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Not every owner of a country plot plans to equip his house with an internal toilet and bathroom. The article addresses the issue of building a shower and toilet for the dacha under one roof. You will learn about popular designs, about turnkey ordering and about what advantages and disadvantages combined designs have. The information contained in this material will help you choose the appropriate model and the most successful place on the site for its construction.

choice of scheme + construction, photo video

The building is being built in one day

Shower and toilet: an overview of the structures

Comfort in a modern summer cottage impossible imagine no two things - toilet and shower. Many consider it a universal solution to combine these two rooms under one roof. The combination of different functional rooms can be successfully implemented in different ways. If you want to equip a toilet and shower to give, you can choose from ready-made bathrooms and showers or order a turnkey individual project.

Construction organizations offer turnkey construction of both the simplest structures for seasonal use, and modern sanitary facilities equipped with the latest technology. Separately, toilet and shower are extremely rare; This option is resorted to if the site is too small to allocate enough space for a combined building. The following types of integrated structures are most common on domestic spaces:

  • Modular structures . The combined toilet with a shower for the dacha is the most economical construction, often duplicating the toilet and bath of a residential building. The building is especially convenient in the summertime - before you go into a clean house, you will want to wash off the dust and dirt.

choice of scheme + construction, photo video

Modular design
  • Change house with toilet and shower . Such a structure can often be seen in newly acquired areas where there are no capital structures. The house will be a safe haven during construction, and after its completion will turn into a summer or a guest house. Depending on the method of use, the desire of the owner and the allocated budget, the building is equipped with a summer shower (the sun heats the water) or water supply and sewage pipes are brought to it. Capital change houses are warmed, heated and can be used all the year round.

  • Hozblok with shower and toilet . Combining sanitary facilities under one roof is in every sense an economical solution with practical benefits. This option is especially loved by the hosts, who spend the whole summer on their land or coming on weekends. You can keep gardening supplies or crops in the household unit, and after a long day of work, wash in the shower or use the toilet. An additional plus - hozblok takes very little space.

choice of scheme + construction, photo video

Hozblok with bathroom for giving

Features of the combined design

Combination in one The structure of the two living rooms is a practical solution, which makes it possible to reduce costs while preserving functionality, as well as to improve aesthetic perception. Structurally, this structure is characterized by the following features:

  • The shower and toilet are located in the same building (under the same roof and on a common foundation), but are separated by a partition.

  • For each room, there is a separate entrance .

  • For economy, convenience of operation and maintenance, a common cesspool (one septic tank) is laid.

The advantages and disadvantages of the combined design

The combined shower and toilet for the dacha, be it a building block or a project of modular type, have obvious advantages over separate structures. The advantages include:

  • Saving space . Designing a single toilet and shower allows you to save more land for a garden or backyard (especially valuable for small land lots).

choice of scheme + construction, photo video

For each room there is a separate entrance
  • Budget savings . Separate toilet and shower need an individual foundation, a roof and four walls (in the combined construction, two walls are replaced by a common partition wall). All this will require the purchase of more building materials and more funding.

  • Save time . For a combined bathroom you will need to equip one foundation, one roofing system and one cesspool (install one septic tank). Significant time savings (and, consequently, funds) are obtained by organizing a common system for draining, lighting and ventilation; plumbing (if provided) is also supplied to one point.

A combined building erected with the involvement of professional builders is expedient, functional and has no significant drawbacks.Combined bathroom, built independently, may have some drawbacks:

  • Unpleasant smell in the shower with insufficient tightness and poor-quality ventilation.

choice of scheme + construction, photo video

Such a building is beneficial for many reasons
  • Insufficient (poorly calculated) size of the sump and its poor organization. With such a deficiency increases the likelihood of soil contamination and groundwater. You will also have to use pumping services more often, which means an increase in maintenance costs (maintenance).

  • A shower cabin with a toilet for the dacha, built by yourself, is rarely equipped with a full-fledged infrastructure . To use the shower, you will need to take care of this in advance. You will have to carry water, pour it into a container on the roof and wait until it is warm enough. The task is complicated in cloudy weather and in the presence of a large family.

The nuances of choosing and building a bathroom under the same roof

The more carefully you approach the choice of design (or project development), the more comfortable and durable the construction will turn out. When constructing a building, attention is paid to the following subtleties:

  • Calculation of parameters . The area and height are calculated based on the preferences of the future owners and the estimated number of plumbing and furniture. A typical construction height is between two and two and a half meters.

choice of scheme + construction, photo video

Hozblok with a terrace
  • The choice of building materials . Characteristics of materials determine the magnitude of the load and, therefore, specify the type of foundation.

  • Convenience of planning . It should be convenient for you to use both the toilet and the shower, therefore separate entrances are provided with free access to each door and the possibility of simultaneous use. It is necessary to take into account the needs of children and elderly family members.

