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A pergola with a power block under one roof is distinguished by its functionality and space saving. This is a good option for small areas and the ability to save space. In this article, construction solutions, construction features, prices, and necessary materials will be considered.

practical ideas for giving, photos, prices

Save space on the site - a small outhouse and a gazebo under the same roof, plus the design that a gazebo appears protective wall from drafts

Advantages of combined construction

The main advantage is the saving of space on the site and reducing costs. The construction is performed from the same materials and looks attractive. The room can be used not only for storing tools or other equipment, but also to act as an additional object for recreation.

Such a building has a number of indisputable advantages:

  • saving of territory, functionality and placement of different buildings in one place;

  • attractiveness plot with a neat and thoughtful design;

  • the possibility of arranging a summer bathroom, shower;

  • savings on the construction of outbuildings and so on.

It is recommended to make such a building on the north side of the site. This is an additional protection from the wind. In the gazebo, you can install a brazier or barbecue, store firewood under a shed.

practical ideas for giving, photos, prices

A large room for household needs or for a rest room with a gazebo

Features of the design

Almost always a building like this designs are planned at the design stage of the site. Sometimes an arbor is attached to the finished barn, but this is very rare. The power unit with a veranda under a common roof has various design solutions.

Form. Almost always used square or rectangular shape. Differs large capacity and ease of construction. Rarely do designs with a large number of angles, but they have an interesting design and original solutions.

Size. The sizes can be absolutely any. Here the main thing is outside the free territory of the site, the wishes of its owner and the appointment of the building itself. Another important factor is financial capacity.

practical ideas for giving, photos, prices

An approximate sketch will help to present the future structure
On our site you can familiarize yourself with the most popular projects of pavilions, canopies and other "small forms "for a country house - from the construction companies presented at the exhibition of houses" Low-rise Country ".

Roofing. The configuration depends on the budget and the size of the building. The roof can be of several types:

  • single-sided - economical, simple and quickly erected, not suitable for regions with heavy snow fallout;

  • dual-slope - it is necessary to calculate the angle of inclination, which will relieve from problems with a single-slope option, a truss system is necessary, wind loads are also taken into account, more financial costs and materials are required;

  • hip - are rarely used for such buildings, very complex in construction, more suitable for large structures;

  • combined - has an interesting roject may use different technology, it can affect the outcome and timing of cost, taking into account all factors used options.

Windows. In the barn you can not install them, if it only stores inventory. But if a rest inside the building is planned, it is used as a summer house, a guest house, it is planned to be converted into a bathhouse and so on, then the presence of windows will be mandatory conditions for natural lighting of the room.

Fundamentals. Features of the foundation are completely dependent on the total mass of the arbor with hozblok for giving and soil characteristics.

practical ideas for giving, photos, prices

It is better to put the Arbor on a small elevation above the ground

It is not advisable to put such structures on the ground, they deteriorate quickly because of dampness. Ribbon foundation is quite time-consuming and laborious, but sometimes it is the only solution. The columnar foundation is considered optimal in terms of the ratio of monetary investments and quality. The depth depends on the occurrence of groundwater, the type of soil and the level of freezing. The spacing between the pillars depends on the dimensions of the building and the materials used.

Materials used

The main material for this design is wood.However, at all stages it is necessary to take into account a number of features:

  • asbestos-cement pipes, stones or bricks are used for the column foundation, reinforcement, crushed stone, sand and cement are used for the tape foundation, formwork is necessary;

  • for the floor of the construction a 40 mm board is used;

  • a 10x10 or 15x15 cm timber is used for walls, depends on the size of the building, lathing, lining can be used for decorating, sometimes the structure is erected from a rounded beam, brick is used less often;

practical ideas for giving, photos, prices

Hozblok with a gazebo from a bar
  • the thickness of the boards for the truss system is determined by the roof construction, the roofing material can be metal tile or ondulin, it is possible to create one composition with the main buildings.

If windows are provided in the design, then they must be ordered in advance. Additionally, you need to take care of the purchase of insulation materials and the like.

