Polycarbonate greenhouse with opening roof, sliding roof greenhouse, sliding greenhouse

In this article we will tell you about what is a polycarbonate greenhouse with an opening roof. You will learn what advantages this technology has, what models of greenhouses with sliding lids are on sale, and how much such greenhouses are in Moscow and the Moscow region. In addition, the article has useful tips on installing an opening greenhouse and interesting videos on this topic.

Polycarbonate greenhouse with opening roof, sliding roof greenhouse, sliding greenhouse

In greenhouses with opening roofs any crops grow well.

Advantages of a greenhouse with an opening roof

This technology has a lot of advantages, and if you choose a greenhouse for your backyard, you should pay attention to the greenhouses with a sliding roof, because they are:

  • In such a greenhouse you can even work during intense heat , since the room is perfectly ventilated thanks to the sliding cover.

  • Itself the lid is quite light , so it can be manipulated even with one hand.

  • If you open a greenhouse, then you will be easy to load in fertilizer and soil.

  • In such a greenhouse there is an opportunity to organize natural watering , for it is enough just to leave it open during the rain.

  • If in your region in winter there is a lot of snow , then in the empty greenhouse you can fold the cover so that did not break from too much load.

It can be seen that it is very convenient to operate a greenhouse with a sliding lid. Therefore, now such greenhouses are very popular.

Polycarbonate greenhouse with opening roof, sliding roof greenhouse, sliding greenhouse

The greenhouse cover opens easily and conveniently

Besides the fact that greenhouses with sliding lids are not only convenient to use, they create comfortable and favorable conditions for the growth of crops:

  • Plants in such a greenhouse are protected from overheating due to the possibility to ventilate the room.

  • The open lid of the greenhouse allows the sun to dry air in the greenhouse. The fact is that at high humidity in the closed greenhouses the phytophthora often appears.

  • A sliding lid allows pollinators to get into the greenhouse .

  • Rainwater is most favorable for plants .

  • In winter the snow gets inside the greenhouse, where it melts. This enriches the soil with minerals and avoids desalting.

  • If you open the lid for the winter, the temperature in the greenhouse will be the same as outside. This will help prevent ingestion of pests , seeking shelter from the cold .

Many gardeners have noticed that crops grow and mature better in opening greenhouses.

Polycarbonate greenhouse with opening roof, sliding roof greenhouse, sliding greenhouse

A greenhouse with an opening lid will create comfortable conditions for plants

A greenhouse with an opening lid "Botanist"

Frame Such a greenhouse consists of solid solid-curved arches with a section of 40x20 mm. The stiffeners carry the main load and are fastened with metal straps. The entire system of arcs and struts is coated with an anti-corrosion compound. In addition, the metal tube is galvanized inside and outside the "hot" method. Therefore, we can say that the greenhouse is relevant in almost all regions of our country. Durable and thick polycarbonate is used as a plating, which easily withstands heavy rainfall and slight snowfall.

Polycarbonate greenhouse with opening roof, sliding roof greenhouse, sliding greenhouse

The Botanik greenhouse can be used in any part of Russia.

An important advantage of such a greenhouse is simple and quick assembly. The design is arranged in such a way that it is built in just a few hours. Elements of the frame are held on bolted joints. The kit also includes lugs.

In general, the greenhouse is designed for installation directly on the ground. In theory, it does not require the use of the foundation. However, some gardeners believe that it is better to build a wooden box for such a greenhouse.

An important feature of this greenhouse is the Crab spacer system, which makes it possible to evenly distribute all loads from the outside. The meaning of this innovation lies in the special fastening of the connecting strip to the arc, due to which polycarbonate closely adheres to the frame at all points.

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Greenhouse with a sliding lid "Tulip"

For sale are models with different coating options: glass, polyethylene, polycarbonate. The frame can also be made of plastic, wood or metal. All models are equipped with opening or sliding windows. The cover can be removable or movable.

The "Tulip" greenhouse is designed in such a way that when the lid is opened in winter, a sufficiently large amount of snow falls inside, and this helps to protect the soil from freezing and preserve the soil microflora favorable for plants.

Polycarbonate greenhouse with opening roof, sliding roof greenhouse, sliding greenhouse

This is what the greenhouse with an opening “Tulip”

looks like. It is noted that with careful and careful handling, the greenhouse service life can be more ten years.

The Tulip greenhouse is available in various lengths: 4, 6, 8 and 10 m. The width and height are standard and are 3 and 2.1 m, respectively. Thus, even if you have very little space on the plot, a small construction of 3x4 m will still suit you. In this case, you can choose a greenhouse with a sliding lid, rather than window leaves opening outwards, which will give an opportunity to put the greenhouse close to the beds. At both ends there is a door with a window leaf.

