Attic design - photos of the best ideas, original design

The free space under the roof of a private house can be used as efficiently as possible. The design of the attic makes it possible to profitably beat the irregular shape of sloping ceilings, turning an unpresentable attic into a cozy room.

Attic design - photos of the best ideas, original design

The attic provides additional space that can be arranged according to your needs.

Restoration of an attic room

Usually an attic It is a fairly large room. Space not used for housing becomes a warehouse of unnecessary things and various rubbish. It is more rational to breathe new life into it, to warm and equip it so that it is comfortable in it.

Important points when arranging the attic :

  • using moisture-resistant finishing materials;

  • increased attention window openings;

  • thoughtful use in the interior of unusual designs (beams, sloping ceilings and etc.);

  • insulation rooms;

  • the presence of all the necessary communications ;

  • careful selection of furniture taking into account the nuances of room parameters;

  • organization of design , which is visually expands the space.

If before the rework the attic was uninhabited, then for interior design it is necessary to use the services of professional craftsmen who will carry out the prevention of the truss system, organize the heating and ventilation system, make electricity wiring, etc.

Attic design - photos of the best ideas, original design

In the hands of experienced craftsmen the old attic turns into a cozy room

Depending on the intended purpose of the room, various design approaches are used that allow optimal organize space and create comfort.


The decisive factor in the design of the sleeping room is the angle of the ceiling. If the bevel is not too low, then the bedroom in the attic acquires the features of romance. For design, you can choose one of the most appropriate styles for this. For example, Eastern, eco-style or modern traditional.

For finishing the attic in a wooden house, eco-style is the best choice, preferring the following materials:

  • wood;

  • wallpaper;

  • textiles.

The use of light fabrics will help to give the space completeness and create the comfort that is so desirable in the bedroom. The bright colors of the walls and ceilings, which are used to decorate the bedroom, are very well suited for a room of a non-standard size.

The inclined roof slope will not allow to place large pieces of furniture, therefore, preference should be given to compact and concise models. Selection of items is better to start with a bed. The main thing - do not overdo it with their number and size of furniture.

Attic design - photos of the best ideas, original design

The bedroom cannot be cluttered with large wardrobes; in extreme cases, you can order furniture individually.

With a low ceiling, you can also design a cozy bedroom. In this case, the use of bright colors in the design of walls and ceilings is not only desirable but necessary. Bed, the main piece of furniture in the bedroom, is selected low, with a low headboard. One of the good options to save space is tatami.

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Living room

The intervention of the attic space under the living room is selected less often than under the bedroom. With very modest attic space and low inconveniently sloping ceilings to create a cozy living room will not work.

The main condition is a sufficiently large area and height of the ceilings, allowing guests and owners of the house to sit comfortably. Just like when organizing a bedroom, it’s better for the living room to choose light shades in the design of the ceiling and walls.

Attic design - photos of the best ideas, original design

In the attic you get a quite cozy living room where you can have a good time with friends.

The design of the windows of such an unusual living room cannot be neglected either. In order for the overall perception of the interior to be light, it is advisable to choose the curtains translucent and airy, letting in enough sunlight. Or turn your attention to the blinds.

The office and library

Attic in the country can be suitable for arranging the office, home library, or even serve as an artist's workshop. The top floor can be perfectly adapted to create a personal space and privacy.

With a large number of books, you should consider a shelving system. If the bevel of the ceilings is small, you can arrange the standard-sized furniture. But with a sloping roof will have to order furniture according to individual sizes. This will allow rational use of the usable area and conveniently arrange books and collectibles.

Attic design - photos of the best ideas, original design

If it is necessary to equip the working space at home, the attic is the best option, since the room is far from all

Depending on the size of the attic , the study can be supplemented with a seating area, putting a sofa, armchairs and a coffee table. Attic lighting should include not only the central chandelier, but also include the use of a desk lamp, floor lamp or wall lamp in the recreation area.

Bathroom and toilet

If you cannot use the attic as a living space, you can equip a bathroom at the top. Multi-level walls and sloping ceiling will not be an obstacle to creating a comfortable interior. In the development of the project of refitting the attic should be considered the growth of tenants and convenience. Including the ability to install a shower, the shape and size of the bath.

Attic design - photos of the best ideas, original design

A separate room in the attic can be distinguished as a bathroom

At the design stage, the organization of sewage and water supply should be laid. A small space is best to arrange in bright colors, in a spacious - the opportunity to experiment with the color gamut.

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Non-standard solutions

If there are basically enough rooms in the house for the convenience of all households, but you want to use the attic room rationally, you can implement some interesting solutions.

A dressing room

Placing a dressing room on the top floor will free up space on the first floor. The unequal height of the walls and the non-standard ceiling will not become an obstacle to creating a comfortable wardrobe, made according to individual measurements of the room.

It is rational to use a place with a high ceiling for hanging coats and raincoats, and where the height of the wall is small, blouses, shirts and other things that are of small length. It is better to have things for the season closer, and for luggage, spare blankets and pillows you can provide storage systems under the ceiling.

