How to install on a wooden floor, installation steps, instructions, photos

Modern sauna rooms are mainly equipped with metal models of fireboxes. The installation of the stove in the bath should take place in compliance with the norms and rules of fire safety, especially if the room has a wooden flooring.

How to install on a wooden floor, installation steps, instructions, photos

The heating system for the bath can also be made of brick, the main thing is to prevent the coal from falling out onto the wooden floor

Where to place the bath stove

The installation of the firebox begins with the choice of location. It is recommended at the planning stage of repair to have information about the characteristics and device of the bath unit that will be used. You will also need to decide which side will be heated by the bath.

General recommendations for placing a fire chamber in a sauna room:

  • A brick or metal unit located in the steam room. Such a device is placed in the central zone or near the outer partition. Bookmark fuel produced indoors. This option is simple and convenient - no need to leave the bath to throw firewood or to control, change the intensity of heating. The advantage is not the complexity of the installation work, because you do not need to make an opening in the wall.

How to install on a wooden floor, installation steps, instructions, photos

The metal furnace is installed on a non-combustible foundation.
  • outside the steam room, and the stove is in the sauna room. Some cast-iron models have a portable combustion chamber, the doors of which are located in the waiting room or washing area. The heating unit is mounted near the wall - on the right or on the left side of the entrance door. To form a chimney pier, a stone heat generator is erected between two rooms. The advantage of this option is to heat the room where the firebox is located. Accordingly, in the cold season it is not necessary to include additional equipment to warm the room. When the door of the fuel device comes out, oxygen in the steam room is not burned, there is no need to arrange air flow. Another positive quality - the fuel material in the bath is not entered, it will be easier to maintain cleanliness.

  • The stove is placed against the supporting walls, and the furnace is brought out into the street. Installing a furnace unit with a fuel part that is located outside the building is a good option if coal is used as an energy carrier. In the process of burning coal produces a huge amount of dust.

How to install on a wooden floor, installation steps, instructions, photos

The furnace goes to the outer part of the bath - this is the safest option
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Floor preparation

The installation of the bath stove on the wooden floor will be carried out without disassembling the floor.


  • On the floor, with observant rules and regulations, mark the future location of the stove. Next, install pre-furnace protective sheet. Dimensions of which are 50 cm wide and 70 cm long. The protective element is brass, copper or steel, placed in front of the firebox door.

  • Each installation technique is reviewed by professionals individually, based on individual characteristics. For example, if the door of a metal furnace goes out into the street or into an adjacent room, an additional casting with concrete mix or laying paving slabs will be needed.

  • The minerite plate of the required size is placed on the floor.

  • Fireclay or full-bodied red bricks spread in two rows. Before the laying process, the bricks are immersed in containers filled with water. In the construction used refractory mixture. Each row is set by level. It should be a monolithic base with the function of protecting the floor from fire. The finished “Podium” will not exceed 20 cm in height.

How to install on a wooden floor, installation steps, instructions, photos

Basis for a chamotte brick sauna furnace
  • With the help of heat-resistant glue, a protective sheet or ceramic granite slab is attached to the horizontal brick surface, which is able to withstand high temperatures and looks great in the building. The assembly and installation of the furnace equipment is carried out on the basis two days after its construction.

  • A steel panel is attached to the floor in front of the firebox.

The technology allows the furnace to be mounted on a base of minerite, basalt cardboard, which is covered with steel sheet or granite. The surface of the floor under the hearth heats up much less than the walls located close to it. Therefore, the neglect of fire safety rules is not permissible.

Features of mounting on wooden floor

The installation process of a metal furnace depends on the strength of the boards and the mass of the heating unit. For example, if it weighs up to 700 kilograms, the installation of an additional foundation will not be needed.To calculate the total mass of the heating unit, take data on the weight of the furnace device, the volume of stones, the water tank with regard to filling, the mass of the chimney and the protective screen. There are such variants of heat-resistant base:

  1. The layer of basalt cardboard and asbestos is covered with a steel sheet.

  2. The metal protective element on the floor can be replaced with a brick, natural or artificial stone.

  3. Ceramic or porcelain stoneware tiles.

How to install on a wooden floor, installation steps, instructions, photos

When installed on a wooden floor, a fireproof coating

must be made on it. The installation of the sauna stove should be done on a protective base that is at least 40 centimeters wide. Such installation is carried out in front of the fuel portal to prevent sparks from entering the floor surface of the sauna room.

Additional fire barriers

To protect wooden partitions, ceilings, wood finishes in the steam room, they do a “cut” of fireproof products. Lay high-quality brickwork, while the system is not tied to the furnace masonry. Cutting is performed in such zones:

  • chimney located horizontally passes through the ceiling. Brickwork is tied to the laying of a stone chimney;

  • next to the brick stove, which will occupy the space in the interior room wall, fire gaps should be filled. Cutting is performed vertically along the entire height of the heating unit and its chimney;

How to install on a wooden floor, installation steps, instructions, photos

All gaps
should be filled around the furnace in the interior room pier.
  • the heat generator is located in the bath, and its door goes into the next room, protective building materials are also mounted around the firebox channel.

Ceramic products, metal, asbestos-cement and concrete panels are used for laying the smoke channel. Use the entrance tube or mount the box, fill them with non-combustible material - basalt wool. In the lower zone the iron knot of the passage is hemmed with stainless steel.

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Heat shields

How to install a stove in a bath on a wooden floor and protect wooden partitions from high temperatures? For steel and cast iron units used screens of these types:

  • Fire protection will protect the tree from fire, charring. The material is mounted on the surface of the wall, in some cases through thermal insulating inserts. Spread a brick coating or revet natural stone, ceramic tiles. Another option is to install an iron sheet on partitions and a ceiling. It is recommended to use stainless steel, which is attached to the boards with a laid heat-resistant gasket or on top of the layer can be laid basalt cardboard.

How to install on a wooden floor, installation steps, instructions, photos

Brick barriers can be placed on the sides of the furnace
  • Protective Views protects users from various burns of contact and remote origin. In this embodiment, the firebox itself is tiled, with an obligatory arrangement of the air gap of 3-7 cm. The thickness of the finishing material is half a brick, but some builders make masonry using a fourth part of the whole brick. The iron screen when installing the stove is also attached at a certain distance from the body.

How to install on a wooden floor, installation steps, instructions, photos

A wooden wall and floor can be protected by metal shields
  • Floor heat shield made of steel sheet will protect the boards located near the heating device. It is recommended to use a sheet with a size of 70x50 cm, fasten it along the front part of the firebox, while laying a layer of heat-insulating building material between the wooden floor and the metal. Basalt or asbestos cardboard will do.

In addition to the protective qualities, the screen will give the kiln a complete appearance.

Important! Fire protection is made of asbestos-containing panels or steel sheets. Fireproof devices in 90% of the options are made of brick, which is not suitable for wooden flooring because of the large weight. Therefore, in this embodiment, you will need to remove the boards and fill the foundation base in size, which is equal to the perimeter of the screen.

On the installation features of the stove in the bath, see the video:

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The furnace is an important element of any bath. Therefore, it depends on the furnace to ensure the optimum temperature, the rate of heating of the water and the required amount of steam.Brick or steel structures are used that work with gas, wood, liquid fuel and electricity. Functional qualities and performance indicators are selected based on the size of the bath room to create a certain temperature regime. The installation of the furnace must be carried out in compliance with all instructions; otherwise, there is a risk of obtaining an inefficient and unsafe device.

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