Decor for garden and garden - buy cheap in Moscow, prices and photos

Without a properly chosen garden decor, the plot will not look completely finished, and in some cases even give the appearance of abandonment. In order to properly decorate your territory, you definitely need to think out a clear plan, and then bring everything to life. After reading the information from the article, you can find out the types of garden decor, as well as the most interesting design options.

Decor for garden and garden - buy cheap in Moscow, prices and photos

An example of an interesting decor

What it will take to create a decorated garden

To create an interesting and memorable garden plot design You will need:

  1. Discuss absolutely all the nuances with the chosen decorator. All ideas will be included in the approximate plan of the territory. And after the specialist will transfer all the developments to the real territory.

  2. Select the suitable attributes. In this matter, you can trust the specialist. Having studied all the wishes, he will propose suitable decorative items.

It is very important to decide in advance on the style and design of the site. So the decoration will take place in the shortest possible time.

Options for garden decor

When the approximate plan of the area is made, you can go directly to the choice of garden decor. You can buy all the accessories at a different price scale - there is an element for any wallet.

Decor for garden and garden - buy cheap in Moscow, prices and photos

In the shops you can find very funny samples of garden decoration

Having properly decorated your territory, you can enjoy spending time on it in summer hot days enjoying the created beauty. The selected item will talk a lot about the owner of the territory.


When arranging their territory, landlords often acquire various decorative figures. These are small architectural forms that give the garden a certain theme.

The quality of models can be completely different, and this affects the price. Plastic is usually the cheapest, but the quality is poor. Unsuccessful movement of garden tools and the figure will fail.

Compositions can also be made in different styles - depending on the selected wizard. These two nuances need to pay special attention when choosing.

Decor for garden and garden - buy cheap in Moscow, prices and photos

Figures in the garden look interesting and stylish

The thematic focus is chosen by the owner of the territory, who will be guided by a harmonious view of the entire site. Making your garden figurines is an interesting message or a kind of metaphor that can refer a person, for example, to old forgotten tales, or to a child’s unfulfilled dream. It all depends on the choice of figures. These can be beautiful animals or fairy tale characters. For example, if you buy a statuette that looks like a funny gnome with a shovel or shears, then visitors will see a sign of a good gardener with a sense of humor.

The purchased angel symbolizes the storage and observance of the traditions of a country house, as well as the warm energy of the entire site. If the figure is made of polyresin, then you can not worry about its safety. This material is very high quality and will last for many years. He is not afraid of even the harsh weather conditions. It is advisable to install the figure with the angel on the porch of the house - closer to the entrance door. If the detailing of the object is top notch, then there is no need to hide the statuette - it is desirable to place it in the field of view of people who approach the house.

Decor for garden and garden - buy cheap in Moscow, prices and photos

The angel figurine will fit perfectly into any garden interior.

The little cartoon will lighten the mood of any guest with its perky smile and interesting look. Typically, these figurines are painted in bright colors, give the feeling of falling into the fairy forest.

It is important to remember that it is possible to buy inexpensive decorations for a garden, but do not forget about the quality of the products. It is better to spend a little more, but to purchase quality products that will last for many years. And this is extremely important because the decorative elements are located under the open sky and, accordingly, are exposed to weather conditions.


Many people are used to the fact that tracks in private territories is a boring mosaic at best, or ordinary paving leading from one important object to another. But if you give a job to a professional, then the result will be a very romantic view of the path, which will be decorated with various decorative pebbles, brick chips. Garden paths can lead not only to the house and important buildings: they can be directed to a decorative pool, an interesting flowerbed and similar structures.

If the landlord has a car, then it is advisable to lay a path to the garage out of paving slabs or plain gravel. These decorative elements will be original, interesting to look at the territory.

Decor for garden and garden - buy cheap in Moscow, prices and photos

Beautiful paths - a win-win option
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There is also an option - to use an ordinary brick, which is installed by an edge, and not flat. Also mono use wood, plastic or plain concrete. But it is extremely important to trust this work to specialists, since they will be able to assess the territory correctly and select an option that will look perfect on a particular site. There are ready-made sets of decorative stones, which need only be placed on the site. Interestingly glowing in the dark varieties.

In addition to the lanes, lamps of interesting shape are acquired. In modern stores there are varieties of solar panels. Such equipment will accumulate energy during the day and shine and adorn the territory all night. But it is not necessary to use the standard options. There is an opportunity to purchase decorative samples that are made in the form of animals holding a lamp, or it will be a lamp decorated in the style of the 19th century.

Decor for garden and garden - buy cheap in Moscow, prices and photos

It is always possible to install a beautiful lamp along the track

These are very original decorations for the garden, and you should definitely buy them. Moreover, the price for the material is not too big. For example, a ton of gravel will cost 1000 rubles, but it will look amazing on a plot with proper clearance.


