price for the repair of the roof of the garage in Moscow

The information below will give you an idea how to repair the roof of a garage. What overlappings, materials are used, features of a soft roof. Where can I get away from the roll coverings. Difference overhaul from the current. Approximate cost of work. What to look for when accepting work.

price for the repair of the roof of the garage in Moscow

Repair of the roof of the garage sooner or later applies to every motorist.

Repair of the roof of the garage depends on several factors:

  • view of the garage;

  • type of ceiling;

  • location of the garage;

  • what kind of coating was used before;

  • environmental conditions;

  • total roof wear;

  • aesthetic perception

Types of garages

Traditionally, such structures are metal and stone. Metal garages are standardly overlapped with steel sheets. In this case, the best device will be a new coating of metal profiles over the old roof. If you need such a repair of the roof of the garage - the price will consist only of the cost of the material, plus the work on the installation of a new roof. Cost of 1 square. m cover metal turnkey from 900r.

price for the repair of the roof of the garage in Moscow

The cost of repairing or replacing the roof is directly dependent on the materials used.

A metal roof made of flat sheets is sometimes rolled into one or two layers of roll. built-up materials. The cost of work on average 550r. for the quarter. m.

Important! When accepting works, pay attention to the absence of damage to the polymer coating.

Types of floors

Stone buildings have two types of floors:

  • A truss system with a batten;

  • Reinforced concrete floors.

Truss systems

Truss systems cover:

  • with a metal profile or metal tile;

  • Slate;

  • Bituminous tiles or modernized bitumen-polymer coatings.

Repair of such ceilings depends on the technical condition of the rafters and battens. If a slight replacement of rafters and battens is required (up to 20%), then the cost will be from 1500r per m2.

Attention! An old metal profile is necessarily dismantled.

Arrangement of metal roofing, truss system with lathing, installation of gutters and gutters can increase the cost of repairing the roof of a garage. Price may exceed 3200r per square. m. Exclusive copper sheet options start at 6500r. per m2.

price for the repair of the roof of the garage in Moscow

Covering the roof with a metal tile immediately transforms the construction of
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The slate roof is covered in several ways:

  • without dismantling the old slate with a metal profile;

  • with dismantling the slate with a corrugated flooring;

  • with the dismantling of old slate sheets with the laying of the new slate.

Prices range from 900r to 1100r per 1m2.

Repair by shingles makes sense only if the roof was made of this material. Practice has shown that you need to change the entire surface. The manufacturer gives clear recommendations on the installation of shingles. Replacing small areas and repairing polymer-bitumen materials is the same as minor repairs to the soft roof of a garage.

Remember! Shingles are glued, not fused.

Reinforced concrete floors

Reinforced concrete floors and flat roofs are usually repaired with rolled overlay, modified bituminous and polymeric materials. Repair of the roof of the garage roof includes:

  • Dismantling of the old roof;

  • The device for cement screed;

  • Primer surface;

  • Roofing;

  • Installation of galvanized parapets and ebb.

To reduce the cost, put a new coating in 1-2 layers on the old surface. The cost of this type of work with material from 500r per 1m2. The disadvantages of such a coating are the absence of a strong adhesion with overlap, resulting in a deterioration of the mechanical strength of the layer.

price for the repair of the roof of the garage in Moscow

Soft roll roofing can build up on the old floor, but no one can guarantee quality
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Garage location

If the building is adjacent to a wall or to other roofs, it is necessary to arrange adjoining (cut-off), in order to exclude leaks to joints and seams. Responsible manufacturers include this in the finished cost.

The practice of arranging a new covering of galvanized corrugated flooring over a soft garage roof without dismantling the old layer did not badly recommend itself on structures standing alone.The cost is comparable with the work of a professional flooring on a metal object.

What kind of coating was used before

Previously, flat roofs were filled with tar and covered with several layers of roofing material. During seasonal temperature drops, tar lagged behind the base, roofing felt was torn, leaks appeared. Therefore, before repairing a soft roof, it is better to dismantle old materials. This will extend the life of the new coating. The cost of dismantling within 100r. for 1 m2.

price for the repair of the roof of the garage in Moscow

So that the follow-up repairs do not have to be done during the first half of the year, it is better to completely remove the old coating

Environmental conditions

In operating conditions below -30˚C, above + 40˚C soft roofing is not recommended. Slate roofs also proved to be poor at an ambient temperature above + 45˚C and in hailstorm regions.

Total wear of the roof

If the damage to the roof is more than 40%, it makes sense to carry out a major overhaul. It is better to entrust the assessment of damage volume to a specialist.

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Aesthetic Perception

Appearance is a subjective matter. This applies to buildings that make up a single complex with the house. In this case, the type of material and the type of roof will dictate the appearance of the house.

Minor repairs of the soft roof of the garage (up to 20% of the total area) will include removing bubbles, filling up dents, damage by liquid bitumen, rolling up the roof with roll-up materials in 1-2 layers. Turnkey price will begin with 500r. per m2. to 900r. The term of operation is from 1 year to 5 years. With a larger volume of damage, it is better to repair with dismantling the old material, preparing the base and laying two layers of roofing material, arranging the parapets and ebbs. Prices from 900r per square. meter to 1200r. The term of operation is from 5 to 20 years.

price for the repair of the roof of the garage in Moscow

The roof, made according to the rules, is not only reliable, but also has a more attractive and tidy look.

Metal objects are rolled up materials does not make sense, one layer has weak mechanical strength, and two or three at a price can compete with an inexpensive metal profile. The use of corrugated flooring, where it is permissible, will make it possible to block the roof of the garage cheaply and securely. Price will start within 900r. up to 1300r. for the quarter. m.

Slate surfaces, there is also no need to roll up soft roofing materials. It is better to replace the slate or cover with decking. The average cost will be from 1000 to 1500r. per m2.

An example of the process of repairing a garage in a video:

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Considering the numerous advantages that appeal to a professional construction company, repair of the roof is best done by specialists. The main advantage of such a solution is a guarantee, which is prescribed in the contract. Therefore, in a company that values ​​its name, it will help to correctly estimate the amount of work, reduce its time and avoid unnecessary expenses.

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