The choice of the pool for giving: frame, winter, the choice of model

This article contains information on the nuances of choice and characteristics of frame pools. You will learn about the advantages and features of cold-resistant models. Also will be considered one of the most popular frame winter pools for summer houses.

The choice of the pool for giving: frame, winter, the choice of model

In-depth and equipped frame pool

Model selection

Before purchasing a suitable pool model, you should consult with a specialist . He will be able to help deal with all the offers on the market and choose the best option for your case. When choosing a product, certain parameters and criteria are necessarily taken into account:

  • seasonality use;

  • size and the weight of the structure;

  • mobile or stationary option ;

  • place pool installation;

  • special wishes and preferences;

  • planned amount .

Specialists call the price of a product one of the important parameters of choice. You must understand that the cost of any type of pool is quite large and this product belongs to the category of comfort, and not the need for the site.

If you still want to buy a pool and save money, then in this case one of the best options would be to buy a cold-resistant pool for the dacha. Before buying a product, it is necessary to clarify the product warranty and see the quality certificates.

The choice of the pool for giving: frame, winter, the choice of model

The frame pool can be not deepened into the ground, but it is desirable to arrange the area around

Another important criterion for choosing a model is its shape. They can be many-sided, oval, rectangular, square or round.

Rectangular and square do not take up much space and are suitable for any sections, they are easier to ennoble and assemble. In addition to them, it is much easier to pick up various accessories.

Round models keep their shape much better, and they don’t need a very heavy frame. If you want to add to the site of spectacularity and purchase a creative pool, then you should look at the octahedral models.

Frost-resistant frame pools

Today there is a fairly accurate division of pools into types depending on the materials - acrylic, plastic, frame, inflatable (rubber) and concrete. But all of them are primarily divided into summer and cold-resistant pools. The latter are able to withstand temperature extremes, very cold winters and not lose their characteristics.

The choice of the pool for giving: frame, winter, the choice of model

The compact dimensions make it possible to install a pool even in very limited space.

These are advanced models that can be used as intended in summer. period, and in the winter. Such models around the perimeter have a strong frame, in most cases it is made of metal pipes and profiles. Some models may have an additional crate. The basin bowl is made of PVC film, which necessarily has improved strength characteristics. Such models are cheaper than stationary ones at the cost, and at the same time they have many advantages in comparison with rubber variants.

The choice of the pool for giving: frame, winter, the choice of model

A canopy and walls of translucent plastic and heated pool will allow you to use it even in winter
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Advantages of frame pools

A rigid pool for giving with a strong frame has several advantages that make it the best option for all regions of our country:

  • For frost-resistant models, seasonal removal of the product and its storage in the utility room is not required. This means that it will not occupy a place in the garage, basement or shed.

  • Thanks to the use of heating, the pool can be used for its intended purpose at any time of the year . An additional frame is often installed around it, and the ceiling and walls are sheathed with transparent plastic to protect it from rain, wind and cold.

  • One of the main advantages of this product is mobility . The design is sturdy and fairly simple, quickly assembled, no special skills or efforts are required.

  • The pool can place the into the prepared pit . This placement option has additional advantages when using the product.

The choice of the pool for giving: frame, winter, the choice of model

The pool can be dredged into the prepared excavation
  • Large selection configurations and sizes. Regardless of the size of the free site on the territory you can always find a suitable model.

  • Most models have all necessary equipment for cleaning the product. Additionally, you can purchase filters for water purification, special chemicals and so on.

However, such options have their drawbacks, which is very important to remember when choosing a product and to consider when purchasing and installing on a site. For example, their cost is higher than that of analogs made of durable rubber, but this is due primarily to the fact that the latter do not have a frame. In addition, before installing such a pool, the top layer of the earth is necessarily removed, and the ground itself is carefully leveled. Experts recommend making a small platform with the use of moisture-resistant materials, which can significantly increase the service life of cold-resistant frame pools.