On our site you can find contacts of construction companies that offer the service of designing and building arbors, sheds and other "small forms" for a country house. Directly to communicate with representatives, you can visit the exhibition of houses "Low-rise Country".

Design Purpose

A hobby unit project with a gazebo under one roof makes it possible to realize a variety of original ideas and use them for any purpose. For example, it can be a shed for storing tools, and an arbor can be used as a workshop. Also, cabins can be a storage place for various utensils or firewood.

practical ideas for giving, photos, prices

A draft of a change house with a gazebo with barbecue

Often an open area is equipped with a small kitchen that is used during the warm season. For recreation, celebrations and meetings with relatives / friends put brazier / barbecue. But in such cases it is necessary to equip the chimney and take care of fire safety. Thanks to thoughtful projects under one roof, you can equip a recreation area, a bathhouse, a guest house, a shed for equipment and so on. In some cases, an additional carport is made. For winter, open gazebos are recommended to be covered with a large amount of precipitation with a canopy or film. Sometimes all-season buildings are made, they use portable heaters or fireplaces, but the arrangement requires more costs to make it closed on all sides.

practical ideas for giving, photos, prices

If a large influx of guests is not expected at the cottage, a small summerhouse is enough for a family

The cost of construction and the choice of location

The minimum size of a barn with a veranda is 3x4 m, in this case you can equip two zones. This option may cost 150-180 thousand rubles. If the landowner allows the site or he wants a big building, then you can order a barn with a veranda measuring 4x10 m, worth a little more than 200 thousand rubles. , 6x8 m at a price of 220-250 thousand rubles. and so on. The larger the size of the gazebo, the more expensive it will cost. The cost is influenced not only by the amount of materials, but also by their type, as well as architectural solutions that are embodied in the project.

Special attention must be paid to choosing a place. Arbor in which rest is planned, barbecue and food intake should be placed further from the toilet and the compost pit. The building itself should not obscure the plantings or beds, it is also important to consider the location of the tracks. From the north side it is better to make a blank wall, it will protect from the cold strong wind. On the north side, it is better to equip the outhouse itself. If you need to hide from the sun, then the design can be placed near tall trees.

In the video, an example of a closed arbor with hozblokom:

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Furniture for arbors

The finished building can be decorated in various ways, both inside and outside. When choosing furniture, the main indicator should be its durability and strength. Materials must be durable, not subject to the influence of temperature changes and moisture resistant.

The simplest option is wooden furniture, it can have a different design, environmentally friendly and fits well into a variety of interiors. But such furniture requires special treatment and impregnation of means from pests and moisture.

practical ideas for giving, photos, prices

Closed gazebo at the dacha - place for gatherings during the cold season

Natural / artificial rattan has many advantages. Furniture from this material is durable, not afraid of high or low temperatures of ultraviolet radiation, moisture and direct sunlight. The only minus of rattan furniture is its rather high price. This is especially true of large sets with pillows, mattresses and additional elements.

Plastic is the main advantage of durability, low price, simple maintenance, and resistance to negative natural phenomena. However, such furniture is very fragile, especially in cold weather. It is not suitable for heavy people. In addition, its appearance is not the most pleasant, and over time it is easily scratched, which makes it even more unattractive.

In addition to furniture, it is possible to use landscaping, such as flowers or bushes in pots, to decorate the arbor. If there are no trees around the building, but a shadow is required, then vertical gardening with climbing plants can be used. Also around the whole building you can make beautiful plantings that will allow you to relax with great comfort and enjoyment.

practical ideas for giving, photos, prices

A spacious gazebo with a small utility block and a combined roof is part of a solid, part of the grid that transmits light
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An arbor with a shed under one roof is practical, economical and functional. Such a construction allows not only to save the territory of the site, but also to reduce the cost of its construction. The design can be absolutely any and harmoniously look with the house and it is favorable to be allocated on a landscape. Thanks to various methods of decoration, decoration and furnishing, a gazebo can be a good place to relax and cook food. In this case, the hozblok may be additional functional in nature, it is possible not only to store inventory, but also to make an additional room for rest.


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