The choice of the form of the roof: the variety, what to focus on when building your house

The shape of the roof determines the design of your house, affects its perception, it can be said, is its hallmark. So what kind of roof shape to choose? Consider the main types of roofs for private country houses.

The choice of the form of the roof: the variety, what to focus on when building your house

There are many options, but the choice will depend on the desired end result and house construction technology

Tilt angle

There is a different classification of roofs. In particular, according to the angle of inclination of the slope, they, according to the SNiP, are divided into flat (up to 12 °) and pitched (over 12 °). Very flat roofs with a tilt angle of 0 ° practically do not. For the removal of precipitation is the slope of 1.5-3 °.

While the flat roof gives additional space, and its installation is simpler (the roof is right under your feet, so the danger of falling less from it), the disadvantage of such roofs is that sediments accumulate on their surface, especially in strong rain or when melting a lot of snow.

Most often flat roofs are used in countries with low annual precipitation. In Russia, to reduce leaks, it is recommended to make flat roofs with a slope of 10-12 °. Most often they are used for outbuildings or garages. Pitched roofs are divided into one-, two-, four- and multi-slope.

The slope of the roof slope is determined based on the amount of snow cover. The greater the angle of inclination, the less snow will accumulate on the roof.

Shed roof

The shed roof truss system relies on exterior walls that have different heights. Typically, the slope of single-pitch roofs is 20-30 °.

The choice of the form of the roof: the variety, what to focus on when building your house

Shed roof in a house built according to the project "Good Wood"

Such a roof wears evenly, because it has no breaks , which means that the snow load will be evenly distributed.

Odnoskatnye roofs have a very diverse use: on the one hand, for simple low-cost housing, as well as for outbuildings, and on the other - in the construction of prestigious luxury housing. A single-pitch roof allows rational use of the attic space under it: rooms are made from the high side, and a wardrobe, a bathroom and a ladder from the low side.

The dual-pitch roof

The dual-pitch roof is the most popular form in the construction of private houses. You can verify this by visiting the exhibition of houses - the gable roof is one of the favorites here. It is believed that it has a much more attractive look than a shed. The name of the form suggests that the basis of the design is the two slopes that rest on the outer walls of the house, having the same height. The tilt angle can be from 12 to 45 °.

If necessary, a mansard room can be equipped in a double-slope roof. Snow from such a roof comes off well, which eliminates leaks. The downside is that during storm winds the roof can rise or the gables can collapse.

The choice of the form of the roof: the variety, what to focus on when building your house

A gable roof in a house built according to the Peura project

Attic "broken" roof

One of the varieties of the dual-slope roof is mansard roof . She has broken slopes, and they can be “broken” in any place and at different angles. Due to this increase the area and volume of attic space. The height of the roof from the ridge to the overlap is usually 2.5-3.5 m. Most often the roof roof is used for the construction of summer cottages. In this case, you can get the attic floor on the walls of the first floor and at the same time partially save on the construction of the walls of the second floor. The disadvantages of mansard roofs are instability to strong wind loads and controversial aesthetic appeal.

The choice of the form of the roof: the variety, what to focus on when building your house

Varieties of mansard roofs

Quadrant roof

K four-slope roofs include hip, hip and poluvalmovaya roofs. At the hip roof, each slope is an isosceles triangle. They all converge at the top at one point. Hip roof is suitable for the base of the walls in the form of a square or any other equilateral polygon, but the hip and semi-hinged - for a rectangular. The angle of the slope can be different, but usually it is 30-45 °. This roof has no gables and dormer windows, it makes it more resistant to strong gusts of wind. And the slopes around the perimeter of the house provide the best protection against precipitation of walls.

The choice of the form of the roof: the variety, what to focus on when building your house

The four-pitch roof in a one-story house

The minus of four-pitch roofs is a high percentage of waste when laying sheet materials, which significantly increases their value. If the owner of the house wishes, it is possible to equip the attic floor under the four-sided roof, but in this case it will be necessary to install more expensive attic windows.

It is believed that the hip roof is aesthetically more attractive than all of the above.

Multi-slope roofs

Roofs with more than four slopes are called multi-slope .These include including multi-gable roofs. Such roofs are used for houses with a polygonal base and contain a large number of edges, valleys and gouges. Today they are considered the most attractive, but also the most difficult in construction. Designing such a roof is also not easy and rather expensive.

The choice of the form of the roof: the variety, what to focus on when building your house

Multiple roof in a house built according to the "Marseille" project

Composite roofs

There are roofs of complex shape - with a spire, dome, conical and other. Usually spiers crowned turrets of houses or domed roofs. Such roofs have practical value, rather, in the construction of temples or other monumental structures.

Domed roofs are most often used in the construction of houses with a round base, such as a circus or a playpen. In private housing construction, turrets are used to decorate domed roofs.

All these forms were especially fashionable in the days of crimson jackets, when almost every new owner of the house wanted to have at least a lock, at least outside. Now such forms of roofs in private housing are quite rare.

Complex roofs can be the most diverse, see the video review:

To complex Roofs include hybrids of all the above forms.

We have dismantled almost all types of roof shapes. Which one is best is up to the owner of the house. An important criterion is cost: the more complex the shape of the roof, the more expensive it will cost. It is necessary to take into account the force of the winds in the construction site of the house, as well as the snow cover: the bigger it is, the slope of the roof should be steeper.

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