why choose greenhouses with lightning

The article classified the greenhouses and greenhouses with a zipper by the type of frame and covering film. The characteristics of the film are described - its merits and characteristic disadvantages. After reading the article, you can choose a greenhouse under the planned budget, taking into account the features and seasons of work on the site.

why choose greenhouses with lightning

Greenhouse with lightning

Why choose greenhouses with lightning

Modern greenhouses and greenhouses resemble a children's designer: frame it is easy to assemble, and if necessary it can be disassembled partially or completely and moved to a more convenient place. Protective transparent film is considered to be a disposable material - polyethylene coating is inexpensive, it is easily torn after analysis. Under the influence of sunlight and wind, it loses strength and must be replaced by the next season.

Some manufacturers have stepped forward and offer their customers a greenhouse of film, treated at the edges and with a zipper. For such greenhouses do not use thin low-quality polyethylene. PVC, compacted or reinforced polyethylene modern greenhouses designed for long-term use.

Buying a greenhouse or a greenhouse will not be burdensome for the family budget. The price is influenced by the area, height, design complexity, and the quality of the materials themselves. The frame can be metal or plastic, the film is different in density. Durability depends on these factors.

why choose greenhouses with lightning

The price of a greenhouse will depend on its area, height and quality of the material.

There are several reasons why a greenhouse with lightning will be optimal choice:

  • in the summer cottage, it is desirable to observe the sequence of planting, the correct crop rotation protects the soil from depletion. The location of the greenhouse it is desirable to change , with a light collapsible structure, this is easy to do;

  • if there is no final site plan, it is premature to build a solid greenhouse ;

  • The construction of a glass greenhouse on the foundation or the purchase of an expensive polycarbonate construction can be economically unjustified ;

Greenhouse for film to buy in Moscow very simple. There are enough offers on the market for the installation of a finished greenhouse, in which it is desirable to sort out before purchasing. The cost depends on the quality and characteristics of its elements.

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Features of a greenhouse with lightning

When choosing a greenhouse with a lightning, I want to buy the most convenient and durable one. Modern shelters, carved and sewn under the frame, with an elaborate system of doors and ventilation, look like a transparent tourist tent, they are easy to assemble and easy to clean for the winter.

why choose greenhouses with lightning

It’s easy to mount such a greenhouse

When choosing a suitable construction and materials, it is necessary to take into account their features:

  • Plastic film is the most budget option. Polyethylene with a thickness of up to 200 microns perfectly transmits UV rays, but poorly retains heat. It strongly electrifies, attracting dust to the surface. Low strength does not reliably connect the edges with the zipper. The service life is not more than a year. Available in widths from 1.5 to 6 m. Prices for the film, depending on the thickness and width, range from 40 to 100 rubles per meter.

  • PVC film is three times more expensive than polyethylene. Poorly passes heat, on a cool night long keeps the microclimate. Transmits little UV rays needed by plants, so it is not used in shaded areas. Possesses good durability, reliably connects to a lightning, service life of 8 years. Does not tolerate frost, for the winter it should be cleaned in a warm room.

  • Reinforced film . This is polyethylene with the addition of fiberglass. Durable reliable film with a service life of about 3 years. You can leave for the winter on the greenhouse, but with strong frosts it is better to clean in the heat. Available in 2 m width, cost from 40 to 95 rubles per linear meter.

why choose greenhouses with lightning

Strong and reliable reinforced film
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  • Stabilized film . Material with improved characteristics, well transmits UV rays without destroying the structure and retains heat. Thickness is from 80 to 150 microns, service life to 3 years. Available in a width of 1.5-3 meters, cost from 160 to 900 r per meter.

The video shows the installation of the greenhouse with a zipper in the details:

The frame of the greenhouse with

Before buying, you need to decide what will be the frame of the greenhouse. Materials for the manufacture of frames - metal or plastic.

Plastic frames are made from PVC pipes. This material is cheap, has a small weight, is not susceptible to corrosion. The disadvantage is low resistance to negative temperatures. Such frames are manufactured collapsible, so that you can remove them for the winter. They may break under the weight of snow.

why choose greenhouses with lightning

The plastic frame of their PVC pipes is not susceptible to corrosion.

Metal frames are made of aluminum and steel. Steel frames are made of galvanized, painted or PVC coated to protect against corrosion. Such a framework is convenient in that it does not need to be removed for the winter.

Prices differ approximately in 1, 5 - 2 times. For example, PVC frame for a greenhouse under the film with a length of 5 meters, a height of 1.5 and a width of 1.2 m will cost 1600 rubles, and exactly the same of galvanized metal 2800.

Approximate cost of the finished greenhouse

In order to make it easier to present the price order, we will give a few examples of which greenhouses from the film can be bought in Moscow

  • greenhouse from reinforced film on lightning 3x4 m in size, 2 m high, on a metal frame with two entrances, air vents and side ventilation system will cost 11,300 - 12,870 r;

  • greenhouse with polyethylene m with a size of 2.5 x 5 m, a height of 1.8 on a metal frame will cost the buyer approximately 5000-6000 r;

  • greenhouse with a PVC frame of size 3.8 x2.5 and a height of 2 m using a light-stabilized film costs approximately 7600 r;

  • cost low greenhouses 5-6 meters long is 2000 - 3000 p

why choose greenhouses with lightning

Low greenhouse

Greenhouses have standard sizes. When the film wears out and becomes unusable, you can order a replacement cover in the same company.

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Every thing has its own purpose. A greenhouse coated with a zipper will be the optimal choice as a temporary structure, or if it needs to be moved frequently from place to place. You just have to choose the optimal size of the greenhouse, and from what material it is made - depending on the budget and other preferences.

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