Why buy a Finnish BBQ grill

The article will discuss what is the best way to buy a Finnish barbecue grill, what types of equipment exist, where it is best to allocate a place for summer kitchen, how to organize the best conditions for tasting dishes cooked on an open fire. Photos and videos will present a full review of a wide range of products from Finnish manufacturers.

Why buy a Finnish BBQ grill

Finnish equipment in the area

Tired of the bustle of the city, many of us tend to go out of town and enjoy the outdoors. It is only at first glance, such a trip may seem boring. In fact, if you think over the rest in advance, you can fully enjoy the fresh air, take a walk in the woods, arrange a hunt or fishing, and then make sure to light a fire and cook food on it.

The smell of light haze stimulates the formation of increased salivation in humans, it awakens appetite and produces a natural need for tasty healthy food. Anyone who has a Finnish barbecue at the dacha can easily cook everyone’s favorite kebab and fry steak, steak, steamed vegetables and smoked fish. Our northern neighbor has succeeded in the design and manufacture of multifunctional plants. Today they are the personification of high quality at an affordable price.

If Finland produces grills, this is a guarantee of reliability and durability. On sale there is a huge number of varieties of a variety of devices, lightweight portable models and fixed installations - quite heavy devices on which you can cook anything and even bake homemade bread. They will be able to meet the needs of all, without exception: self-taught home cooks, professional sushafs and people with extensive experience in picnics and trips.

Why buy a Finnish BBQ grill

Outdoor Finnish grills in the summer kitchen

The range of the range includes outdoor grills, Finnish barbecue complexes, installed in the gazebos, performing additional features fireplaces, powerful devices designed for cafes and restaurants. Consumers have already been able to verify the reliability of such equipment, so the demand for it is constantly growing. Conventionally, all products can be divided into several groups.

There are models that resemble an octahedral table. The tabletop itself is made of birch or oak. Wood is treated with special impregnations, which allow to increase the product life and ensure fire safety. Accidentally caught ember will not be able to burn a tabletop, it will not light up, it will accidentally lick the flames. In the center of the table is the hearth, made of food steel.

Why buy a Finnish BBQ grill

Finnish barbecue grill with octagonal table

Country-style grill models with hexagonal walls. They are made of heat-resistant steel, the grate is made of cast iron. There is necessarily a module designed for cooking kebabs, when removing it, you can put a cauldron, skillet or skewer on the firebox. The flame is closed by a special screen.

Stationary models - full kitchens, made entirely of stainless steel. Often such equipment is used in cafes and restaurants.

Mobile models - a barbecue grill that looks like a fireplace with a stove, with a hinged lid, on wheels. Such an embodiment is best suited for installing equipment on outdoor summer terraces.

Embedded models are equipment that is built into brick-built kilns.

Why buy a Finnish BBQ grill

Built-in Finnish grills

Each type has its own equipment, its own standard set of tools that significantly simplify and facilitate the process of cooking products on open fire.

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Finnish house grill

Finnish barbecue dishes are most often purchased for installation in a house styled as Lapland plague. It has a traditional octagonal shape, an area equal to six square meters and a three-meter height. These dimensions allow you to install multi-functional equipment in the center and accommodate ten people in comfort. It can be simultaneously heated with wood or coal.

The center itself is made of high-quality Finnish steel coated with a special heat-resistant coating. It withstands heating up to 650 degrees. The diameter of the focus may be different, but basically it is 80 cm. The height of the working surface is about the same. The manufacturer of all of its equipment gives a guarantee of 36 months, he assures that the equipment is reliably protected from rust corrosion for 10 years.

The standard package includes a smoke dome or a chimney, swivel grill racks, cauldron stands, contact grill, grates, fish boards, barbecue modules, mounted benches, cast iron pans, ashpit, poker, grate and wooden kit pens.

Why buy a Finnish BBQ grill

Finnish barbecue grill inside the Finnish house

A set of stainless steel pipes, a cauldron, windscreen, a frying pan can be offered as additional equipment grill, cedar boards, smokehouse, steel decking and a grill cover.

A drawing instruction is attached to the design, which makes it easy to assemble equipment at home and try to operate it. At the first ignition and contact of the surface of the hearth with an open flame of fire, a smell like a burning smell may appear and soot stand out. This is because even at the factory all parts for additional protection are covered with a special lubricant. It will not be possible to wash it off by yourself, so when you first light up the brazier you need to give an hour, the other to work idly. Then ventilate the room and start cooking. The windows and vents in this case is open.

You need to install a barbecue grill on the floor covered with non-combustible material (natural stone or tile). If the furnace is heated with wood, for this purpose, the manufacturer recommends using wood that does not produce sparks when burning. It may be birch or alder. You can lay logs, the length of which does not exceed 25 cm. It is not necessary to use highly inflammable liquids for igniting the fire. After cooling the hearth, it is desirable to immediately remove the ash and not leave it for later.

Why buy a Finnish BBQ grill

Barbecue grill on the concrete floor
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If the grill is installed inside the house, it is important to take care of its reliable fastening. Otherwise, one careless movement will cause hot equipment to fall, people will be injured and burned. It is not necessary to kindle a very strong fire, the permissible height of the flame is two thirds of the height of the racks on which the grill dome rests.

If the described equipment is installed inside an arbor, the construction of which ball is described just above, it can act as a heating stove. There are products in the product line whose firebox is made of concrete. Such a model can be used both in summer and in winter, in the cold season it will be pleasant to sit around her, warm up and eat delicious dishes.

According to long-standing traditions, houses for the installation of a Finnish barbecue grill are built from a profiled bar. From the inside they can be additionally insulated with mineral plates and sheathed with clapboard. To install the furnace, a foundation is necessarily built, the roof is well insulated, waterproofed and covered with any modern roofing material. Large windows make the small house look light and airy. They allow people inside to enjoy nature. In summer, the windows open wide.

Why buy a Finnish BBQ grill

Finnish barbecue cottage at the cottage
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Similar structures are sometimes placed on the foundation, sometimes erected directly on the ground. Then the platform was originally constructed, it is covered with paving slabs or natural stone. And only then on the basis of the wall going. There are also simplified summer kitchens, they have no walls, no windows, no doors, but just a canopy with a platform. Everyone can choose for themselves all that he wants.

When choosing a design, you should be guided by personal wishes and material capabilities. The construction of stationary houses is justified when the family spends a lot of time at the cottage in the winter season, when large companies often gather, consisting of lovers of dishes cooked over an open fire.

The equipment of the interior of a Finnish house with barbecue consists of a traditional set. Around all the perimeter is going to one large sofa or bench. A large number of pillows scatter, warm blankets spread out. In this room you can arrange a holiday at any time of the year. The complete set of the Finnish grill-barbecue will allow to cook at the same time at once several dishes at the same time. You can chat, play games, sing karaoke while cooking. This type of holiday will appeal to all, without exception, so it makes sense to get more closely acquainted with the products of Finnish manufacturers and purchase a multifunctional grill.

The video tells how the Finnish barbecue grill is going and how it works

You can buy it in a specialized store.Official dealers sell products in retail and via the Internet. Using the services of managers, it is easy to choose the most suitable model and save your own savings.

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Generalization on the topic

A Finnish barbecue grill is a good option for the dacha if people who like to cook on an open fire and feed large companies live in it. To make the dishes tasty, and the equipment itself worked long and well, you must strictly follow the rules of operation and buy equipment from authorized dealers.


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