restoration, restoration, roof, windows, doors

Nowadays, residents of the capital are increasingly fleeing from smog and noise outside the city. And although the best option for this is the construction of your own cottage, there is a good alternative - the purchase and repair of an old wooden house in the Moscow region. Already in itself is an environmentally friendly housing, and a quality repair of a wooden house allows you to make it durable, comfortable and stylish. Although this is a costly and troublesome event, however, the repair of a home will be cheaper than buying it. Subsequently, the costs will be repaid with interest.

restoration, restoration, roof, windows, doors

A complete overhaul of the house will allow you to live in it for a long time

Preparing for repair

Any repair begins with preparation. It is necessary to assess the degree of deterioration of the house, the scale of work, time and costs. Conditionally, preparation for repair can be divided into several stages:

  • The house is freed from unnecessary items and garbage.

  • The wooden parts of the building are examined by specialists for the presence of decay. If there are even the slightest signs of rotting, you need to get rid of them. In some cases, even the replacement of whole logs is required. To do this, they are carefully removed from the design of the house. In their place are installed new logs. At the same time they are protected by roofing felt.

  • The cracks in the house are detected and repaired. If this is not done, they can cause decay. When sealing is recommended to use antiseptic.

  • The gender is being examined. Often in old houses found rotten floor. It must be dismantled.

  • A detailed work plan and estimate of are being compiled.

Repair steps

Repair of an old wooden house is carried out in several stages :

  • replacement or repair of the foundation ;

  • repair of the roof ;

  • replacement of communications ;

  • installation of new doors and windows ;

  • laying of the floor ;

  • finishing walls outside;

  • replacing plumbing fixtures ;

  • repair premises .

restoration, restoration, roof, windows, doors

Each stage must be thought out carefully so as not to make unnecessary costs and not to spoil what already exists

Reconstruction of the foundation

The type of reconstruction is chosen depending on how old the wooden house is. In the event that the base has worn out only in a few places, it seems possible to repair it without building a new foundation. The base may be worn to such an extent that it will be necessary to replace it. For residential buildings, three types of foundation are used:

  • concrete band ;

  • concrete plate monolithic ;

  • pile-screw .

A column base is not applicable for residential buildings.

On our website you can find contacts of construction companies that offer the foundation repair service. Directly to communicate with representatives, you can visit the exhibition of houses "Low-rise Country".

What can be done with a foundation should be determined by a specialist.

Most often, the process of replacing or repairing the foundation itself is as follows: the house box rises, the base is repaired or replaced, the building returns to its place.

The foundation should be strengthened, since the load on it will increase. Work nuances:

  • A brick or reinforced concrete foundation should be strengthened by means of anchor rods.

  • To strengthen the point foundation, you need to pour a special solution into the free space . Due to this, it will become monolithic. It will be more durable and reliable.

  • Another way to distribute the load on the foundation is reinforcement . To reduce the load on the base of the house in the basement, metal or reinforced concrete beams are mounted.

restoration, restoration, roof, windows, doors

Often reconstruction of a house begins with a foundation

Sometimes, in order to strengthen an old foundation, one is enough brick masonry. After repair of the base, its waterproofing is required.

Roof repair

A solid roof is the key to a warm home. Before starting work, it is necessary to determine the material with which the roof will be covered. His choice depends on the type of roof. It can be flat or pitched. Residential buildings are rarely covered with a flat roof, as the pitched type of the roof allows you to equip the attic. It is used as a utility room. In addition, the attic contributes to the ventilation of the house. If you plan to use the attic in the economic needs, it is better to make a broken or dvukhskatnuyu roof. If the house is one-story, it is preferable to build a high roof. It will give the house a solid look. In addition, the impressive height increases the operational properties of the roof. When precipitation moisture will not linger on the slope.

On our website you can find contacts of construction companies that offer the turnkey roof repair service. Directly to communicate with representatives, you can visit the exhibition of houses "Low-rise Country".

Stages of roof repair :

  1. Removing of the old covering and rafters

  2. Replacing rotten construction elements

  3. Processing wooden elements with insect repellent (if necessary)

  4. Installation of the new coating

restoration, restoration, roof, windows, doors

The replacement of the roof must be approached thoroughly

Attic space will not be wet if you perform heat and waterproofing of the roof. To do this, you must perform the following types of work :

  1. Between the rafters and the coating fit mineral wool or foam.

  2. Running cladding . For this fit lining.

  3. A double layer of expanded polystyrene is placed on the attic floor. It is important that its joints do not overlap each other.

  4. Claydite filling is poured. Its layer should be 200 mm.

A few tips to improve the performance of the roof:

  • When performing a roof replacement, you should install water drains . It should be noted that they should be located at a distance of 2-3 m from the foundation. Otherwise, rainwater will flood the base, which will negatively affect its condition.

  • If a bug or traces of its vital activity were found in the roof beam, then this part should be replaced . It is cut out, and a new log is installed in its place.

In some cases, it is necessary to replace the roof frame. All work on the repair of the roof are carried out in dry warm weather.

restoration, restoration, roof, windows, doors

The roof frame also needs to be updated.

Replacing Communications

Communications is an integral part of any home. When overhauling a wooden house, all communications need to be replaced:

  • Power network . Old wires are being dismantled. Instead, a new wiring is mounted. It is closed with special tubes or boxes.

  • Plumbing pipes . It is better to give preference to plastic constructions.

