facade and interior, styles, materials, rooms

When building a private house or house, not many imagine what the facade will look like. But the design of the house outside is of great importance, since it will depend on it the first impression that will be formed about the entire building. There is a huge number of styles and designs, so that with the choice there should definitely not be problems and difficulties. Everyone will be able to choose an option according to personal tastes and preferences.

facade and interior, styles, materials, rooms

The design of the facade of a private house

Popular ideas for home decoration

The design of a country house outside can be quite different . The most commonly used solutions are:

  • Classic style. Differs simplicity of form, strict elements and symmetry. Classic buildings are made modestly, a large number of decorative elements is not required. For lining, it is best to use metal or stone materials, finishing with natural textiles and expensive wood will also be an excellent solution.
  • Aristocratic design. Recently, castle style becomes popular. This design involves the use of Gothic structures with high towers and arches. For this style, decorating with a mosaic would be a great solution, as well as installing vintage windows and painting on the walls would be appropriate.
  • Alpine building. The exterior design of such a house implies the use of wooden materials, and a fireplace must be installed inside the building. The glazed terrace is an integral element of this design.
  • Modern and minimalism. Buildings in this style often have an intricate layout and original decorative cladding. High-quality materials should be used for exterior decoration, ceramics and panels will be an excellent option. Minimalism will require strict geometry, monochrome processing and a lot of free space. The windows of the house should be large, all the structural elements will be hidden under the panels.

facade and interior, styles, materials, rooms

Chalet-style home decoration

Facade finishing features for different styles

Country house design outside implies facing the facade. For the decoration of such a structure can also be used in various stylistic directions, each of which has its own characteristics. The following solutions are quite common:

  • Modern style.
  • Country.
  • German style.
  • Classics.

When choosing a design, you need to be guided by personal tastes and preferences. But first you need to explore the features of each option facing the facade.

Modern style

Facades with this design are becoming increasingly popular. Their distinctive features include a strict wall covering and a large number of windows. For the decoration of the walls of the facade with a similar style stone does not apply. For cladding using painted decorative plaster, siding and wooden elements. Design in a classic style has the following nuances:

  1. The color palette smoothly changes from one shade to another. Sometimes you can use the technique of contrast for the elements of the door and trim.
  2. The building structure is distinguished by its strict form.
  3. The facade is decorated with a large number of glazed elements.
  4. Door lining is simple and elegant.

facade and interior, styles, materials, rooms

Modern style

Country style

This design includes many design options. To it can be attributed, and Russian wooden buildings, cottages made of stone, huts. A common feature is the ease of finishing. The features of country style can also be attributed to:

  1. Arch and there should be no vaults. The design should consist of straight lines.
  2. Windows should be square in shape with crossbars.
  3. A large amount of materials based on wood and stone are used for cladding.

facade and interior, styles, materials, rooms


If natural materials are too expensive, artificial options are a good solution. The facade should have the same coloring using dim tones. Bright shades are not recommended. The base and the corners are also made with stone or tile.

The independent style of country style is Provence. Its distinctive features include romance and simplicity. For such design it is permissible to use arches, the windows can have a semicircular shape, and the roof should be revetted with an unusual material. The facade is treated with textured plaster, which is further painted with a bed tone solution. In the same palette are made shutters and doors.

facade and interior, styles, materials, rooms

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German design

Externally, such buildings are extremely attractive. Although this type of exterior cladding is not used so often in our area, recently it is gaining popularity. The framework of the building is based on large beams, the voids between which are filled with shields and insulation material. The walls are often revetted in bright colors, the beams are covered with special protective structures. From the outside, such a building looks cozy and attractive, and in fact its foundation is the frame.

facade and interior, styles, materials, rooms



Such a decoration would be quite expensive, since it involves the use of exclusively natural materials. But the construction in this style looks luxurious and will definitely impress all the guests. The classic design has a number of distinctive characteristics:

  1. The windows must be tall with an arched top frame.
  2. The design should include towers in Victorian style.
  3. The shape of the roof should be triangular.

facade and interior, styles, materials, rooms

Classic style

For cladding the facade, an excellent solution would be to use a natural brick or a red-tone stone. The roof is built on the basis of tiles.

