How to choose a country house for permanent residence: properly prioritize

Catherine II, for security, spent the night in different bedrooms every night.

In addition, it seemed to her that constant renovations in the palace chambers and a change in planning could save her from the “consequences” of a possible palace coup.

But as the dashing Potemkin said in his time, “All her efforts would be useful if it were not for an army of sophisticated lovers.”

On this basis, we can safely say that eternal repair is evil.

How to choose a country house for permanent residence: properly prioritize

The dwelling reflects the essence of its owner, in which it is comfortable and safe to live. Therefore, choosing a home for permanent residence should be approached responsibly and with predilection

How to choose a house without construction experience?

First of all, you need to calculate the useful area of ​​the house: this includes not only a bedroom, kitchen, living room, but, for example, a dressing room, pantry / laundry room, guest bathroom.

Decide on the functionality and availability of communications, but do not forget that the exit point of cold water should be carried out on the street. In an emergency, you can put out the fire, and on regular days - water the lawn or wash the car.

How to choose a country house for permanent residence: properly prioritize

Living in a country house is an advantage, most importantly, the presence of all communications, necessary functionality and fire safety
Recommendations from professionals! As practice has shown, not everyone thinks about fire safety. In most cases, the installation of the alarm system is simply ignored. Keep in mind that if at the time of an unforeseen situation, you do not have special equipment installed in your home, the insurance company has the right not to pay monetary compensation.

Consider the most popular points to pay attention to when choosing a home for permanent residence:

  1. Location of the plot .

  2. Communication and autonomy from the network .

  3. Neighbors .

  4. Availability of infrastructure within walking distance : shop, bus stop, school and so on.

  5. House area and exterior .

Of course, all of this is individual in nature, however, having minimal services will greatly simplify your life and, perhaps in a critical situation, will give a gain in time.

How to choose a country house for permanent residence: properly prioritize

The modern architecture of a country high-tech wooden house has not only an unusual beautiful appearance, but in combination with good neighbors and infrastructure, it allows you to live in harmony without a headache
On our site you can familiarize yourself with the most popular house projects from construction companies represented at the exhibition “Low-Rise Country”.

What problems can a buyer face?

Despite the fact that women have a well-developed sense of taste and style, it’s still not worth taking them for the initial inspection of the house: it will be difficult to explain why You do not want to take this wonderful pink house with lambrequins.

In order to live comfortably in a country house, it is necessary to consider the following points:

  • Foundation . This foundation gives a complete picture of the integrity and responsibility of the host. The option with a columnar, is only suitable for a summer kitchen or terrace - as practice has shown, the pile foundation is not rational for regions with large temperature differences.

How to choose a country house for permanent residence: properly prioritize

The foundation is the foundation, platform of a country house, the base and the primary element
An example of an unsuccessful decision! Concrete piping of the columnar foundation along the perimeter will not give the proper result and will not solve the problem: the concrete must grab with the whole mass at once. In consequence, different textures of the mixtures will start to conflict with each other, which will lead to the destruction of the structure.
  • Quality of wall installation, roof installation, interior decoration . This item should be considered together, since everything is interconnected. Ask for a photo report during the construction process to know which “sandwich” is, for example, under wallpaper.

Tip! If you are the owner of valuable information that can change the world - then take care of the availability of an emergency exit from the front side of the house. If the wife asks "why?" - answer her that this door is in a parallel universe, where she works as a conductor.

How to choose a country house for permanent residence: properly prioritize

The painstaking, thorough study and analysis of the quality of the walls, roof, interior decoration before purchase will avoid problems in the future and save money
  • Heating . Strangely enough, but it is the heating that affects the humidity / dryness of the room, so your main task is to make sure that the boiler is able to provide heat to the whole house square. To do this, request documentation and read the characteristics of the heating element.Properly selected heating system creates a feeling of coziness and comfort in the house, reduces the risks of morbidity and the appearance of dampness. Be sure to check that the hot pipes pass through the basement, as this gives you confidence that the house will heat up around the entire circuit.

Important point! If the house has a warm self-leveling floor covered with screed, this does not mean that it is in working condition. Fluid-filled pipes may burst or become depressurized due to strong physical pressure. Make sure the system is working and "ring" the contacts using a special indicator in the form of a pencil, which is usually used by electricians.
  • Communications . Ideal if all pipes are made of high quality plastic. Even an amateur can easily replace faulty fragments, and repair of a broken pipe will take about an hour. Inspect the entire water supply system, paying special attention to the water filtration system. It should be easily accessible for periodic maintenance, cartridge replacement or emergency shutdown.

Analyze what you would change in a potential house and how much it would cost to remake "for yourself." It may be more profitable to purchase a country house a little more expensive, but ideally suitable in all respects.

How to choose a country house for permanent residence: properly prioritize

To remake a house for yourself - does it make sense? On the other hand, you can search for a ready-made house that is suitable in all respects for years
On our site you can find contacts of construction companies that offer the service of selling ready-made houses. Directly to communicate with representatives, you can visit the exhibition of houses "Low-rise Country".

Different trifles that can affect the life in the country

  • Presence of a fence . If the house is in the village, then the high fence is one of the most important attributes. Having seen foreign TV shows, most of the suburban residents began to install decorative fences that do not have any functional load. If you do not want to become public and the protagonist of the provincial series, called "Life", then include in the price of real estate and the cost of the fence.

  • How to choose a country house for permanent residence: properly prioritize

    There should be a fence in a country house, the question is which one. ..
    • Garbage collection and snow cleaning . It is possible that these events you will have to solve alone. And if the garbage can still be taken to designated places, then here's a war with snowdrifts, without special equipment, can not win.

    Which house is better: brick, wooden, from foam blocks or "Three pigs with a modern twist". See the following video for the advantages and disadvantages of each material:

    This can be interesting! In the article on the following link read about the individual project of a residential house - the main aspects of the design of suburban real estate.


    If you are an introvert, talk to your neighbors and immediately find out the situation: perhaps there is a flock of purebred dogs in front of your house. Although, each medal has a downside: you will have your own conscientious "security service" operating on biofuel at your side.

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