Facade lighting of a country house, lighting the facade outside, photo ideas

Professionally designed front lighting for the house is a multifunctional element of light design with a number of aesthetic and operational advantages. With it, you can favorably emphasize architectural forms, focus on curious details. With the right approach, it is easy to get a practical and economical system that enhances both the beauty of the house and the convenience of moving around the local area.

Facade lighting of a country house, lighting the facade outside, photo ideas

Soft light favorably emphasizes the volume texture of the brick, allows you to focus on the rigor of the lines and practicality of the project

Functions of facade lighting

When ordering such projects in profile companies, the owners of country houses entrust the specialists with the implementation of the following elements:

  • technical . In this case, the lamps should highlight the most frequently used areas - paths, gates, doors and window openings, gates;

  • accompanying . Lights are activated only when driving in the service area. Their main function is to create a safe environment;

  • decorative . They emphasize the style of the facade, focus on the objects of landscape design.

Facade lighting of a country house, lighting the facade outside, photo ideas

Spotlights placed along the contour is the easiest way to design the house and the surrounding area

Correct placement of devices increases the comfort of living in the house, thoughtful lighting of the facade of a country house is the epitome of the excellent taste of the owners.

Peculiarities of lighting the facade of a private house

When designing a system with a set of equipment, not only the size of the house and the surrounding area, but also the functional prerequisites, available installation methods, priority lamp types are taken into account. Devices used for facade lighting of country houses should be sealed, safe, resistant to mechanical stress.

The white luminescence emitted by halogen lamps does not violate the natural perception of colors, it is pleasing to the eye and allows you to clearly see the surrounding objects. Typically, such lighting elements become components of floodlight systems.

Facade lighting of a country house, lighting the facade outside, photo ideas

Here the emphasis is on brightness - the lamps create intense illumination, thanks to which the landscape design is viewed as clearly as in the daytime conditions
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Metal halide lamps produce very bright beams, so they are ideal for a designer's addition to the facade. The devices have a rich color range, in addition to exterior lighting, they are used for deep decoration of water bodies and crown lighting.

Luminescent products are quite economical in terms of energy consumption; miniature samples lack such disadvantages as blinking and flicker for large lamps. Compact devices are convenient in terms of uniform light distribution.

Experts in the design of lighting at home outside usually rely on LED lamps - they are ideally suited for use in open landscape design. They have small dimensions and optimal indicators of light transmission, economical use of electricity. In drawing up the facade lighting system, the fact that LEDs do not emit rays in the ultraviolet and infrared spectra is of great importance. A large operational resource and interchangeability make such lamps favorites in the field of facade decor.

Facade lighting of a country house, lighting the facade outside, photo ideas

The colored illumination looks beautiful on the facades of buildings with non-standard architecture. In this case, multi-colored lamps smooth the utility of outlines

The safest devices enclosed in aluminum cases, there are budget alternatives - polycarbonate, acrylic. To beat the bumps on the facade, it is advisable to use a multi-colored fill. A transformer must be present in the system.

Types of exterior light additions

Accent lighting of the facade of the house is a convenient method of fragmentary selection. Local lighting usually draws attention to the authentic architectural elements - stucco, statues, family coat of arms, niches, columns. If desired, you can embed color variations.

Circuit modifications are based on cords and tubes with LEDs, they are decorated with large houses. The technology allows you to emphasize the facade design as a whole or is used to highlight functional components - roofs, columns, stair railing, bay windows, balustrades, fences of balconies.

Hidden lighting is appropriate for decorating protruding zones.In particular, this technology is used to design the bottom of the balcony slabs, cornices. With its help they achieve greater expressiveness of the outlines of the house, detail the features of the design of the facade, the texture of the exterior cladding used. The hidden technique gives the mansion a soft glow, this effect is achieved through the use of neon and LED strips.

Facade lighting of a country house, lighting the facade outside, photo ideas

A typical example of the hidden illumination of the under-roof space
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Floodlight is one of the basic techniques intended for the presentation of the overall architectural appearance of a country house. It is most beneficial from an aesthetic point of view for mansions made of stone or concrete slabs. Dot equipment is located on the ground, in the elements of the roof and the roofs of neighboring buildings.

When designing a floodlight, it is necessary to take into account the construction of the house - it is undesirable that the windows get into the active zone, in this case at night it may be too light in the bedrooms. In addition, set the directional lighting, allowing places to highlight the "highlights" of the building. Compared with the floodlights, directional lights should be clearly smaller in size and power, they are mounted around the perimeter of the building.

Dynamic architectural lighting is a new trend in the industry in question, it is based on the play of light and shadow, a combination of palette, depth and brightness of radiation.

Video-example of dynamic architectural lighting of the facade:

How to make lighting of the facade of a house: the rules for placing equipment

The simplest solution - the introduction of floodlights, which will fill the structure with light around the perimeter. But experts emphasize that the results of the point placement of devices look much better.

For walls it is worth picking down-light fixtures - they can change the angle of illumination. To draw attention to sophisticated architectural delights, professionals use neon and LED spotlights. The porch and blind areas are detailed using devices with reflectors capable of uniformly illuminating the selected area. To make the building look attractive and in the daytime, you need to be careful with the lamps on the long brackets - without a night entourage, they look inappropriate.

Facade lighting of a country house should be not only convenient to use, but also expedient from the point of view of energy costs. If the task of saving electricity takes place, the key accumulation of lamps should be observed at the entrances to the dwelling (if there are several of them), local devices are used to design secondary areas that have only an aesthetic load.

Video about the successful Christmas illumination of a private estate:

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Harmonious solutions for landscape design

Exterior illumination and illumination of the surrounding area will look holistic if adhere to several rules:

  • year-round facade lighting for a country house should be based on equipment capable of operating under severe weather conditions and significant temperature differences;

  • design of the site should be based on the light balance so that, in addition to the houses and paths, you can see small architectural forms, plantings, in

  • the starting point and the brightest element in the composition should always be the cottage;

  • in order to walk in the dark to be psychologically comfortable, design stage should take care of the full coverage of the boundaries of possession.

Illumination of the facade of a country house and the adjacent area can be performed using solar-powered equipment. Mobile solutions are implemented in a variety of designs, their batteries during the day accumulate solar energy, then with the onset of dark LEDs are automatically activated. Depending on the battery capacity, such devices are able to operate continuously all night or turn on when a person approaches.

Facade lighting of a country house, lighting the facade outside, photo ideas

A harmonious combination of deep illumination of water bodies and soft-emitting lamps embedded with a tile

Tracks, recreation areas, outbuildings are often decorated with using marking light. It fills the space with a soft light, illustrates the direction of movement. Glowing stones involved in the design along with paving stones and paving tiles, thanks to the built-in LEDs gently delineate comfortable walking boundaries.

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When calculating the number and selection of the appearance of lighting fixtures, the specialists are guided by the existing landscape design: the more clearly and more complex the house adjoining territory is, the simpler and more concise the lamps should be. Therefore, when designing illumination, professional approach is always in priority: only experienced masters will be able to find the best equipment and correctly implement it.


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