Home construction loan - what you need to get

It’s good to have your own home, not everyone can afford to build. The state offers assistance for the privileged category of citizens in the form of a loan. The rest have the opportunity to take a bank loan for the construction of a country house. So, two problems are solved at once: the fulfillment of the dream of middle-income people and the fulfillment of the plan for the introduction of objects by developers, so the latter will always tell you where to get a loan for a construction site. Terms of issuing money and repayment of debt consider below.

Home construction loan - what you need to get

Developers usually know where to get a loan for construction

Who will receive a loan for a house

About mortgage many reviews, and not very positive. The main advantage is that it is really possible to build a house in one season, without putting money under the pillow all winter. The full amount is immediately transferred to the developer, who himself buys the materials and organizes the work. Even with interest, a mortgage for the construction of housing will be cheaper than buying a finished cottage.

To issue a loan for the construction of a residential or country house, you must comply with the requirements of banks:

  • Pledge of property (real estate, land, car)

  • Guarantors (spouse and unrelated persons with high income)

  • Targeted use of money (only for construction)

  • Down payment 15-20%

  • Registration of land for individual housing construction on the applicant

There are credit programs in which it is not necessary to meet all the requirements - you should learn more directly the bank.

What documents are required

From documents the borrower needs to provide:

  • Passport with Russian citizenship, certificate of own and surety incomes

  • Confirmation of the right to use the land plot

  • Project of the future house and estimates from the developer

  • Statement or checks from the bank on a personal account

Clearly about processing a loan for building a house on video:

Credit institutions pay special attention to the stability of the client's income. The longer the repayment period, the higher the risk of delay and no refund. The age of the applicant at the time of filing should be over 21 years, and the debt must be up to 65 years. It is safer to calculate the schedule of the contract without retirement.

Execution time

Documents on the ground cause the most complaints. A deed of gift, a contract of sale, an extract from the register, a cadastral passport, a building permit - all papers require several months. Approval of the application in the bank lasts about 10 days, another 4-5 weeks go to the final stage. So that the process of processing the questionnaire is not delayed in time, it is recommended to collect all references and documents before submitting the application.

The maximum loan term is 30 years. If you need a sum of up to 300 thousand rubles. for a short time, you can try to take a consumer loan. The deposit is not required in this case, but the interest rate is higher.

Home construction loan - what you need to get

It is more profitable to take a consumer loan for a short period

Who has the right to a soft loan

Of each rule there is exceptions. The state has allocated certain categories of people who can count on preferential terms for a loan (lower rates, longer repayment terms, no additional fees). These include:

  • Doctors, teachers and other employees of budget organizations

  • Participants and liquidators of the accident at the Chelyabinsk NPP

  • People awarded for high services to the country

  • Large, young and low-income families

  • Servicemen

  • Persons recognized as in need of better housing

Some banks cooperate with large enterprises that mortgage official housing. For them, the loan rate below the standard. A firm gets interested employees.

Subsidies for construction

Young families can expect to receive subsidies from the state to improve their living conditions. To do this, it must recognize the need. If there are no children yet, the government issues 35% of the loan amount. A family with children owes 40%. There are restrictions on the total area and price per 1 m² of purchased housing. They are individual for each region.

Until 2008, banks easily issued a loan for the construction of a private house down payment. During the crisis, the number of unpaid debts rose sharply. Therefore, now for large loans advance is required.

Home construction loan - what you need to get

Down payment is a common practice for a mortgage

The less your client makes money, the higher the interest rate on the contract. Or you will need a mortgage on the property of similar value. If the borrower has the parent capital, then you can build a house on credit without a down payment. Or use it to partially repay the debt.There is no need to wait for 3 years, the certificate for mortgage payment is allowed to be used immediately after receipt

In Russia, only large banks issue loans for the construction of a private house. Do not be afraid that in 30 years the institution is being liquidated. In any case, all of his debts will be bought by a competitor, and the terms of the mortgage contract for the client will remain the same.

Which banks finance construction

You can submit a request for consideration to a bank through developers who carry out inexpensive construction of houses on credit. We will understand their proposals in more detail.

Attention! Have time to take advantage of the offer from construction company Tamak for the loan subsidy program for the purchase of wooden houses.


It offers to build a house on credit in Moscow and the regions at a reduced rate of 10% per annum. The minimum rate is valid for members of the Sberbank salary project. For the rest, it will be 10.5%.

Sberbank is ready to provide a loan for the construction of a house to the client in the amount of more than 300 thousand rubles. The upper limit is 75% of the contractual value of the future housing or an estimated figure for the collateral object. Down payment 25% of the loan amount.

Home construction loan - what you need to get

Sberbank also provides mortgage loans for the military

Participants in the payroll project do not bring income statements when they apply. The loan is granted in parts in accordance with the stages of construction. Early repayment is not subject to commission. Penalty for late payment - 20% of the amount of the overdue payment. Approximately a loan for building a house in Sberbank can be calculated on the official website of the bank.

If within two years after the conclusion of the contract the cost of building a house rises, the bank may give a deferment to pay off the principal debt.


This bank issues a mortgage loan for the purchase of a finished house or building plot. The minimum annual rate of 9.5% is provided for young families. One of the spouses must work in a budget organization or receive a salary through Rosselkhozbank. The condition is valid only when buying an apartment in the secondary market. Borrowers without benefits are set at a rate of 12.5% ​​per annum.

The minimum amount for issue is 100 thousand rubles. , and the maximum - 20 million p. Down payment from 15 to 30% of the cost of housing, depending on its type. Money is provided at the same time and in full.

Home construction loan - what you need to get

Attractive loan conditions

The client can choose the loan repayment system by himself as convenient (fixed or reduced). Young families in which children were born during the term of the contract, receive a delay of up to 3 years to pay the debt.


If you want to buy a turnkey cottage on credit, go to Vozrozhdenie Bank. Here they are ready to give from 300 thousand rubles. up to 10 million r. to make your dreams come true. The rate for the year will be from 11.9% excluding insurance, if you make a down payment of 15%. Loan collateral is not necessary. Any change of conditions in the contract will be paid.

If construction has been going on for a long time, and the funds for it have already run out, Vozrozhdenie offers a secure loan of 50 thousand rubles. up to 2 million r. for any purpose. No references and guarantors are needed. The average rate of 20% per annum.

Credit Europe Bank

This bank easily approves a loan for building a country house. The rate of 12-20% per annum, the maximum amount is 3 million rubles. for 8 years. Money is transferred only by bank transfer to the account of the developer. Plus the fact that from the time of receipt of the application to transfer funds is only 3 hours.

The bank does not ask the applicant for income certificates, the availability of guarantors and insurance. The application itself can be submitted directly from the construction company, so as not to come to the office once again.

Home construction loan - what you need to get

Often, construction companies have contacts of several banks


Provides a loan for a house built by the bank’s partners . You can get up to 5 million p. for 7 years. Interest rate of 13.4% per year. Life and property insurance only at the request of the applicant. Early repayment from 1 month.

The borrower must have a permanent job at least 4 previous months. Of the documents required only a passport, application form and certificate of ownership of the building house or a contract.

This is a list of banks that offer the purchase, construction or completion of a house on credit. Terms of registration periodically change, so the relevance should be clarified for consultation with experts.

About choosing a bank to receive a loan on video:

Thanks to a mortgage, it became easier to realize the dream of your home. If you adequately assess their financial capabilities, then soon you can celebrate a housewarming party in the cottage village.


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