Bath 6x3 from a turnkey bar, features of standard projects and their configuration

A bathhouse on a country site is a subject of particular pride of any owner. The article describes the advantages of a 3x6 bath, projects and planning of small bath buildings. You will get acquainted with the advantages of the turnkey order, with the peculiarities of the choice of material and subtleties of construction; find out what is included in the basic package and what options are considered optional.

Bath 6x3 from a turnkey bar, features of standard projects and their configuration

Decoration of the site

Advantages of a bath 6 to 3

    Bath, with its long history, and today remains a desirable building for most owners of country houses. Traditional Russian baths, as a rule, differed in small sizes. The tradition turned out to be stable - considering various versions of these structures, customers often make a choice in favor of a 6x3 bath. There are several reasons for the demand for a compact and comfortable bath structure:

    • The building takes up little space , which allows it to be built in a modestly-sized plot or placed anywhere on a large area .

    • The cost of building a small structure over is attractive for future owners, especially if affordable building materials are chosen.

    • The erection works are in one season ; shrinkage of a compact structure is minimal (if a bar is selected).

    • Economical operation favorably distinguishes small baths - they are easy to maintain, warm quickly and require less fuel compared to large bath complexes.

    Bath 6x3 from a turnkey bar, features of standard projects and their configuration

    Typical option with a small terrace

    Features of the project

      The main feature of 3 by 6 baths is their modest dimensions, forcing to be attentive to the drafting of the project. The design goal is to make the interior space as comfortable and functional as possible. The area in such a project, designed for two or three users, is distributed as follows:

      • Washing (shower). It is usually allocated 4 m 2 .

      • Steam Room . The recommended size is at least 6 m 2 .

      • Lounge . Its area is 6 m 2 , sometimes it reaches 8 (if there is no hall in the project). Enough space for comfortable placement of the sofa and TV. You can allocate a place to store things and clothing.

      • Tambour (entrance hall). In some projects they refuse it, preferring to increase the area of ​​the rest room. Nevertheless, a vestibule of 2 m 2 is a rather useful room separating the interior space from the street (which is especially valuable in winter); Also here you can arrange a place to store firewood. Sometimes a small veranda plays the role of a vestibule.

      Bath 6x3 from a turnkey bar, features of standard projects and their configuration

      Project with vestibule, shower and bathroom

      Construction organizations offer a wide range of ready-made projects for small baths 3 6. The size of such a bath complex allows for redevelopment, based on the preferences of the future owner. Bath can be supplemented with a porch, veranda or terrace, which will make it more attractive in appearance and turn into a favorite place of rest.

      The layout of the three rooms (steam room, shower room and relaxation room) has been tested by time and has proven its functionality. There are no strict requirements for the size of rooms, they (dimensions) can move in any direction, according to your taste.

      On our website you can find contacts of construction companies that offer a turnkey country house construction service . You can directly communicate with representatives by visiting the low-rise country exhibition.

      The choice of material for construction

        The bath project can be implemented from different materials, the following options are common:

        • Brick . Such buildings are reliable, durable, fit into any landscape and do not require special care. The disadvantage of a brick bath is the high cost not only of construction, but also of operation - the brick bath is melted for a long time and needs a well-designed ventilation system.

        Bath 6x3 from a turnkey bar, features of standard projects and their configuration

        The log bath
        • Tree . Log buildings or logs are classics of a country landscape. Wooden walls are cozy, keep heat well, at the same time without disturbing the heat exchange. The advantage of wooden baths is economical fuel consumption, the disadvantage is the need for periodic maintenance of the walls; without proper attention, they lose their attractiveness.

        • Blocks . Modern building materials - foam blocks, cinder blocks, blocks of expanded clay concrete are a popular choice for the construction of a bath complex.The material has good thermal insulation, considerable size and low weight, which reduces the time of construction work.

        Bath 6x3 from a turnkey bar, features of standard projects and their configuration

        Project planning from blocks
        On our website you can find contacts of construction companies that offer construction service of small architectural forms . You can directly communicate with representatives by visiting the low-rise country exhibition.

        The most practical in terms of price / quality ratio are built of timber; The following materials are used for walling:

        • Non-profiled (solid) timber . Simple production technology and processing provides low cost lumber; the box is assembled easily and quickly. The main disadvantage - the natural moisture content of wood will lead to cracking of the surface during drying and shrinkage, if you do not immediately sheathe the walls. In addition to the additional cost of finishing, you will have to take care of the problem of air flow between the joints; otherwise, the design will not keep warm.

