The use of stone in the interior decoration

Dreaming of a new home for a family, we imagine how it will look from the inside. Everyone who plans the interior, thinks not only about lighting, furniture, accessories, but also about the decoration of the walls. How to make repairs once and for many years? How to focus or fill in the empty space. For those who ask these questions, we suggest paying attention to the design material that accompanies the house of a person - it is terrible to imagine - for millennia. This is a stone.

The size and layout of most apartments make it almost impossible to use natural stone in the interior due to its weight and the ability to narrow the space. But the two-three-storey house provides a variety of options. How and where to fit it perfectly and why it will never go out of fashion - read below.

The use of stone in the interior decoration

Falshkamin, accented with stone tiles. The Versailles project from the company DomArt

Natural or man-made

If you ask what is better: natural stone or artificial, many will answer: natural, but they will be wrong. Moreover, to compare these materials in one line is not worth it, since they have completely different advantages and disadvantages.

Natural stone is associated with medieval fortresses or mountain caves, and many people want to bring this solidity and reliability to the house. It can be done! It is only necessary to take into account the laboriousness of working with natural material, the weight and cost of the stone.

Granite and marble make luxurious floors and countertops. Also, these materials are ideal for decorating baths and sinks. But to lay out the walls with marble is more likely not possible due to the large weight of stone elements.

The use of stone in the interior decoration

Finishing with marble can only be sustained by a capital staircase with a reinforced concrete base

Limestone, sandstone, onyx and slate can not only lay out the walls. The installed stone panels, fully or partially lined fireplaces and stoves, bar counters, podiums and niches look great.

The disadvantages of natural breeds include the cost and limited choice of textures and colors. Artificial stone is cheaper, lighter and exists in the market in an endless variety of shapes and shades. Accordingly, it is applied in a different manner.

It is impossible to make a decorative floor from an artificial stone - scratches and chips will appear on it immediately. But with such tiles you can lay out the wall entirely without the risk of destroying half the house.

Designer's Magic Wand

Using a stone in the decor makes it very difficult to spoil the interior. Only if you do not stone all four walls and the ceiling of the room, turning the room into a gloomy grotto. In all other cases and in any interior style there is a place for a stone.

Stone (natural or artificial) fits well into high-tech, minimalism, grunge, Provence or even antiquity. At the same time, the variety of colors and textures will allow you to create a truly unique interior.

A brick also helps to highlight accents and creates a feeling of simplicity or deliberate negligence. It is often used for the decoration of rooms in a simple style, where there is no elaborate furniture and a pile of elements.

The use of stone in the interior decoration

Brick is a versatile material that, if desired, can be entered into any interior

Not only solid masonry tiles look good, but and randomly scattered individual elements. You can fantasize over the use of stone and brick endlessly!

Moreover, there is a traditional building technology that involves a combination of stone, wood and glass - an Austrian chalet. This project is presented at our exhibition, and visitors can appreciate the facade and interior layout with design.

The use of stone in the interior decoration

Accent wall decorated with bricks. "Chalet Tyrollerhof" from the company Das Haus

A welcome guest in the interior

Decorative stone is not just a beautiful alternative to wallpaper or plaster. The advantages of its use in the interior sometimes open many years after the repair, but most of the advantages are immediately obvious. The already mentioned property of the visual narrowing of the space helps to draw the attention-grasping accent walls and emphasize niches. Laconic, not overloaded with furniture rooms will not seem empty with stone decoration.

Private houses with fireplaces or stoves lined with stone tiles remain heated longer because of the property of the stone to slowly release heat.

The use of stone in the interior decoration

Stone lined fireplace - timeless classics that are appropriate in most interior solutions

With decorative stone in the interior, you can save not only on heating It is much harder to damage or stain, so frequent cosmetic repairs will no longer be required. Parents of restless young artists and artists, as well as pet owners with character, will be very happy about this.To update the interior, decorated with stone, enough to change the lighting, and the texture will open on the other side. Generally, artificial stone is a polymorphic material that adapts to different design options.

A few more ideas of using stone in the interior can be seen in the video:

The classic is always to the face 1> Despite the abundance of modern finishing materials, natural and artificial stone is still widely used in interior design: an entrance hall, kitchen, living room, dining room - you can choose a beautiful solution for each room.

Anyone who plans interior design should definitely take note of a stone that is not out of fashion.

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