An interesting photographic selection of the facades of private houses - in this video:

The nuances of the design of the courtyard

The design of the wooden house also provides for outside design terraces or courtyard. This stage is of great importance, as a neglected courtyard can spoil the overall impression of the facade and the building. When designing the courtyard, it is permissible to use the following elements or structures:

  • Terraces with installed gazebos.
  • Construction of a bath or garage.
  • Children's playgrounds.
  • Tracks connected to each other.
  • Large and beautiful flower beds, consisting of various plants.
  • Farm buildings.
  • Installation of decorative fountains.

facade and interior, styles, materials, rooms

Landscape design of a private house
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Interior decoration of the house

The design of the house outside and inside should be harmonious and be maintained in the same style. Each room will need to pay separate attention. You will need to think carefully about the layout of the house, since it will depend on it the comfort of living. Do not pile up rooms with a large number of decorative elements, especially if the house is small. Also it is necessary to take into account that there must be windows in the kitchen and in the living rooms, since the lack of natural lighting will cause inconvenience. For large private buildings, it is recommended to think about creating a second exit to the street, this will facilitate movement.

Kitchen design

The ceiling of this room is often faced with natural or artificial beams. It is recommended to tile the floors on the basis of ceramics, this will simplify washing and cleaning. Also a great solution for the floor will be the use of waterproof laminate. Although he has a short life, but perfectly retains heat.

facade and interior, styles, materials, rooms

Kitchen Interior

The kitchen interior of a private building involves the use of furniture based on natural wood of natural color with a large number of elements. The ceiling can be decorated with the help of an original chandelier. Also as a decorative elements you can use beautiful dishes and textiles based on cotton or flax.

The design of the living room

The interior of the living room of a private house is often supplemented with a fireplace. Romantic style can be maintained using soft carpet or armchairs, which will be installed in front of the fireplace. The furnace is framed with natural or artificial stone of the most appropriate color. A good choice would be to use marble tiles or granite. Adhering to the main direction of the design of private buildings, the walls in the living room can be revetted with textured plaster, wallpaper or clinker slab, which simulates a brick coating. In timbered constructions, the walls are finished with light paint or varnished.

facade and interior, styles, materials, rooms

Interior of the living room

To ensure coziness and comfort, it is recommended to arrange a spacious sofa, a small table, and a home cinema in the living room. Different styles can also be used to decorate the living room, so the choice will be great. The main thing is that all elements are in harmony with each other.

Bedroom Design

In small buildings the bedrooms are located in the attic. Such rooms are usually poorly lit, so for painting walls it is best to use a bright palette. The bed can be made on the basis of wood or forged steel.To give the room coziness and comfort, professional designers recommend thinking about installing wall lamps or floor lamps with soft light, laying a carpet with a long nap and installing panoramic windows.

facade and interior, styles, materials, rooms

Bedroom Interior

Panoramic windows are the perfect solution, but they are suitable only for spacious cottages with plenty of free space. The original design technique is also the use of two-level ceilings. Facing on the basis of natural materials will suit almost any style and at the same time help create an incredible atmosphere.

Bathroom Interior

In private buildings, the bath can be quite voluminous and spacious. It will be possible to install a comfortable washbasin, jacuzzi and other plumbing. As a lining, you can use a ceramic plate or a material that simulates a brick coating. The floor can be made in bulk or tiled. The walls are treated with plaster, but you will definitely need to protect it with paint or other composition with water-repellent properties.

facade and interior, styles, materials, rooms

Bathroom Interior

The original design of the bathroom includes the presence of three-dimensional patterns on the walls, the use of mosaic or natural materials, and even the installation of large windows .

Designing a child's room

A child must enjoy his room, for this it will have to be properly equipped. It is also extremely important to create a safe interior, beauty and functionality are in the background. When finishing such a room, it is extremely important to observe the basic rules:

  1. The room design must be safe and not contain any sharp objects of decor.
  2. When making a design, it is permissible to use only environmentally friendly materials.
  3. The interior should be comfortable, simple and convenient.
  4. It will be necessary to take into account the lighting factor. For this, large windows should be installed in the room.

facade and interior, styles, materials, rooms

Interior of the nursery
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The exterior and interior design of the house is of paramount importance. There are a large number of different designs, so choose from what. The main thing is that all the elements of the interior are combined with each other and correspond to the chosen style.

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