        • Profiled beam . The material has factory connection details (spikes and grooves) to facilitate installation work. If the timber has been qualitatively dried, the walls will have an excellent appearance - a smooth, perfectly flat surface that does not need external finishing. The disadvantage is the need for a technological break, during which the bath shrinks and the bar has time to dry. The result of the drying process are surface cracks, which is typical for solid solid wood.

        Bath 6x3 from a turnkey bar, features of standard projects and their configuration

        Interior of the Sauna
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        • Glued beams . The material consists of several layers of lamellae, well dried, processed and glued. Glued laminated timber is durable (does not crack) and does not require additional processing. Such building material is indispensable for quick erection, since it has shrinkage not exceeding 1%. The minus of laminated veneer lumber is its high cost due to high manufacturability of lumber production. The use of adhesives reduces environmental friendliness and impairs the natural circulation of air.

        Bar-shaped baths are preferred by many admirers of useful rest. The attractiveness of such buildings lies in their natural appearance; the original, small in size bath from a bar is able to become an ornament to any country site. It is important that at your disposal there will be a construction that does not require a strong foundation and has a low thermal conductivity (which reduces the costs during construction and saves costs during operation).

        On completion of the project 3 by 6 meters in the following video:

        Benefits of the turnkey order

          A profile construction organization undertakes to perform the entire complex of works, freeing the future owner from the need to take care of a thousand trifles. Experienced employees of the company:

          • Compile project documentation in accordance with the norms of SNiP and fire safety , calculate the estimate, which will not be exceeded during work.

          • They will help to reasonably save by selecting high-quality building materials (many companies work directly with suppliers, which is pleasantly reflected in budget cuts).

          • Perform turnkey work on a fixed estimate, with quality control and in strict accordance with the project (standard or individual).

          • Provide with a guarantee on the work performed .

          Bath 6x3 from a turnkey bar, features of standard projects and their configuration

          Visualization of the bath planning from the bar
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          Features of the construction and assembly of a wooden bath

            Turnkey construction means that, after completion of the works, the bath complex will be fully operational. The customer becomes the owner of a bathhouse in which engineering communications are carried out, windows and doors are installed, and the furnace is ready for operation. This is preceded by multi-stage painstaking work, consisting of the following stages:

            • Territory analysis, project development . If a typical project is used, then perhaps it will require further work. The cost estimate is made and the contract is signed.

            • Building materials are delivered to the site .

            • The foundation is laid . Depending on the chosen material of the walls, a strip or pile-screw foundation is chosen.

            • A assembly of a log house, including walls, roofs, floors and ceilings, windows and doors, is underway.

            • Running finishing .

            • Mounted communications , laid the customer-selected furnace laid (the work of the stove-maker and the electrician is charged separately).

            • The object is rented to a happy owner, who accepts the work and begins to use the bath for its intended purpose.

            About the layout of the four rooms in the following video:

            The following elements are included in the basic equipment of the 3x6 turnkey bath ( different companies may have different sets):

            • Lags, harness, truss system ; treated with an antiseptic composition that prevents the appearance of fungus.

            • The slope of the floor in the washing is 3%. High-quality drainage allows the floor to dry out faster, and the foundation is not exposed to the destructive action of water.

            • The shower tray with a drain siphon.

            • Windows ; There are usually three in the rest room, the washing room and the steam room.

            • Frame-and-shield doors with insulation. Depending on the presence of the vestibule there may be three or four.

            • The walls and ceiling of the steam room and the shower room are made of dry coniferous lining; the shelves are made of linden or aspen, the wood of which does not emit resin. This material is durable and environmentally friendly, it is ideal for interior bath.

            • The log corners are insulated and sewn up with a board.

            Bath 6x3 from a turnkey bar, features of standard projects and their configuration

            Project with a porch

            At the request of the customer include additional options:

            • Put metal entrance door .

            • Replaced roofing material (for example, euroslate on metal roofing).

            • In the rest room a warm floor is mounted .

            • Installs shower (if you can connect to the water supply).

            The total cost includes the price of lumber delivery, work performed and equipment. Without taking into account the construction of the foundation, the cost of a bath from a corrugated cross section of 100x150 mm starts from 300-330 thousand rubles , 150x150 mm section - from 350-370 thousand rubles.

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              Bath, as a means of restoring health, relaxation and mood elevation, will never lose its relevance. It significantly increases the comfort of suburban life, so its construction deserves careful attention. A 6x3 bath built by a non-professional brigade may be cheaper, but the savings will not be repaid if it is difficult to repair defects during operation. Contacting a construction company will be beneficial in terms of budget savings and resulting comfort; a well-constructed building will be warm, beautiful and durable.

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