Awnings and tents for garden (garden), waterproof, windproof to buy cheap in Moscow

Awnings for summer cottages are intended for arranging a recreation area on a private territory. The installed awning will protect from wind, sunlight, rain, insects. For their production using high quality materials. The frame can be made of metal or plastic strong pipes, easily assembled. A waterproof and durable material is used for walls and roofs. Some models are made with windows using transparent film or mesh. In these tents, you can just relax, work, meet guests. In the hot summer nights inside you can put a cot or a hammock for sleeping.

Awnings and tents for garden (garden), waterproof, windproof to buy cheap in Moscow

If there is no need or opportunity to build a stationary gazebo, the tent can adequately replace it in a country plot

Features of garden tents and tents

Awnings and tents for giving waterproof and wind-resistant should be strong, durable and withstand gusts of wind and precipitation. For this, materials for construction and plating are carefully selected. Fabric materials can have a water-repellent impregnation and necessarily a high density. Impregnation used should be of high quality, which over time will not begin to crumble or collapse. In the production of the frame are mainly used metal pipes of different diameters. Connections are made in such a way as to ensure a high level of stability, strength and quick assembly. This takes into account the fact that the pipes did not tear it in contact with the cloth.

Manufacturers offer various additional elements that allow you to provide greater comfort for rest or work, to give the design a unique and original look. To the tent or awning, you can purchase vinyl windows, doors with zippers, curtains, mesh walls or fabrics. The frame uses straight and bent connecting elements.

Awnings and tents for garden (garden), waterproof, windproof to buy cheap in Moscow

The tent can be completely closed on all sides, protecting the rest from wind and rain

Choosing a tent or awning

Awnings and tents are functional solutions that can be used not only for outdoor recreation, but also to act as a marketplace, exhibition point, play area, and so on. Choosing a tent tent special attention is paid to the quality of materials. Cost, design and appearance should fade into the background. Modern manufacturers offer a large selection of models, so you can easily choose the most suitable option, but its price can be quite high.

When purchasing such a product, you need to pay attention to some nuances. For example, one of the features is the ease and speed of assembly of the structure. This indicator is important in cases where a tent or awning will often need to be assembled and disassembled. It is very good, if in a set there is a bag for transportation. The second important indicator is the size of the product. It is required to determine in advance how many people can be inside at the same time, whether it is possible to install a table, chairs, a hammock or a folding bed.

Awnings and tents for garden (garden), waterproof, windproof to buy cheap in Moscow

If you plan to receive a large number of people, you can choose an appropriate tent tent size
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Product Requirements

Awning tent to give must meet several requirements, which will ensure maximum comfort of its use. Special attention should be paid to the following parameters of a tent or any awning.

  • Moisture Protection . The main function of such a shelter is to protect people and objects from possible getting wet in the rain. The material must be waterproof.

  • Resistance to rot and ultraviolet . These indicators provide neutralization of the negative effects of direct sunlight, and with increased moisture materials should not be subjected to putrefactive processes. To do this, the fabric is carefully treated with a special impregnation that provides these indicators, and the frame is made of materials that do not corrode or rot.

  • Tensile strength and strength . That strength indicators are considered one of the main, because the material must withstand strong wind pores. Wear resistance will allow to avoid fabric rattling, it will not tear and threads will not climb out of it. The strongest awning fabrics are folded in several layers and additionally reinforced.

  • Practicality . Cringles in fabric are very important for convenient use of a tent or an awning, allow firmly fixing the fabric, quickly install it in the necessary place and connect several canvases into one.

Awnings and tents for garden (garden), waterproof, windproof to buy cheap in Moscow

Inputs and windows with clasps allow you to regulate air circulation and provide weather protection
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Appointment of a tent or awning

If it is decided to buy an awning or a tent, then it is required to study its reliability and protective qualities. Quality material will last a very long time, it will provide protection from the sun, wind and rain. If tents are used only in gardens, for trade and the like, then tents are much wider in scope. For example, they may become indispensable assistants in agriculture, construction, tourism, and in any cases when shelter is necessary from adverse weather factors.

Awnings can be used in the following situations:

  • to cover the harvested crop, hay;

  • arrangement of the canopy for the equipment: cars, trailers, boats of motorcycles, bicycles;

  • weatherproof small buildings ;

  • arrangement of outdoor activities , the creation of a fence, a small room.

Awnings and tents for garden (garden), waterproof, windproof to buy cheap in Moscow

A small awning is useful for creating a tenechka for relaxing on the lawn, and for household needs, for example, to hide the car from the sun

In just 5 minutes, with an awning, you can protect your work, ensure a comfortable rest, make a closed bathroom or shower in nature, and protect yourself from bad weather. And all this with the help of a very light, but durable material. Like collapsible tents, tents are very easy to assemble and transport, but they require the purchase of a frame or are tied to trees or other supports. Therefore, in some cases it is better to buy a collapsible type tent that has everything you need.

You can purchase such a product at an affordable price. Traditionally, tents will be the cheapest solution. They can be bought for several thousand rubles, depending on the availability of windows and additional elements. Awnings with a simple frame can cost 10-20 thousand rubles, they can be with opening to the side or folding doors and windows. The most expensive are a variety of tents. Their cost is 10-100 thousand rubles. and more expensive. The price is influenced by the design features, model size, the presence of additional elements in the kit, such as chairs and a table, armchairs, a sofa, pillows, and so on.

Tents and awnings for giving can be purchased different, example of samples in the video:

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Garden tent makes it possible to relax in the fresh air with particular comfort. Simple design, a large selection of models, colors, sizes and designs allows you to embody a variety of ideas. Thanks to a huge range of models in nature or your site, you can create a special area for recreation, games, meeting guests, celebrations and the like.

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