About arranging communications in a private wooden house in the video:

Windows and doors in a wooden house

Windows and doors in old houses require mandatory replacement. Distortions often occur. To avoid this, work on the replacement of windows and doors must be performed by professional craftsmen. To avoid skewing, before installing the doors it is necessary to dismantle the door frame and align the walls. Then the frame of the frame is reassembled and inserted into place. All gaps need to be treated with foam. The choice of doors remains with the owner of the house. As for windows, now plastic models are most often installed. They have high thermal insulation properties. They are durable and convenient to use. You can also install wooden windows. Their choice should be taken very responsibly. Poor processing of the frame reduces the operational life of windows.

restoration, restoration, roof, windows, doors

Updated windows completely change the look of the house
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Laying the floor

The flooring is laid on a concrete screed. To make it, you need to dismantle the logs, clean the site from debris and building materials. The screed is laid as follows:

  • sand or fine crushed stone is poured

  • an insulating film

  • is laid concrete layer

Then the screed is leveled. To dry the concrete takes about a month at a temperature of 20 degrees.

restoration, restoration, roof, windows, doors

Floor overlapping is also performed according to the rules

After the concrete has dried, you can proceed with the laying of the flooring. You can use laminate. It fits on a special substrate. There is a gap of about 1 cm near the walls. There will be a plinth.

If you plan to lay the board, there is no need for a screed. Boards nailed to the logs. After laying on them you need to go grinding machine. To prevent moisture, under the logs you need to pour a layer of expanded clay. This is done if the lags are located on the ground.

Exterior finish

Begin exterior trim with rims. This is the most vulnerable spot. If the crowns are rotten, then to replace them you need to raise the house above the foundation.

Walls should be inspected for rotted logs. All of them are replaced by new ones. Minor damage can be repaired without replacing the logs. Problem areas are cleaned, treated with an antiseptic and sealed with a sealant.

To make the house look aesthetic, it can be lined with siding or brick. The siding is mounted as follows:

  • Brackets

  • are mounted on the walls. Vertical beams

  • In space are mounted mineral wool and insulating film

  • are laid between the beams; the crate is sheathed with

restoration, restoration, roof, windows, doors

siding On the outside the house can be insulated and sheathed with

siding. The second option for exterior decoration is to overlay the house with bricks. He will become more respectable. In addition, the brick increases the insulating performance. Works are carried out in several stages :

  • The structure is covered by antifungal means. Processing is carried out twice. There is a 24-hour interval between works.

  • For brickwork, you need a real miniature foundation . Its width is 25-30 cm. The blind area will not work. It is not designed for such loads.

  • The foundation for the brick is insulated roofing material.

  • Before the lining of the building it is necessary to insulate . Sheet material is used for this. Valid with expanded clay. Do not use ruberoid. It is best to put the material in two rows. Then the second layer will cover the joints of the first.

  • The base fits.

  • The brick laying is being carried out.

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Interior decoration

Interior decoration of a wooden house involves repairing old walls. Immediately before work, they must be cleaned of debris and nails. Then attaches a crate of thin boards. To create a flat surface, cutting of separate parts of a log is permissible. Fiberboard sheets are laid on the sheathing. Clearances need to be puttied thoroughly.

restoration, restoration, roof, windows, doors

If there are no special damages to the internal walls, it is enough to paint them with paint or varnish them

After the putty has dried, grind the joints. Further, the premises are repaired at the request of the customer. Walls can be painted, pasted over with wall-papers or covered with decorative plaster. These materials, unlike wood, do not require regular special processing.

If desired, the walls can be left wooden. It should be borne in mind that in this case they will have to constantly handle special means. Old walls can be upgraded as follows:

  • Old finishes are removed from the walls

  • The surface is sandpaper

  • The walls are opened with yacht varnish

In order to return the walls to a good appearance, they can be sheathed with plasterboard. You can also use MDF, plastic lining or self-adhesive.

Repair in the house begins with non-residential premises: bathroom, bathroom and kitchen. Humidity is increased in these rooms, and therefore it is preferable to tile the floor. This material is resistant to moisture and temperature changes characteristic of these areas. In the kitchen and bathroom, you can mount the system "warm floor".

restoration, restoration, roof, windows, doors

Kitchen and other water-related rooms require immediate attention

In the bathroom, walls can be tiled or sheathed with plastic panels. In the bathroom it is permissible to paste the upper parts of the walls with wallpaper.

The kitchen can be pasted over with wallpaper or painted. The tile in this room is used to decorate the apron - part of the wall between the wall cabinets and sideboards. As a rule, there is a stove, from which fat and water fall onto the wall. The tile is resistant to moisture, grease and temperature changes. It is easy to clean.

Non-residential rooms often have suspended ceilings. Large selection of colors and ornaments allows you to realize the most ambitious interior designs.

Plumbing is installed before repair.

As for repairs in other rooms, the choice of options remains with the customer. You can show imagination and arrange the rooms to your liking. When choosing an interior style and color scheme, you need to consider the size of the premises and the direction of the world. For wooden houses are ideal design directions such as the Russian style and Provence.

About the features of repairing a wooden house and ways to save in this video:

On our site you can find contacts of construction companies that offer renovation services and rebuilding houses turnkey. Directly to communicate with representatives, you can visit the exhibition of houses "Low-rise Country".


Restoration of an old wooden house is quite feasible. The scale of the repair depends on the condition of the building. After completing all the above works, you will have at your disposal a beautiful and comfortable housing.


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