Garden Swing Mattresses - buy in Moscow at a bargain price

Garden swings are no longer a luxury item. For many gardeners, a similar attribute of outdoor furniture has become a good substitute for a sofa. To make the pastime on the swing even more enjoyable will help correctly chosen mattress for the garden swing. In this article you will learn about the basic requirements for mattresses, find out what material serves as their filler, and from which fabric the cover should be sewn.

Garden Swing Mattresses - buy in Moscow at a bargain price

A good swing mattress will allow you to fully enjoy the rest on the swing

Characteristics of the mattress for outdoor swing

Main advantages garden swing - reliability and durability in use, which is impossible to say about the mattress designed for sitting. It easily absorbs any dirt, often gathers dust and, as a result, wears quickly. This kind of disadvantages are fully justified by the fact that the mattress has to stay outdoors for a whole day. Is it possible to make his century longer? You can, if you purchase this product, follow some of the following tips.

So, an ideal product of this kind should:

  • have resistance to solar radiation;

  • durable dirt-resistant and waterproof fabric;

  • to maximize comfortable pastime;

  • prevent the occurrence of pathogenic flora;

  • have removable covers that do not require complex care;

  • maintain their qualities over several seasons.

A modern garden swing mattress designed for outdoor furnishings meets all of the above requirements. The design of the product chosen by us includes a cover and a filler. It is on the quality of these materials will depend directly on the operational life of the purchased goods.

Garden Swing Mattresses - buy in Moscow at a bargain price

When buying a mattress, pay attention to the material for the cover and the filler
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Materials for the cover

The outdoor mattress, unlike the indoor mattress, is subject to a variety of influences from the outside. Dust, dirt, frequent rains, spilled drinks - this is not a complete list of phenomena that can significantly reduce the age of the product. Therefore, buying this product pay attention to products with removable covers. They can be easily removed and cleaned at home.

The most popular materials for covers are the following fabrics:

  • Dense cotton fabric, which has a water-repellent effect.

  • Oxford fabric used for outdoor items.

  • Special blended fabrics with synthetic fibers. Thanks to the latest product dries faster and less dirty.

The mattress cover can also be sewn of another, not less reliable fabric. The main thing is that the material was dense, resistant to UV light and yielded to home care. For a longer service life, the owner also needs to adhere to certain precautionary measures, which primarily concern his timely washing and drying. Also, do not use the product in cold and rainy seasons. When washing the cover, you must use cleaning products and detergents strictly in accordance with the recommendations on the packaging of the product.

Garden Swing Mattresses - buy in Moscow at a bargain price

In order for bright colors not to lose their color, you need to follow the recommendations for cleaning products
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Mattress Fillers

The most popular "stuffing" of outdoor mattress for a swing are:

  • Good old foam rubber , none of which have been verified generation and being the most profitable in price;

  • Holofiber is a very pleasant to the touch material. For people who are prone to allergies, this hypoallergenic vehicle is the most suitable option;

  • Latex is the youngest of the materials presented here. But despite this, he has already gained confidence from the buyer due to his excellent characteristics, the main of which is, of course, durability;

  • Polyurethane is the most weightless material . It is easy to carry and dry.

Cost of the product

The price at which you can buy a mattress on a garden swing in Moscow depends on several factors: the manufacturer, material, size of the product, and in some cases even from the uniqueness of appearance.You can buy a mattress after inspection of goods in specialized stores, or simply by placing an order via the Internet. The most affordable prices at which you can buy a mattress for a garden swing are for products measuring 178 * 55 cm. A mattress for garden swing 180 * 60 costs already $ 85, and a product measuring 58 * 175 cm is $ 70.

Garden Swing Mattresses - buy in Moscow at a bargain price

Size, shape and materials used affect the cost of mattresses

As for manufacturing companies, the following companies can be distinguished from them :

  • Deli Dralon is an Italian company represented by a rather wide range of high-quality goods.

  • Hollywood is a Chinese manufacturer also supplying good-quality textiles to Russia.

  • Umbrella is a domestic firm whose quality of goods is not inferior to products of an imported manufacturer.

What else needs to be considered for the garden swing to become comfortable, the video will show:

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Thanks to garden furniture, meetings with friends will become more frequent and enjoyable. A swing mattress will help you to relax and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of a leisurely suburban life. The product made of high-quality and high-strength materials can make outdoor furniture even more convenient and comfortable to use.

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