Now a little about the materials. Most of the greenhouses of this model are made of galvanized pipe section 20x40 mm. Designs are welded. Collapsible options have a pipe thickness less than 20 mm than stationary ones. If we talk about the coating of polycarbonate, then its thickness is approximately 5 mm. Also, the greenhouse can be covered with a film with a density of 65 g / cm 3 . The manufacturer guarantees that all materials are resistant to UV rays and are not destroyed by their effects.

The manufacturer also offers a Tulip greenhouse with opening sides and top. This design is made only from galvanized pipes.

Polycarbonate greenhouse with opening roof, sliding roof greenhouse, sliding greenhouse

Greenhouse "Tulip" with opening sides and top

Now about the assembly of the greenhouse assembly with the opening roof "Tulip". The kit includes everything that is needed to assemble the frame of the greenhouse: screws, bolts, hardware, stiffeners, struts, grousers. Also included are special guides, which are necessary in order to hold the open sash. The problem is that if you stop at this model, you will have to buy the casing separately.

The foundation is not an obligatory component of the Tulip greenhouse, however, for better stability and more even distribution of loads, the manufacturer recommends constructing it. In this case, the base can be of three options: tape, monolithic, cant. If you decided to install the structure directly on the ground, then the lugs, which are included in the frame kit, will help you.

If you are interested in the Tulip greenhouse, be sure to watch this video review of this model:

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Useful tips for installing a greenhouse

The crop you can get with a greenhouse without a roof depends on many factors, such as its location. Therefore, it is worth paying much attention to the installation design.

Polycarbonate greenhouse with opening roof, sliding roof greenhouse, sliding greenhouse

It is important to correctly position the opening greenhouse

on the plot. Here are the basic principles for installing a greenhouse:

  • Plot where the greenhouse will be located should be sunny and not prone to drafts , then the room will quickly heat up.

  • You should not put a greenhouse next to the trees , because leaves and fruits will fall from them, and the crown will cover the sun .

  • Before installation, you need to align the platform so that the greenhouse does not warp. It is better if soil will be enough solid .

  • It is more rational to place the greenhouse near the harvest storage places and near the water supply .

  • You should not put a greenhouse butt to the bed , because then you will not have an approach and a place to work.

In this video, a professional gardener will tell you how to choose the right place to install the greenhouse:

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How much does a greenhouse with an opening roof

One of the most cost-effective options for a sliding greenhouse is the “Marusya”; The frame is made of 25x25 mm galvanized pipe, its standard pitch is 1-0.5 m. it can be established both on the base, and without the base. Note that its length along the middle line should be 2. 07/4. 11/6. 15/8. 19/10. 23 meters, in accordance with the length of the greenhouse, and width 2, 2. 5 or 3 meters.

Polycarbonate greenhouse with opening roof, sliding roof greenhouse, sliding greenhouse

The Marusya greenhouse is well adapted to the Russian winter.

The two-meter version of the Marusya with an arc step of 70 cm will cost 12,000 rubles.Four-meter will cost 16,900 rubles, and a ten-meter - as many as 35,000. And many companies and trading platforms offer their services for assembly. This option in the Moscow region costs about 6000 - 10 000 rubles, depending on the length.

A greenhouse “Tulip” of 3x4 m will cost about 13,500 rubles, and the same model with a length of 6 m will cost 17,500–18,500 rubles. The same greenhouse with a top opening of 10 m in length costs about 46,000 rubles. The price is based on the cost of polycarbonate.

The nerd is even more expensive. Such a 3x2 greenhouse with a glass coating and an aluminum frame will cost 60,000 rubles. If you increase the length by another 2 m, the price will be approximately 74,000 in Russian currency. Ten-meter "nerd" costs about 136,000 rubles. Such high prices are associated with two features of this model: firstly, the manufacture of glass cladding is quite expensive and time-consuming pleasure, and, secondly, the frame itself has a rather complex structure.

Polycarbonate greenhouse with opening roof, sliding roof greenhouse, sliding greenhouse

The botanist greenhouse is a quality, but expensive option
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It is much more convenient to use a greenhouse with an opening roof. In addition, this greenhouse creates a more comfortable and favorable conditions for the crops you grow. Now, despite the increased cost, greenhouses with removable, sliding or opening roofs, sides and window leaves are in great demand. If you love your garden, strive to collect record harvests, and also appreciate your comfort and time, then you should definitely consider buying a greenhouse with an opening roof.


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