What can build a wooden house, worth up to 1 million rubles

Each of us wants to live like a fairy tale: to have a beautiful wife, a lot of money and a great, eco-friendly house. Here, perhaps, it’s worth starting from the most difficult - with the construction of a wooden house! construction and did not read the state SNIPs. And as everyone knows - it ended for him very badly.

What can build a wooden house, worth up to 1 million rubles

If at the head of the corner is saving by any means, then such a house can be built and cheaper than a million

Therefore, in order to build a strong wooden house, you need to consult with experienced craftsmen in advance, explore many legal aspects when buying a land plot, and best of all - make secure and turn to a professional construction company with a good reputation.

What kind of house can be built for 1 million rubles?

To begin with, it is necessary to determine the purpose of the wooden building. Perhaps you want to build a house for year-round or just a cottage. The functionality, costs and construction time will depend on this.

Consider the most typical options for buildings that can be made for 1 million rubles:

  • Cottage for summer holidays . With this money you can build a garden, frame-shield house in 2 floors or with an attic, on a pile foundation, with a total area of ​​about 70 m². Erection time: 2-3 months.

What can build a wooden house, worth up to 1 million rubles

Perhaps using frame technology, it will turn out to “pull” the project with the bay window and the veranda, and eventually turn the house into a winter estate , insulating walls
  • Log house for year-round living . If we consider a more solid variant with a strip foundation, then with the available money you can build a finished box of rounded logs for living on the 1st floor, with a total area of ​​about 30 m². Time, taking into account the pouring of the foundation: from 6-12 months.

What can build a wooden house, worth up to 1 million rubles

A big plus at home from a rounded log - subject to the technology, it requires a minimum of finish
  • House for renting to tenants . For such purposes, the house must be maintainable, warm and have a maximum area. For the erection of the box, a peeled log that can be covered with stain or varnish is ideal. Approximate area - 50 m². Total construction time: about a year.

What can build a wooden house, worth up to 1 million rubles

For renting, you should not build large houses - small ones will find their tenant
faster On the website you can familiarize yourself with the most popular projects of wooden houses, both budget and elite, from construction companies represented at the Low-rise Country exhibition.
  • Home for celebrations or for a farm estate . The ideal option would be to use a timber, since siding is most often used for the facade. The total footage - 40 m², taking into account the cost of the roof. Elapsed time: 6-8 months.

What can build a wooden house, worth up to 1 million rubles

The house for celebrations can be one-story, and there can be a large outdoor area nearby. The main cost is a good roof

Of course, in these examples the cost of delivery is not taken into account, since in each region it can differ significantly. In addition, the cost of purchasing and installing a fence, a septic tank, and a water source are not included in the calculations.

Tip! Of course, you can take a plan of the house from your friends if you like the layout, but today construction companies offer ready-made topical solutions are absolutely free when you make a construction contract.

At the construction forums there are many stories of people who turned to non-professionals for help: in most cases, hack-workers not only did not fulfill their contractual obligations, but also put a pig on the customers.

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Budget planning and cost optimization

In order to correctly calculate the costs, it is best to ask for cost estimate documents along with the house plan. But, if you are confident in your abilities and have experience in the field of construction - feel free to take up calculations!

What can build a wooden house, worth up to 1 million rubles

Proper calculation of the budget is a good start to any home
Note! A natural log house is a great solution for those who suffer from asthma, as the indoor air will always be filled with pine aromas that increase human immunity.

Cost includes the following items:

  • Project documentation .It is compiled in a special bureau, in which the designer takes into account all distances to the nearest buildings both on your site and on the site of your neighbors. It is recommended to first develop a plan, and then proceed to building. Otherwise, you risk getting a fine or order for demolition.

  • Foundation . A good strip foundation will be about 10-20% of the total construction cost. It all depends on whether you want a garage or a cellar under the house. With the budget approach, the tape can be erected for 60,000 rubles. For light buildings suitable pile foundation, but you should know that it can not be used on sandy soil.

  • Walls . Depending on the material chosen, the cost of the peripherals, such as fixing bolts, metal corners, profiles, etc., are added to the cost of the walls themselves.

What can build a wooden house, worth up to 1 million rubles

When calculating take into account all the nodes of the future house
This is important! Consider that after building walls, it is necessary how as soon as possible proceed to the installation of roof rafters. Otherwise, if the wood is not properly preserved, it can become greenish, moldy, or, according to the law of meanness, the gray wolf will come before frost.
  • Roof . As practice has shown, any roofing is 20-25 years old, so you should not chase new products - all types of roofing have the same operational period. According to estimates, the roof is 10% of the costs.

  • Windows and doors . For an environmentally friendly home is best to purchase window openings of wood. Plastic, with constant use, contribute to the accumulation of condensate in the room, which leads to premature deterioration of wood at the junction of the openings and walls of the house.

What can build a wooden house, worth up to 1 million rubles

If all the same the choice fell on plastic windows - entrust their installation to professionals, and it’s better not to save on the quality of the window
  • Electrics . Since the house is wooden, according to fire safety, all wiring should be located in plastic or metal boxes. In rare cases, laying of a wire along a wall is allowed if its insulating layer is strong enough. As a rule, for wiring in a residential area, purchase a cable with high-quality polyurethane winding with a high class of fire safety.

  • Water supply . It is recommended not to drill a well directly in the house, since excessive moisture can contribute to the appearance of dampness and black fungus. Best of all - to bring water from a source located on the site. If you plan to use water all year round, be sure to provide documentation in the plan for drawing water through the foundation.

How a budget house can look like from the inside: an example in the following video:

Despite the abundance of building and finishing materials, ecological wooden house, will always look decent.

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It is possible to build a small and good housing for 1 million rubles, the main thing is to optimize costs and use the services of a company that has long established itself in the market as a bona fide performer.

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