Attic design - photos of the best ideas, original design

On the attic floor the dreams of a spacious dressing room come true

Home theater

In order not to disturb the existing design living room and dining room, in the attic, interior design can be adapted for home theater. At the same time on the top floor there is a sofa with armchairs, a large screen, a speaker system. The interior can be complemented by a home bar, coffee tables, a chest of drawers.

Attic design - photos of the best ideas, original design

In order not to waste time on going to the cinema, you can equip it at home

Children's, bedroom, home theater or billiard room? A selection of ideas in this video:

Attic Interior Styles

The selection of finishing materials and color combinations should be based on the design style of the attic room.


This style combines convenience and functionality. In such a room should not be excessive pomp. The design of the modern interior is dominated by light warm colors, and dark ones serve as accents to emphasize the grace and simplicity of the forms.

Attic design - photos of the best ideas, original design

The children's room for teenagers is bright and cozy for a good rest
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The luxury and elegance of the classics should be emphasized by each element of the design. For an attic with a low ceiling and a pronounced bevel of the ceiling, it is almost impossible to make a high-quality design in a classic style.

But for a large enough room, a classic is one of the suitable options. The color scheme should be sustained in calm deep shades that look expensive and noble:

  • rich brown;

  • beige;

  • deep green;

  • gold;

  • burgundy and others.

If it was decided to make a room in the attic, it is desirable to take into account the requirements of the classics in relation to the symmetrical arrangement of objects. This can be difficult to do due to the specific shape of the room.

Tip! If you organize a living room in the attic in this style, you can add a design to the fireplace. Such an original element will add aesthetics and comfort atmosphere.


This direction is one of the most popular in recent years. Its use for decoration of a country house, and especially the attic, will allow you to create a cozy room of a bedroom, nursery or girl's room.

Attic design - photos of the best ideas, original design

Bedroom for a girl in Provence style

Basic style features :

  • using light pastel shades;

  • aged things;

  • use natural materials in the design;

  • sufficient lighting , including natural;

  • abundance of textile elements.


Design inspired by the traditions of the beginning of the last century will create the unique atmosphere of a living room or office. Pictures and accessories characteristic of that time will help emphasize the style. Design elements can be not only authentic, but also well stylized.


Young and energetic often prefer creative solutions. Gray, white, silver is used for decoration. The combination of chrome-plated elements with glass will not overload the interior, but will emphasize lightness and spaciousness.

For information! Strict forms of furniture and discreet colors combine well with home appliances.

Attic design - photos of the best ideas, original design

The minimum of things in the room and the restraint in color

The small loft

The room under the roof often has a small the size. This circumstance imposes restrictions on interior design. One of the main directions in creating such a design is the visual expansion of space.

Important! The selection of finishes and furniture should be done in such a way that the ceilings appear higher and the walls wider.

Wooden beams are a feature of the attic of a country house. If the size of the room is already small, then it is best to dwell on such an attic interior project, which will benefit from such a colorful inclusion without stitching with drywall. At the same time, 2 tasks will be solved right away: space is saved and color is emphasized.

In the attic rooms, it is better to avoid large accessories - big furniture, bright prints on the wallpaper.

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Interior materials

Non-standard ceilings and walls require the same non-standard design solutions. For the decoration of the ceiling attic, the following materials are most often used:

  • lining;

  • drywall;

  • wallpapering in bright colors.

Attic design - photos of the best ideas, original design

The interior can be made of different materials

The ceiling, made with the help of drywall, can be designed complex unusual shape, using several levels. No less interesting tree with a pronounced texture and color.

Natural wood is very often chosen for the walls, bringing a special charm to the design. Cheaper option - MDF, laminated panels. This option may be good for a library or office, but in the bedroom it is better to combine with wallpaper.

Floor covering for a room converted from an attic, it is advisable to choose one that will provide sufficient sound insulation and thermal insulation. For the bathroom will also be important waterproofing.

From the rest room to the office - the best attic design ideas in the video:

Natural and artificial lighting

Good attic lighting should be provided with windows and lighting fixtures. If the upper floor is divided into several rooms, then each of them must have a window. Their size is selected taking into account the characteristics of the slope and the height of the ceilings. It is advisable to install windows with opening doors.

Tip! For high or inconveniently located window openings, a remote control system should be provided for opening and closing the leaves with a remote control.

Attic design - photos of the best ideas, original design

Room lighting must be provided at the proper level - this will involve windows and artificial light

How many lighting devices are needed and how exactly their location depends on the functional purpose of the room, the location of furniture and its parameters. It is recommended to choose such lighting devices that will help to create comfort and will be convenient for use.

The central chandelier should be able to switch to varying degrees of brightness. If the use of a central chandelier is unacceptable due to the size of the room, spot lighting is chosen.

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Turning an uncomfortable attic into a comfortable attic room will not only increase the living space of the house, but also give it a unique touch. But we must remember that the equipment of the attic floor is a rather complicated matter, which experienced professionals should deal with.


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