Comfortable furniture should not only be inside the house, but also be able to effectively decorate the area. It is about the various tables and benches, chaise longue. An interesting moment - such elements on the site are loved not only by children, but also by adults. It is pleasant to relax on comfortable furniture after working in the garden or just to go outside and watch the sunset, sitting on a bench.

Of course, it is necessary to use different combinations in each specific case. It is important to pay attention to the fact that outdoor furniture should be protected from weather conditions and especially rain. For such purposes, various formulations are used in combination with special covering materials for tables and chairs.

Decor for garden and garden - buy cheap in Moscow, prices and photos

The furniture in the garden looks organically

Wicker furniture looks very interesting on the veranda or in the gazebo. Armchairs, tables or sofas made of rattan, have all the same properties as the furniture inside the room, but at the same time it has greater durability and simplicity in the care.

Forged products look interesting. This not only speaks of the good taste of the owner, but can also become the hallmark of the whole house. In addition, wrought-iron furniture has great reliability and high durability, it is not afraid of weather conditions. With the help of forging masters create very original plots.

Decor for garden and garden - buy cheap in Moscow, prices and photos

Wrought-iron furniture always attracts attention
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A skilled craftsman will be able to create a beautiful pattern, and if there is a need, then you can contact specialized companies with your own drawing: they will turn any idea into reality. This type of dacha decor can be bought for 1500-3000 rubles for one item.

Garden swings

Truly allow you to roam in the choice of style in the design of the garden - this is a garden swing. You can find a large number of options with decorative forms.

Decor for garden and garden - buy cheap in Moscow, prices and photos

Swings will decorate any garden

Swings differ not only by the riot of forms, but also by the type of materials they are made of:

  1. Plastic .

  2. Metal .

  3. Tree .

  4. Combined Options . It is a metal frame and wooden seats.

Artificial flowers

Artificial flowers will be a wonderful decoration of the area. Especially in winter, when living plants will no longer look as beautiful as in summer. A detailed decorative element is purchased in large quantities, so that the territory seems to be “alive” all year round.

As for the price, beautiful varieties can be found in the range from 500 to 1500 rubles.

Decor for garden and garden - buy cheap in Moscow, prices and photos

In most cases, flowers are served immediately in small vases


If there are hatches on the territory for the descent to the underground communications, they look very unfortunate among the decoratively decorated garden. Bulky iron discs easily spoil the appearance of the site, and therefore it is desirable to use special decorative hatches, made the most bright and interesting.

Designs are a kind of plastic caps, which are worn on top of rusty metal. Nozzles produce different shapes. Here are the most popular ones:

  1. The grassy hill on which various animals sit, for example, fox beavers or hedgehogs. Such samples can be purchased for about 8,000 rubles.

  2. The shape of the old stump is 7,000 rubles.

  3. A large basket with all kinds of fruit inside. Ena design - 7000 rubles.

  4. The stone base on which sea inhabitants sit - crabs or turtles. Price - closer to 7,000 rubles.

  5. A large dog lying on the hatch cover. You will have to spend about 9000 rubles

  6. Funny options - fairy-tale characters who come out of the hatch. A quality sample costs about 6000 rubles.

  7. A beautiful castle or lighthouse in the middle of the courtyard will also perfectly hide an ugly hatch. The price for the design is about 9000 rubles.

  8. A large boulder for 3,000 rubles.

Decor for garden and garden - buy cheap in Moscow, prices and photos

An interesting variant of the cover for hatches
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Hose holder

In any territory where there are plants, there will be a watering hose as well. Often he simply inaccurately lies on the territory or occupies space in the shed.

To solve the problem of its storage and at the same time decorate the area, purchase decorative holders for the hose.

They can be in the form of a pole that is driven into the ground, or mounted to fix it to the wall of a house or shed. A third variant can also be found on the market - a decorative ring with supports, on which the hose is carefully wound.

It does not matter which type will be acquired, since they all have a very beautiful and interesting look. Production material - the metal twisted by masters in fancy forms.

Decor for garden and garden - buy cheap in Moscow, prices and photos

The holder for the hose can also decorate the territory

The simplest models of hose holders cost about 700 rubles. More bizarre forms will cost 4000 rubles.

Garden arch

You can complete the exposition with a beautiful arch located near a climbing plant or separately. Over time, it is completely covered with greenery and will become doubly beautiful.

Decor for garden and garden - buy cheap in Moscow, prices and photos

Example of a beautiful arch

Such structures are usually installed at the entrance to the gazebo. The price of the building varies depending on the chosen form and size, and can range from 7,000 to 30,000 rubles. But on sale there are also samples of a simple form. Their cost is 1500 rubles. This type does not have an attractive appearance and is rarely used apart from climbers.

In the video you can see an example of garden decor:

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Summing up the information, one can understand that there are a lot of design options for a beautiful garden. For every taste there is an interesting project.

Garden decor can be bought in Moscow (toys and lanterns) at a price ranging from 500 to 3,000 rubles. As for the swing, good options can cost from 14,000 to 30,000 rubles.


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