Rooflights for flat roof

Many home projects assume a loft or horizontal roof. Anti-aircraft lights - one of the practical and functional solutions for these projects. Previously it was believed that their installation is advisable only in large offices and other facilities of the metropolis. Specialists of VELUX, a leading global manufacturer of roof windows and accessories, tell in the article about the possibilities of using this design in private housing construction.

Where are zenith lamps used?

Rooflights for flat roof

In the premises for which the principles of energy saving, good ventilation and additional natural lighting are important, they are indispensable. Rooflights are installed in shopping centers, municipal facilities, offices and private homes. Installed on the roof, they help to maintain the temperature, serve as additional sources of light and smoke removal points in case of fire.

What are the features of zenith lamps?

1. Transparency. A durable glass pack, protected by an acrylic dome, allows light to pass through.

2. Heat saving. The design of the zenith lamp has a high coefficient of heat resistance (1.4 m² ° C / W), which is achieved by filling the glass unit with an inert gas and using polystyrene foam filler for frames. For comparison, the standard value of thermal resistance for residential premises is 0.75 m² ° C / W, which means that using antiaircraft lamps through glass constructions, half the heat is lost.

3. Noise Isolation. Effectively silences street sounds (absorbs up to 36 dB). The noise pollution rate for a dwelling is 40 dB, and street noise with heavy traffic is 65-70 dB. Thus, the insulation of an anti-aircraft lantern completely muffles the sounds of the street, unlike ordinary double-glazed windows, which absorb only 25 dB.

4. Reliability and safety. The manufacturer guarantees 5 years of flawless operation. The outer glass is tempered, the inner glass, made by technology "triplex", does not break into fragments if damaged.

Rooflights for flat roof

5. Protection from the sun and overheating. The technology "triplex", which is used in the manufacture of glass, protects against noise, keeps fragments of glass in the glass when damaged, protects furniture and interior from burning out. Additionally, internal and external accessories can be installed to protect from the sun and overheating (curtains and awnings).

The VELUX product range includes various versions of anti-aircraft lights:

  • Deaf anti-aircraft lights;
  • Anti-aircraft smoke lights;
  • Anti-aircraft lights with ventilation manual or remote control;
  • Rooflights for access to the roof.

Deaf zenith lamps

Rooflights for flat roof

Used as an additional sealed source light in homes with a flat roof. Ventilation in deaf antiaircraft lamps is not provided. In them, as well as in all products, technology "triplex" is used. Of the nine sizes proposed, it is easy to choose the appropriate option depending on the type of room.

Through the deaf anti-aircraft lights absolutely no audible noise of rain, street noise, birds. They are easy to operate, do not lose their appearance with time and require minimal maintenance.

A zenith lamp is filled with polystyrene around the perimeter, which means that heat loss and the appearance of cold bridges are excluded. Installation does not take much time if it is performed by a professional.

Zenith lights with opening

Rooflights for flat roof

Ventilated version of the anti-aircraft lantern. In addition to additional lighting, the design provides room ventilation. Manual and remote control helps to maintain air circulation without letting it stagnate. Just like deaf zenith lamps, the opening designs are made using triplex glass packs - they are much more reliable than ordinary glass packs.

Rooflights for access to the roof

The exit to the roof opens manually at an angle of up to 60 degrees and allows you to go to the roof. The ideal decision for houses with the operated roof. Attractive appearance, UV protection, glass "triplex" - the main characteristics of these rooflights. There are three sizes to choose from.

Antiaircraft lights with smoke removal function

Functional version providing additional ventilation and smoke removal in emergency situations. One of the effective and inexpensive ways to improve the fire safety of a building, facilitating the evacuation and operation of the fire brigade.

The VELUX smoke exhaust system is based on the effect of natural smoke and heat removal. It complies with building codes and regulations of the legislation.

Rooflights for flat roof

Zenith lights are a good way to make rooms under the flat roof light, ventilated and safe!

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