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Today we will look at a shed roof system. Design features, functionality, simple installation and relative financial affordability give it significant competitive advantages. Which can still be enhanced by individual design and decoration. After reading the article and assessing the situation, it is quite possible to stop your own choice on the roof of this type.

device trussing system + photo report construction, video

Houses with a lean-to roof for the most part belong to modern construction

A lean-to roof - a common device

Of - due to external simplicity, shed roofs are often underestimated. Indeed, it has an extremely simple and unpretentious design. But straightforward shapes set a modest, yet elegant look to the whole building. This allows you to make bright accents and easily achieve individuality in the design of the facade.

However, often the potential is not used half. After all, it is good to plan such a roof under a dwelling - the entire area will be used as efficiently as possible. It turns out a spacious bright room - instead of a dull gables it is quite possible to install large panoramic windows. But they don’t put rafters on them, for this you need a more reliable support - if not the main walls, then at least a powerful framework. Therefore, the structural elements are the same as those of all roofs: the mauerlat, the rafters themselves, while doing so, the runways are not excluded, and the racks with struts provide extra strength. All simplicity is that the roof has only one ramp, which means - one plane for marking, alignment - in general for work.

device trussing system + photo report construction, video

Construction of a shed roof has its own characteristics that are important to consider

Truss system

The entire truss system of a single shed roof very simple and straightforward: straight rafters are based on opposite walls. The height of the walls is specially chosen to organize the angle of inclination in the range of 30-35 degrees. This is achieved by the normal spontaneous descent of snow, which is very desirable. After all, there is no division of the roof into two or more ramps and the whole structure is experiencing relatively high loads.

But on the contrary, the stability of wind loads is good - the roof itself is relatively low, and it is easy to resist it from the windward side.

device trussing system + photo report construction, video

The rafter system of a shed roof

The method of tilting the rafters is pre-designed or selected depending on the design features of the house:

  • External walls are erected immediately unequal height . With the apparent high cost, there are a lot of advantages: reliable walls that do not require additional insulation are assumed in advance, and the assembly of the truss system itself is greatly simplified - all basic measurements have been made and ideal conditions for the roof construction have been created. Moreover, its reliability is already due to such a solid approach.

device trussing system + photo report construction, video

The frame of a small house with a single-axle roof
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Of course, with a slight stretch, but the method is also relevant for frame construction. After all, the height of the main frame of external walls is also easily done by the necessary parameters.

  • If all exterior walls are the same, vertical posts of the desired height will be mounted on one of them. With seeming unreliability, the construction is no different from frame construction, it has the same advantages and disadvantages. Moreover, the shed roof on frame technology is a reasonable solution that does not require a relatively significant cost at the initial stage. At the same time creates a good start for the future.

  • But there is a more elegant way - where the so-called roof trusses are made immediately. And the strength of the truss system is due to the rigidity of the trusses. Within the allowable limits, their use allows to do without intermediate supports or to minimize their number. It is noteworthy that the truss trusses can be alternated with conventional rafters. That is, to increase the reliability of the roof, with the constructive itself harmoniously linked with the design of the room.

  • When the shed roof adjoins the main wall of the main building, the rafters can be fixed onto individual supports or a common horizontal girder. The other edge of the rafters is laid on the extension wall.

device trussing system + photo report construction, video

Adjoining a single shed roof to a wall

Important: although the slope for the slope is chosen individually, it is still "tied" to the type of roofing material :

  • Soft roofing materials can be lowered to 5-7 degrees.

  • The required minimum for profiled 8 deg.

  • The optimal slope for metal 30 degrees.

  • Slate also needs a slope of 20-30 degrees.

However, for regions with a large amount of winter precipitation, an inclination angle of 40-45 degrees is optimal, which is the limit - such a lean-to roof is rarely found. It is noteworthy that in any case, the general slope of the slope is maintained, which guarantees the descent of precipitation, and the strength is achieved in different ways.

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About strength

For a shed roof, the concept of the length of the slope is important. After all, in the construction of a rectangular shape themselves rafters can be placed along or across the building. Therefore, when choosing a direction, it is necessary to consider the possibility of constructing intermediate supports. A common practice is to restrict free spans without the support of a length of 4. 5 m. After all, even without collapsing, the rafter can bend elementary.

device trussing system + photo report construction, video

Assembly scheme of the roof system of a shed roof

In addition to the loss of attractiveness of the exterior, this may entail more serious problems: deformation, rupture of the roofing material and, as a result, it is difficult to eliminate leakage. Therefore, when the length of the rafter exceeds the norm, take measures to strengthen the structure:

  • The distance between opposite walls 4.5-6 m . requires the installation of struts with support on the ode or both walls. The run device is not excluded - it will allow reducing the number of braces. In this case, it will be possible to link them with the zoning of the future space.

  • Distance to 12 m . requires the installation of the girder, which is supported by vertical racks with a reliable log, floor, columns or capital wall inside the house. From racks or walls it is also recommended to install braces. The conditions are dictated by standard lumber length 6 m . - with such a length of span, the rafters will in any case be composite. Even if structurally it is possible to make strong stops, for security reasons a reliable intermediate support is necessary.

device trussing system + photo report construction, video

For reliability, additional supports are provided in the roof system

A further increase in the length of the rafters requires even more serious measures to strengthen the whole truss system. Although there is nothing difficult in this - you can install as many runs as you like on sturdy racks, leaning on the lezhny and stitching with struts. Let's understand step by step how the rafters for a shed roof are mounted.

In the video, an example of assembling a single shed ventilated roof for a frame house:

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Installation sequence

To ensure the safety margin, all structural features of the building are used. The possibility of relying on any of the bearing walls of a vertical stand or strut is considered in advance. Their number and location can be adjusted and linked to the future design, but without fanaticism - strength at the same time should not suffer. Installation usually does not cause difficulties:

  • For safety, beams of are mounted immediately, and temporary flooring is arranged on them.

device trussing system + photo report construction, video

Installation of floor beams on the house
  • mauerlat . Or arranging necessary for the slope of the roof frames.

  • extreme rafters and all associated elements are installed: racks, struts, if necessary, a “power frame” is created.

device trussing system + photo report construction, video

Assembling a single-sled skeleton for a private house
  • If the construction is framed and large gables are open, you must at least temporarily close them - take measures to reduce the windage of the roof.

device trussing system + photo report construction, video

To eliminate the windage, the gables are temporarily closed
  • Next, the prepared frame is laid intermediate rafters and additionally loosen as needed. This time for the final decision on the method of insulation - step rafters can be adjusted for a specific insulation.

device trussing system + photo report construction, video

Installation of intermediate rafters
  • Next, the roofing membrane , the counter lattice and the carrier obreshetka of the shed roof for concrete roofing material.

Special attention should be paid to the ventilation gap structure - the sloping of the lean-to roof is often small. Therefore, the gap should be sufficient for effective ventilation - it is useful to slightly increase it.

The roof installation is being completed. A device stitching, gutters can be combined with the exterior trim gables, so as not to arrange double decking in one place.

Examples of houses with single-pitch roofs in the video:

With the result

In such a simple, but effective and simple way to build the roof of any house, regardless of the material of its walls and design features.

device trussing system + photo report construction, video

A single-shed roof house is cheaper, but it looks modern
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However, a single-pitch roof in a frame house, where the budget is saved by default, is one of the rational solutions. And without extra costs, the project immediately lays down the functionality, and to bring everything to a logical end is a matter of time.

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