  • Attention to detail . The arrangement of the washbasin and other elements depends on which way the door will open.

On our site you can find contacts of construction companies that offer the service of building baths and small architectural forms. You can directly communicate with representatives by visiting the low-rise country exhibition.

Choice of construction site

When choosing a site for a combined construction, the following recommendations are guided:

  • Coordination . If the land is small, the best option would be to coordinate construction with neighbors. This will help avoid conflicts and save a lot of time, nerves and energy.

  • The effect of natural conditions . Before buying (or designing), specify the level of groundwater. If it does not go deep enough (or at certain periods the area is submerged), this will need to be taken into account when choosing a method for disposal of wastewater. You may have to abandon the sump in favor of a septic tank.

choice of scheme + construction, photo video

Doors must not interfere with each other
  • Location Selection . For the construction is not recommended to allocate the lowest place. If an overflow of the treatment plant occurs during the spring flood, the remediation of the effects of pollution will be very long and costly.

  • Selection of relative position . It takes into account not only the wind rose (the prevailing directions), but also the distance to the buildings. Norms of SNiP provide distances to residential and commercial buildings, public roads and fences. Violation of the rules may cause litigation and fines.

  • Water source . If there is an open water source (well) in your area, then the sanitary facility is located at a lower point, at a distance of at least 25 m.

  • Service . The building is positioned so that it can drive aspirated machine; usually not more than six meters from the road or other access point.

  • Aesthetics . It is unlikely that it would occur to anyone to place a shower and a toilet to give under the same roof near the entrance to a residential building or to the entrance to the plot. For such buildings choose a secluded corner, often decorating (masking) their ornamental shrubs or other vegetation.

About the 3 in 1 host block in the following video:

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Combined country toilet and shower from manufacturers

For those suburban areas where there is no centralized water supply and sewage system (most often it happens), the issue of arrangement is of particular importance. In many cases, the best (and therefore the most popular) option for the suburban area, proposed by the manufacturers, is the hozblock.Such a structure is a multi-sectional structure and combines an utility room (wood-burning pantry, storage room), a shower with a dressing room and a country toilet under one roof.

Professional construction companies greatly simplify the life of a summer resident by offering a variety of models of combined structures. The customer can only purchase a kit and assemble the building by himself, or order a turnkey assembly. The latter option is preferable for several reasons:

  • Projects are being developed taking into account modern technologies and building materials. This approach makes the use of the building as comfortable as possible.

choice of scheme + construction, photo video

The project of modular construction for giving
  • Companies offer times nano-shaped projects whose dimensions are easy to change according to the wishes of the future owner. You can swap the location of sections, order a basic design or a warmed version suitable for use in cold and wet weather.

  • products from two sections are popular - a utility room with a shower or toilet, and also three in one - a utility room with a toilet and a shower fitted with changing room.

  • Turnkey order means the performance of the whole range of works. The customer will receive a full bathroom if he orders the construction with electricity, ventilation, plumbing and sewage.

  • The toilet and shower for giving are supplied unassembled , which facilitates delivery to the construction site.

  • Experienced builders carry out installation in the selected location of the garden site , while construction machinery and the manipulator are not used.

About the cabin with a shower and toilet in the following video:

  • Assembly hozbloka in one day with delivery .

  • A warranty is provided for all work performed.

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Country toilet and shower: the choice of material and features of wooden models

When choosing a project, special attention is paid to the material, since it is he who sets the parameters for the future construction. Wooden buildings are in the greatest demand. This is simply explained - the tree is comparatively inexpensive and is famous for good thermal insulation, and wooden walls are pleasant in appearance. Such structures have several features:

  • the foundation on blocks or screw piles is used as the base.

  • The bar 50x50 (or close values) is used as a frame.

  • All wooden elements, including the strapping, are treated with preparations that protect against dampness, sunlight and fungus.

  • The turnkey design is finished from the outside with clapboard, a blockhouse, or a bar imitation. You can order the lining eurolining. This material boasts chamber drying and paint coating that prevents the action of ultraviolet radiation.

choice of scheme + construction, photo video

Visualization of the winter toilet and shower to give
  • For interior decoration walls and ceilings often choose eurolining .

  • Roof type one- or two-slope is traditionally chosen; a flat tank can be placed under a sufficiently high roof. To cover using roofing galvanized iron, corrugated or flexible tile.

  • Doors and partitions are usually made with frame .

  • If the design of the hopper includes a small terrace or a canopy in front of the entrance, it is possible to change the depth of the premises.

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In order for life in the country to have a modern level of comfort and to bring pleasure, it is necessary to take care of many things, including the shower and the toilet — one of the most important. Combining the shower and toilet under the same roof is the most practical solution, both for undeveloped and long-lived residential plots. Since the system of centralized water supply and sanitation is most often absent, the arrangement of sanitary unit should be taken care of in advance.

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