of the frame is significantly reduced .

photos, drawings, types (metal, wooden), design features, step by step instructions

Wooden workbench
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  • Table size does not allow placing several types of equipment at the same time.

  • The wooden surface of the tabletop under the action of chemical agents (paints, solvents) and metal dust eventually becomes useless , and traces of oils remain forever.

  • Wood - fire hazardous material ; in combination with a nearby collection of chemicals, this property increases manifold.

Metal Workbenches

To assemble a functional metal bench made of metal, you will need special equipment and skills to work with metal (the fragments are joined by welding). Metal models assembled in workshop conditions have a solid construction and modern design. Despite the higher price due to the cost of the metal and the more complex assembly process, metal equipment has many advantages, including:

  • Long service life . Stainless steel models can boast a lifetime of 50 years.

photos, drawings, types (metal, wooden), design features, step by step instructions

Metal workbench
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  • A wide range of models and their configurations. Manufacturers offer options for both universal and with a narrow specialization.

  • Multifunctionality . You can perform any kind of work, including turning, cutting, grinding.

  • Mobility and compactness . Many models can be disassembled (in whole or in part), and if necessary, add new tools (vice, clips).

  • Low weight while maintaining strength. The tabletop is resistant to deformation and damage (scratches).

  • Minimum care . The design is characterized by increased resistance to corrosive processes and does not require painting. Cleaning metal dust and shavings from the surface of the tabletop does not take much time.

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Workbench parameters

To determine the size of the workbench , you need to understand how much space in the garage you are ready to allocate for the workplace. The choice of design for the arrangement of the garage is based on several indicators:

  • Depth . Most garages have modest dimensions. Considering this limitation, metalworking benches with table top depth (width) not exceeding 0.5-0.6 m are preferred for home use.

  • Length . An important parameter that should not be reduced unless absolutely necessary. The longer the tabletop, the more convenient it is to carry out the plumbing work, install auxiliary tools. If you plan to use a circular saw or electric jigsaw, for these works you will also have to allocate part of the table top. Practically, most owners of garages prefer to install workbenches about 1.5-2 m long.

photos, drawings, types (metal, wooden), design features, step by step instructions

Compactness is one of the advantages of
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  • Height of the workbench in the garage. Determined by the convenience for the owner and depends on its growth. On average, it is considered convenient to arrange the tabletop at the level of the middle of the hands (if you stand nearby).

  • Technical clearance . For high-quality cleaning it is convenient for the lower part of the structure to be raised 15 cm above the floor.

  • Strength . The required strength is provided by welded structures with a support of the supporting frame for 6-8 feet. Since most of the car maintenance work is metalwork, a metal workbench will be the best choice.

  • Functionality . To work was comfortable, spacious countertops are not enough. Of great importance are shelving, shelves and drawers. All of them should be located at a convenient distance from the working area; It’s good when tools, feeding points, materials and containers for small items do not interfere with the job, but are always at hand.

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Organization of the workplace

There is not much free space in an average garage. In addition to compactness, the criterion affecting the parameters of the desktop is the amount of work you are going to devote your time to. If it is assumed that you will not only drill and hammer nails, but also engage in more complex manipulations, you should think about a larger table.Periodic processing of parts or blanks is more convenient to perform if the vice and machine for sharpening or drilling are in the assembled state. The garage owner will have to find a solution for several more tasks:

  • Storage . Due to limited space, another important task is assigned to the workbench - providing convenient storage conditions. The correct workbench is used not only as a desktop, but also as a convenient container of consumables, spare parts and tools.

photos, drawings, types (metal, wooden), design features, step by step instructions

When everything is at hand
  • Location selection . Specific garage task is the choice of space for the desktop. Two conditions must be met. First, the distance between the car and the workbench and the shelves in the garage must be at least one meter. The second condition is that you should be comfortable working near the machine, without the risk of damaging it.

  • Electrical connections . Electrification should be safe, taking into account the effects of damp and corrosive liquids common to garage work. Electrical wiring must be laid in a fire-proof corrugation or hidden in the grooves. If your switchboard has a metal casing, it must be grounded without fail.

photos, drawings, types (metal, wooden), design features, step by step instructions

The car should not interfere with
  • Lighting . Given that the garage always has shadow areas (from the car, shelves and racks), a practical option would be a combined system of several light sources designed for different tasks. Above the workbench, in the work area, it is convenient to install a bright rotary lamp protected by a lampshade. The lamp can be made removable; it is also convenient to build it into the workbench, and not to fix it on the wall - if you want to move the table, there will be no problems with electrification.

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Features of the models

Workbenches produced by the serial method are convenient in that their characteristics are set during production and correspond to their purpose. Depending on the technical conditions of this or that workbench, different models can have the following parameters:

  • Tabletop material . Moisture-resistant plywood or MDF coated with galvanized metal. The thickness of the tabletop varies from 24-30 mm.

photos, drawings, types (metal, wooden), design features, step by step instructions

Professional approach
  • Permissible load on the worktop . Serial models allow a load of 300-350 kg. The workbench of the enhanced series is designed for 400 kg and more.

  • The allowable load on the shelf in the cabinet is 20-30 kg, on the bench shelf - up to 40-50 kg.

  • Protection . On the cabinet can be installed lock, key or: increased secrecy (pin).

  • Components . A variety of shelves, holders, screens and hooks.

Factory-made workbenches are shipped unassembled; by construction, they can be divided into three groups:

  • Boneless . The ideal small workbench for a modest-sized garage. The simple construction of the assembly is characterized by a sufficient size of the working surface, which, if necessary, is folded (folding workbench). Stability is provided by adjustable legs. Numb-up models can be additionally equipped with drawers on bearing guides.

About the organization of the workplace in the following video:

  • Single Beds . Robust prefab design with reinforced worktop and weight 96-105 kg. Such a workbench is equipped with a convenient working surface, as well as a cabinet with drivers (drawers on ball guides with different heights) or shelves of adjustable type. The drawers are locked with a central lock. Some models are equipped with a toolbar.

  • Dvukhtumbovye . The weight of such models is 100-115 kg; they are completed with two drivers with boxes of different height. The maximum permissible load on each box (with a uniform distribution) is 30 kg. The package may include a perforated screen - a panel designed to accommodate the holders and hooks.

photos, drawings, types (metal, wooden), design features, step by step instructions

Combined Workbench
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A desktop for a garage is a type of industrial furniture that should have increased durability and be comfortable in everyday use. These properties help the owner to fully concentrate on work, thereby reducing the risk of accidental injury.A workbench for a garage will be as efficient as possible if its characteristics (load capacity, dimensions, equipment) correspond to the tasks to be solved.

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