Paths of gravel, how to make a path at the cottage in the garden + photos and video

The construction of garden paths begins with the selection of a suitable building material for their arrangement. The top coating can be made of various materials, but if we talk about value for money, in the popularity rating in the first positions is gravel for the tracks, as the most simple and convenient natural material.

Paths of gravel, how to make a path at the cottage in the garden + photos and video

Crushed stone is one of the available materials that will allow to decorate the paths in the garden

Garden path from gravel

Bulk paths of rubble look very attractive and can be a real decoration of the garden plot. There is an erroneous stereotypical view that the rubble for the tracks represents a dull gray mass, suitable only for filling some voids or for mixing concrete. However, this is not the case. Gravel paths can serve not only for walking, but also be an integral part of the landscape composition of gardens, and even the style dominant of a garden or a summer house. This is a magical transformation of gray loose mass of rubble into a luxurious coating that attracts with its original appearance, possibly due to simple design techniques:

  • The color of crushed stone in various color shades.

  • The combination in the composition of various crushed stone fractions.

  • Use of unusual border frames.

  • Using a different configuration of the track design.

  • Designed tracks in thematic styles.

By using gravel crushed stone for tracks, you can create a coating of a sustainable shape, comfortable for movement and aesthetic in design.

Paths of gravel, how to make a path at the cottage in the garden + photos and video

Garden path with plates and gravel

Types of gravel for making tracks

Gravel rubble is natural crushed stone product obtained by sifting crushed rock. There are two types of gravel rubble:

  1. Crushed crushed rock material.

  2. Natural river or sea gravel in the form of pebbles known as "pebbles".

One of the ways to use gravel rubble is to use it to create unusually beautiful and original landscape compositions of gardens, parks, private homestead areas of villas and private cottages.

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Which crushed stone is suitable for tracks in the country

The main criterion for assessing crushed stone is the size of its particles or fractions. Each faction has its own specific scope. The size of rubble for tracks can be:

  • 0 - 5 mm. The smallest fraction, which is called the "screening".

  • 5 - 20 mm. The most popular type of gravel, ideal for arranging bulk garden and pedestrian paths.

  • 20 - 40 mm. Larger fraction recommended for the device of the lower basis of pedestrian and walking paths.

Pebbles of gravel of the correct form and one size can be purchased from specialized companies, and small gravel on the path of the usual form is purchased at an affordable price in a nearby quarry

Paths of gravel, how to make a path at the cottage in the garden + photos and video

From gravel of different colors, you can make beautiful patterns

The device tracks from gravel rubble

Thanks to its convenience and versatility, which are the main qualities of gravel rubble, it success is used to create coverage for walking paths, recreational areas. In this case, the simplicity of laying gravel does not at all harm the external aesthetic design of the backyard, garden or garden. It turns out the perfect combination of natural magnificent decor and simple technology of laying gravel rubble.

Paths of gravel, how to make a path at the cottage in the garden + photos and video

Laying gravel is not a difficult process, the main thing is to think about a beautiful design
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The track technology is quite simple:

  1. First, the preparation of the earth base is performed, followed by filling and compaction with sand or crumpled clay.

  2. Bottom layer is sprinkled with broken brick fragments or gravel of a large fraction.

  3. Whatever gravel crushed to crumble, it is recommended to strengthen the edges of the walkway with a curbstone

  4. if the gravel path serves more as an element of decor and it is intended for frequent use, it is enough to clear the earthen foundation for marking the track, mark the contours of the track and fill it with gravel rubble.

You can make an unusually beautiful gravel path from the gravel, which will be the main element of decorating the area. Various effects of compositions are created with the help of stones of a rounded, angular form.It looks interesting pattern of gravel with chips or without them, as well as crushed-stone material of various shapes and colors. To prevent gravel rubble from scattering beyond the limits of dumping, the site is enclosed on all sides by a curbstone or deepened slightly below the main level.

Paths of gravel, how to make a path at the cottage in the garden + photos and video

Gravel path with brick borders

Choice of color and gravel shape

The expressive beauty of green plants is underlined natural gray coloring of gravel rubble. The use of a different gravel color scheme will look inappropriate and will create an imbalance of landscape composition. It is important to pay attention to the shape of the pebbles - after all, the accuracy and efficiency of the landscape composition, which is so valued by summer residents and owners of private residences, depends on how well the gravel rubble samples are selected.

To create garden and park "gravel" paths and paths, you can use the following recommendations:

  • Using gravel rubble and gravel, which is available in the garden plot or in the nearest district. In this case, the gravel material will more organically fit into the existing landscape.

  • When selecting a material, one should prefer the gravel of one rock. Although in some cases, rock gravel rubble can be combined with sea or river "pebbles" with a smooth flow from one form to another.

  • It is undesirable to use separate large stones of variegated non-natural coloring and texture. In gravel coverings, they are used only as decoration and only in single copies.

Paths of gravel, how to make a path at the cottage in the garden + photos and video

Decor of the gravel path by red brick
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  • The path made of river gravel looks interesting. Since the washed gravel is somewhat darker in color, it is allowed to dilute the gray gravel mass with colored specimens.

To determine the required weight of gravel rubble, you can use the following proportion: about 1 ton of material will be required to create a gravel track from 12 to 15 m2.

Video tutorial on self-construction of garden paths made of gravel rubble:

Advantages of using gravel rubble

Using gravel rubble to build bulk paths of gardens and parks opens up great opportunities for design creativity. In favor of its application, the following arguments can be made:

  • Simple technology for creating tracks in a short time.

  • Uncomplicated care for gravel surfaces. To maintain the natural beauty, it is only necessary to periodically remove the surface from the debris and water the green plantings in time.

  • The attractiveness of a gravel surface does not depend on the season.

  • Gravel paths and platforms can be placed anywhere in the garden or park, even the most inconvenient place.

  • Gravel paths make it easy to hide engineering communications.

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The crushed topping protects the roots of green plantations from temperature drops and helps keep the soil moisture longer, which contributes to good growth of green plantations. Garden paths made of rubble - this is one of the best options for refining the site, but the choice of materials and installation work is best left to professionals.

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