Houses from a turnkey glued timber in Moscow: projects, prices, photos

When it comes to purchasing your own home, which should become a family home and serve more than one generation, you can not help but think about its reliability and comfort. Houses made of glued timber, built using Finnish technology, have become increasingly popular in Russia and the CIS countries in recent years. And this is not surprising, because the technology has managed to establish itself on the positive side in the construction of houses around the world. You can read more about what glued laminated timber is in our article "New technologies in wood processing - features of the construction of houses from glued laminated timber". Here we will tell you what you need to know if you decide to purchase a turnkey house from glued beams.

Houses from a turnkey glued timber in Moscow: projects, prices, photos

House from glued laminated timber.

Possibility of acquiring a house on a turnkey basis

Today it’s easy to buy a house from a laminated timber on a turnkey basis, in order for the result to meet the expectations you need with due attention approach the choice of the developer. What are the criteria for selecting a company that is ready to take on the whole process of building a country house from the project to the final finishing?

To begin with, the indicator of the quality of services, in the first place, is the company's many years of experience. The presence of successfully completed and completed projects indicates the demand for the company-developer.

As a rule, a company engaged in the construction of houses from glued timber "turnkey", provides a full range of services and the design and implementation of the transaction, which significantly saves time and customer funds.

Having the opportunity to use the services of specialists, you can save yourself from a number of difficulties that people inevitably encounter during the construction process. It is no secret that the construction of a house from scratch is accompanied by such difficulties as the creation of a project, the issuance of permits, the search for construction crews, the control of all phases of construction. And this is only a small part of all operations. Acquiring a house on a turnkey basis is a good alternative to the classical method of self-construction.

Houses from a turnkey glued timber in Moscow: projects, prices, photos

The original cottage is made of laminated veneer lumber.

What to look for when ordering a house on a turnkey basis?

To a large extent, the success of construction depends on the reliability of the company. First of all, you should analyze the range of services provided and check the presence of a positive reputation.

When developing a project or selecting a finished design, real professionals in their field proceed from the wishes of the client and his financial capabilities. They are ready to prepare a proposal that meets the needs of the customer, but at the same time meets all safety requirements.

The professionalism shown in the development of the project will be a guarantee for obtaining a high-quality structure. Since the projects of houses from glued timber are different from the projects of stone buildings, the architect must make maximum efforts to take into account all the features of wooden houses and the conditions of operation of the building.

The correctness of design engineering , in turn, depends on how functional and optimal the construction costs will be. If necessary, the specialist should optimize the consumption of materials.

The next important factor influencing the choice is the quality of the raw material base, the durability and the wear resistance of the building depend on it. When it comes to laminated veneer lumber, you should pay attention to the degree of moisture in wood, the quality of gluing lumber, to familiarize yourself with the documents for the material - it won't be superfluous if the company provides certificates of product quality.

The quality of the construction work is another important nuance. Despite the fact that the assembly of houses from glued laminated timber is devoid of many stages of classical construction, the final result will depend on the professionalism and responsibility of the team that performs the work.

We must not forget that at every stage of construction quality control of work should be carried out. Even experienced specialists are people capable of making mistakes. Timely analysis of the work done will help avoid disastrous consequences.

Providing a guarantee for the subsequent operation of the building is an indicator of the company's reliability. If the warranty obligations are specified in the contract, it means that the company is responsible for the result of its work and can be trusted.

Houses from a turnkey glued timber in Moscow: projects, prices, photos

Two-storey house from glued timber

The advantages of acquiring a house from a turnkey glued timber

Compared with independent construction buying a house on a turnkey basis - when all the work from design to finishing a building is done by one company, it will save a lot of time, nerves and money.

As regards time, it takes 2 to 3 months to assemble a one-story glued timber house.The ability to work at any time of the year is another plus to the choice of this construction technology.

Self-construction involves personal control over each of its stages. Moreover, if the execution of works is carried out by different narrow-profile teams, then it is very difficult to track down the probable errors, and for the final result, one way or another, it is still the responsibility of the customer.

When buying a house on a turnkey basis, the whole responsibility is assumed by the company , which provides a full range of services, which is confirmed by the contract and warranty obligations.

With regards to profitability, one can say the following: despite the higher price of the material, the savings begin at the construction stage. Universal profile laminated timber has excellent technical characteristics. Some of its types do not require additional insulation and gasket seals, freezing and blowing the walls of the log house are excluded. Facing works, both internal, and external, also, are carried out only at the request of the customer. In general, the material is self-sufficient and does not require additional finishing. In addition, during the operation of the house marked a significant savings in the heating of the building.

Houses from a turnkey glued timber in Moscow: projects, prices, photos

A large cottage of glued laminated timber for an individual project.

Prices for houses from a turnkey glued timber

On the territory of Russia, the cost of 1 m2 of a house from glued timber is about 26 thousand rubles on average. In this case, the concept of "turnkey" most often includes the following parameters:

  • design work;
  • foundation installation;
  • a set of walls and partitions;
  • logs floor;
  • rough floor;
  • floors;
  • consumables;
  • primary antiseptic treatment;
  • electrical wiring;
  • distributing pipes for water supply, heating and sanitation;
  • wooden double-glazed windows;
  • entrance and interior doors;
  • full roofing set.
  • However, you can indicate the exact cost of the finished household ownership only by directly contacting the selected construction company. The concept of "turnkey" complex, and some types of work can be included in the list of works on request Also, do not forget about the characteristics of the room itself, because the cost is influenced by the type of sawn timber and its thickness, the area and the number of floors of the building, the presence of any elements that complicate the structure (attic, porch) and many other factors.


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