Double swing: advantages of models and features of choice

The article will talk about which families are best suited for double swings, what advantages these models have, what to look for when buying a particular model. Photos and videos clearly demonstrate how diverse the existing range.

Double swing: advantages of models and features of choice

Original double swings

Anyone who likes to relax in the country with comfort, does not spare money to buy garden furniture. She helps to organize tea drinking outdoors, retire to read a book, lie in the sun, relax and swing, comfortably leaning on the back of a double suburban swing. The acquisition of the last item is justified only in the case when large companies rarely gather in a country house, when they like solitude and silence. Double swing - a perfect gift for loved ones. They are most suitable for small families who are in the country during the warm period.

Advantages of a double swing

Manufacturers that produce double swings for gardening, offer different models. Their price is not much more than the cost of a single room, but they are well suited for comfortable rest of two adults.

Ready-made model models are lightweight, fairly lightweight design. If necessary, they can be easily moved from place to place.

You can evaluate the appearance of the products being described by studying the photo catalogs of new collections. They clearly demonstrate how diverse the proposed range is. Such items look beautiful in a garden in a secluded green corner, near garden paths, fountains, large outdoor pools. Such furniture does not occupy much space, but it perfectly decorates landscape design.

Double swing: advantages of models and features of choice

Double swings as part of the furniture set

Modern products are made using new technologies, new materials, thanks to which the items described are very comfortable and ergonomic. Garden swing doubles are often made in the form of soft sofas. To rest on them is very convenient. Therefore, the described products are very popular.

Features of the choice of

Before you buy a garden swing, you need to decide what size the product is needed, what material it should be made of, what type of construction could justify existing expectations.

Dimensions and design load

In the technical passport of the finished product the exact height, width (frame depth) and the length of the double swing are indicated, the name of the material from which the frame is made, as well as the fabric from which Soft elements were sewn. It is important to pay attention not only to these indicators, but also to the design load. Some models withstand only 120 kg. If obese people live in the house, they are unlikely to be able to ride together on such an instance. In such a situation, it is worth looking at larger items and buying a swing that can withstand weight up to 350 kg.

Double swing: advantages of models and features of choice

Stationary models designed for high loads


For the manufacture of a double swing, either wood is often used, either metal. There are on sale products in which there is a combination of two materials. Each production variant has its own pros and cons. They must be considered when buying garden furniture.

Wooden swing

They fit perfectly into any style of landscape design. Wood is a very warm material, from an environmental point of view it is completely safe for human health. The swing made of it is less traumatic. They are very easy to assemble, install on the site and enjoy a comfortable rest. But, buying such furniture, you need to remember about its shortcomings. The tree absorbs moisture well. Swollen, it becomes an ideal breeding ground for the reproduction of putrefactive bacteria and mold.

Attention! When buying a wooden swing, experts recommend paying attention to how the individual elements are fixed. If it is wooden dowels, the furniture will last longer.

Double swing: advantages of models and features of choice

Wooden swing, designed for two

Under the rays of the sun, the material strongly burns out, shrinks during the heat. Temperature fluctuations destabilize the structure, and it quickly becomes unusable. In order to minimize the negative aspects of operation, it is necessary to buy a swing made from carefully dried wood. It is good if the model has on top a protective visor that securely covers furniture from rain and snow. To extend the operating time and preserve the commercial appearance, wooden double swings will have to be treated with special antiseptic solutions and varnishes annually. The complexity of care - the main disadvantage of such a purchase.

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Metal swing

They are more practical. Their main advantage is durability. Metal will not rot over time, will not break. Today on sale are different types of metal double swing. Forged products are more expensive than others. And all because they are handmade.

Double swing: advantages of models and features of choice

Artistic forging is beautiful, aesthetically and expensively

Their acquisition becomes justified when there is a need to create an exclusive landscape design when It is necessary to link the elements of the facade of the house with the decoration of the local area. Forged products are not afraid of sunlight and moisture, they do not need additional processing. Ease of use and maintenance, as well as high decorative value are the main advantages of the described choice. High price and lack of mobility - the main disadvantages.

A welded double swing is an excellent compromise for those who are looking for options with an ideal price-performance ratio. For their manufacture uses a pipe (steel or aluminum), it is very easy to work with. The material used perfectly resists mechanical damage. From above, the metal is protected by paint coatings that help prevent the formation of corrosive processes. Typically, manufacturers use green, brown or black inks for the indicated purpose. They fit well into the landscape and do not stand out strongly against the background of gardening.

Double swing: advantages of models and features of choice

Elegant welded model with a canopy
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If necessary, you can find commercially available double swings, in which the body is made of metal, and the basis for sitting is made of wood. This option is ideal for those who are looking for a hard swing, more like benches, and not on soft sofas. Such design features also need to be considered when buying garden furniture. It is important to remember that the density of the metal increases the risk of injury.

Price component

The cost of the swing is very different. Variability depends on the product configuration. If there are additional accessories in the form of awnings, canopies, mosquito nets, covers, allowing you to completely close the furniture from rain and sun, the price will be higher. The greater the number of listed items, the more expensive the model. The cheapest purchase will cost 6000 rubles, the most expensive double swings of premium class cost around 100,000 rubles.

Important! When buying a metal swing, you must always pay attention to the stability of their design. Security depends on it.

Double swing: advantages of models and features of choice

Double swing of a premium class
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Manufacturers have to fight for the attention of customers. Many rely on increasing the practicality of the described products. Therefore, there are double models with small shelves for sale. You can store books, plastic bottles of water on them. There is a swing, on the armrests of which there are cup holders. It is convenient to use the swings with soft seats, which have removable covers, made from water-repellent fabric.

A folding function may be useful. If it is, the seat can be turned into a bed. Due to the presence of a canopy on it, you can not only lie down comfortably and read, but also sleep, covered from the rays of the sun. Some designs can change the angle of the visor. Such a structural element also increases the degree of comfort of operation of the described product.

Double swing: advantages of models and features of choice

A comfortable shelf on a swing

The demand for garden furniture is constantly growing, today buying a swing for a garden is not a luxury, but an opportunity to organize Another option for a comfortable stay. Manufacturers offer a large selection, potential buyers are able to determine for themselves what is best for them, what they can satisfy existing expectations. The recommendations formulated in the article will make it possible to navigate the existing range and greatly alleviate the problem of choosing a particular model.

The video tells what to look for when choosing, presents 40 options for a garden swing and how to choose the best one for giving:

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