What documents are required when concluding a contract for the sale of land and house, what to look for

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In this article we will talk about what documents you need to collect in order to conclude a sale and purchase transaction, as well as how to protect yourself from rogues.

What documents are required when concluding a contract for the sale of land and house, what to look for

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"Abyrvalg! ": list of documents for notary

In order for the transaction to take place, you must have the following list of documents with you:

  • Technical passport for the house and site . The document is drawn up after the land survey procedure by the surveyor and combines the plan of the site and the house. In the list there is a metric area of ​​living space, all homestead buildings, as well as the number of acres. The technical passport is an official document confirming the existence of a house and a dedicated plot.

  • Title . Issued in the BTI at the place of registration / registration and is a certificate issued to a specific individual, which describes the legal status of the site and ownership rights. Such paper does not have a statute of limitations and is issued as many times as the owner changes.

  • Electricity Contract . Each subscriber is assigned a number that is assigned to the owner of the dwelling. If you do not reissue this number to the buyer, you risk accumulating problems in the form of penalties and fines for non-payment.

What documents are required when concluding a contract for the sale of land and house, what to look for

It’s easy to become the owner of a beautiful house on a beautiful plot after the transaction. In addition to making payment, collect standard certificates, passports, certificates, contracts.

Life example: Simple as a Siberian felt boot guy Konstantin, sold a small house on the outskirts of the town. After concluding a deal with Stepan, he left for a sister in Murmansk with peace of mind. After 2 years, he received a notice from the local energy supply company asking him to appear for clarification. As a result, it turned out that the new owner did not issue a meter on himself, and ignored the electricity bill.

It follows that the old owner owes a huge amount to the management company and runs the risk of running into collectors. But while he was in Murmansk, there were very big changes with the simple guy Konstantin, which he himself didn’t even guess. The northern cold wind blew him right in the nose, so he decided not to go to court, and went straight to the cunning tenant. The issue of payment was resolved rather quickly, because Stepan had 1 extra kidney with him.

  • Contract for services for disposal of household waste . This contract, you can cancel, if you are not going to use the services of third parties. Of course, for tenants of high-rise buildings, this item is very obligatory, but outside the city - you have the opportunity to perform part of household work yourself.

What documents are required when concluding a contract for the sale of land and house, what to look for

Organized garbage collection in a country house
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  • Help on family composition . It is issued by the local village council and provided to the notary to confirm the absence of the registered persons at the time of the transaction.

M expert's knowledge! Before you put your resolution, it is recommended that the buyer make sure that no one is registered in the house. For this purpose, a certificate is taken from the local village council, which is an official document. If you ignore this fact, it is possible that after some time a relative will appear from places not so remote, claiming to be living space.

Keep in mind that if after the completion of the transaction it takes 7 years, you lose the opportunity to decide on the return of money through the court, which means that the “new” tenant has the right to use the dwelling on equal rights with you. Thus, you will have to prove in court the existence of fraud or collect money to pay half the cost of the dwelling.

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"I wish everyone!": Registration of the purchase and sale transaction

In addition to the above documents, to draw up a contract with a notary, the buyer and the seller must provide the following documents:

  1. Passport and its copy of each participant in the transaction . The notary may offer to certify copies of the passport and personal signature - this is necessary if you plan to conduct many legal transactions in the future.

  2. Receipt of payment of duty . As a rule, it is paid by the buyer and on average, it is $ 150.

  3. Money Transfer and Acceptance Act . Registration of this certificate can be carried out in any period, even one month before making a purchase. In addition, in this document, you can enter the amount of the prepayment and the terms of its return.

  4. Certificates from the body of guardianship and custody when included in the ownership share of a minor child. If the spouses are divorced, the consent of the second parent to the re-registration of the child is strictly necessary.

What documents are required when concluding a contract for the sale of land and house, what to look for

The most important document on the participation of children in the transaction, without which it will be recognized as invalid
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The worst thing a street dog can do is rattle a stuffed owl, and the most innocent thing a person can do is to exalt himself as God.

Despite the fact that now the regulatory authorities are actively working, they are catching negligent adventurers, there is a chance to get into the hands of a black realtor, working together with a notary. Therefore, it is better to protect yourself and find out in advance all the details of the office and ask for a certificate-permit for the provision of legal services.

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