What is a galvanized gofrolist wave for the roof and what is it for?

Today in the article we will give information on how to choose the right corrugated galvanized for the roof Wave. Having received this information, you will acquire the necessary knowledge that will help you make the best choice in a particular situation and, accordingly, optimize the cost of equipping or repairing the roof without sacrificing quality and subsequent operation.

What is a galvanized gofrolist wave for the roof and what is it for?

The roof, made of galvanized corrugated metal, looks neat and thoroughly

What is it

Gofrolist for Roofing is a galvanized corrugated steel sheet of wave shape that looks like slate. It is made by cold profiling. Galvanized sheet The wave for the roof can be additionally covered with a polymeric protective and decorative coating.

Today the market offers products whose useful width is 850, 1100 and 1250 mm, the thickness of the sheets is in the range from 0.35 to 0.8 mm. Profile height is usually of three sizes - 15, 17 and 18 mm. Standard length of sheets is 2 m, 2.5 m and 3 m. At the request of customers, products can be made up to a length of 6 meters or a length of up to 2 meters. Decorative polymeric coatings for corrugated products are divided into the following types (most common):

  • polyurethane ;

  • polyester ;

  • plastisol ;

  • polyvinyldenfluoride .

What is a galvanized gofrolist wave for the roof and what is it for?

The manufacturing technology of corrugated products is simple, which minimizes the risks of a marriage

What is

used for

A gofrolist can be bought for the following purposes:

  • for arranging roofing (flat, pitched, complex);

  • when installing fences as fencing ;

  • for manufacturing change houses for personnel and sheds for storing tools installed by on construction sites ;

  • as walls of trade pavilions , covered x public transport stops ;

  • as a semi-finished product when producing a sandwich panels ;

  • arrangement of floors ;

  • arrangement of fixed formwork during concreting;

  • manufacturing small architectural forms ;

  • creating fire-fighting structures ;

  • devices internal (not bearing) walls and partitions .

What is a galvanized gofrolist wave for the roof and what is it for?

Corrugated material can be used not only for the construction of the roof, but for the construction of pavilions

Strong and weak material sides

Galvanized gofrolist for the roof consumers decide to buy due to the following advantages of this material:

  • long life;

  • no need special care;

  • it keeps its initial appearance for a long time;

  • excellent corrosion resistance ;

  • simple transportation ;

  • Sheets put in piles take little space ;

  • for corrugated iron for a roof the price is lower compared to similar roofing products;

  • sheet stiffness makes it possible to use discharged crate ;

  • wide range in size, thickness, colors;

  • low weight square meter roofing (no massive supporting structures required);

  • simple installation and dismantling ;

  • possibility of repeated use;

  • can be used I am in any climatic conditions ;

  • resistant to putrefactive bacteria .

What is a galvanized gofrolist wave for the roof and what is it for?

The stacked metal slate takes up little space in the warehouse
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The weak sides of this type of roofing often include low sound insulation characteristics. In addition, the coating itself can serve as a source of noise during precipitation or strong wind. However, these disadvantages can be leveled by the use of additional sound insulation of the roof. Also, to prevent high material consumption during the construction of complex roofs, it is necessary to use sheets of a small area, otherwise there is a risk of large amounts of waste.

How much is

For the corrugated sheet that is galvanized for the roof of Volna, the price is in the range of 200 to 600 rubles per square meter. It is influenced by material thickness and wave height, the presence or absence of a polymer coating and its appearance. In addition, the size of the sheet may affect the cost per square meter of the product. If it is standard, then it will be lower than for non-standard roofing elements. For a sheet of standard sizes you will need to pay from 550 to 1500 rubles.

What is a galvanized gofrolist wave for the roof and what is it for?

The polymer decorative coating of corrugated iron can have different colors
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What you should pay attention to when buying

Often, you can find products of low quality on the market that do not provide the necessary consumer properties and will serve significantly less than products that meet the requirements of GOST. In particular, signs of poor quality (damaged) products are:

  • chips and dents ;

  • presence of white plaque (traces of zinc oxidation);

  • non-uniformity of zinc and / or polymeric coating ;

  • darkening and spots ;

  • non-uniform color .

Assembling the roof with corrugated roofing with your own hands in the following video review:

Features of the installation

For fixing sheets of iron on the crate, you must use special screws screws with rubber gasket, having a similar color to it. Screws should be screwed in strictly perpendicular to the surface, as when screwing at an angle the protective layer is damaged. Before laying sheets of profiled galvanized steel, the crate should be covered with waterproofing and vapor barrier. Sheets of material stacked overlap, overlap indicators should correspond to the angle of inclination of the roof, the smaller the overlap.

What is a galvanized gofrolist wave for the roof and what is it for?

The installation of sheets of profiled metal is overlapped on the prepared crate
This may be interesting! In the article on the following link read about 3 main sizes of corrugated sheet for the roof: marking and form.

Overall result

The use of corrugated galvanized metal roofing provides an opportunity to build a reliable durable roof at a reasonable price. In addition, this material can be used for the construction of a wide range of other structures (fences, partitions, formwork). However, given the variety of corrugated sheets in thickness, size, protective and decorative coatings, it is better to entrust them with the choice of solutions for solving a specific task. It is also better for them to entrust the installation, since, despite its simplicity, it is necessary to strictly follow a number of technological requirements.

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