The choice of the pool for giving: frame, winter, the choice of model

The platform around the pool is safe, beautiful and comfortable.
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Additional elements for the pool

If the artificial reservoir on your site is large enough, then you will additionally need an effective system of water drainage and filtration. It is also important to protect against various external factors, for example, installing an awning that will protect the product from getting sand, insect leaves, and so on. It is also good to install a carport over the pool, which will protect from the sun and rain. The canopy can be translucent, metal frame, plastic or polycarbonate flooring.

Very often, to ensure safety, for example, children or animals, a fence is installed that can be easily removed. For frame models, an additional ladder is purchased. It can be included in the product package. It is advisable to make formwork around the pool perimeter. If you plan to make the pool stationary with immersion in a hole, then it is necessary to lay a non-slip cover around it. It is also very important to remember about hygiene and cleaning, for this special disinfectants and detergents are purchased.

The choice of the pool for giving: frame, winter, the choice of model

Pool Chemicals - Extra Safety and Comfort

Prices and Models

Very often choosing a frame cold-resistant pool for the dacha, the buyer has a lot of questions that are related to its size, installation features, prices, service, volume, and so on. Below are several popular models with their descriptions.

Laguna pool LGF 30501 LA DOGA

This is one of the available options of domestic production, which will cost an average of 25 thousand rubles. The pool weighs just over 60 kg, it has a round shape, and the materials used can withstand very low temperatures.

Metal sheets with a thickness of 0.5 mm are used for the walls, the metal frame supports the whole structure, for the bowl three-layer PVC is used, the thickness of which is 0.4 mm and the pool volume is 8.8 thousand liters. The height of the pool is 125 cm, the diameter of the bowl is 305 cm. The product is guaranteed for 5 years.

The choice of the pool for giving: frame, winter, the choice of model

Inexpensive frame pool of domestic production
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Bestway 56563

Another popular model is BestWay 56563. It has an octahedral shape, but a smaller volume - 7.63 thousand liters. However, it is mainly chosen due to a fairly rich set. In the pool kit there is a filter pump with replaceable cartridges (capacity 2 thousand l / h), a reinforced staircase with a platform, bedding and a skimmer.

Three-layer PVC is also used for the bowl; steel walls, metal frame. The diameter of the bowl is 300 cm, height is 120 cm. Its essential disadvantage is that the product is guaranteed for only one year. You can buy such a pool kit for 30-35 thousand rubles.

The choice of the pool for giving: frame, winter, the choice of model

Small size, but many additional elements

Esprit big 55

Round pool, complete with which There is a circulation pump, a sand filter (has six positions), a ladder, a skimmer, quartz sand and a water supply nozzle. Filter capacity is 6 m3 / h.

A special feature of this model is that it comes in six packages - racks and pads, a bowl, sheets, a filter and a skimmer, a ladder and sand. The cost of this option is 95-100 thousand rubles.

The choice of the pool for giving: frame, winter, the choice of model

ESPRIT BIG 55 - roomy, good equipment and affordable price
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Bestway 56369

It is popular for its size. The capacity of the bowl is almost 20 thousand liters. The standard height is 120 cm, the length is 610 cm, and the width is 360 cm. The pool is oval-shaped, three-layer PVC film is used for the bowl, the steel framework walls are metal, and the metal framework.

Included is a pump with a filter (3.8 m3 / h capacity, sand filler), a reinforced staircase with a platform, a skimmer, a drain valve and bedding. The warranty on the product a year, and you can buy it for about 70-75 thousand rubles. , which makes it one of the best options in the price-quality ratio.

The choice of the pool for giving: frame, winter, the choice of model

BESTWAY 56369 large pool for a large family or company

Atlantic poolsl esprit big

This is a fairly expensive pool which will cost more than 200 thousand rubles. However, for this money you get a quality product of large sizes. Such models are often called family because of their size. The height of the pool is 135 cm, its width is 5 m, and the length is 10 m.

The powerful filter, which is included, provides water purification even without the use of chemicals. Quartz sand is used as a filtering substance; five bags of 25 kg each are provided with the pool. Filter capacity - 14.5 m3 / h. The walls and frame are made of corrugated steel. In addition to the pool there is a staircase, a skimmer and a nozzle.

The choice of the pool for giving: frame, winter, the choice of model

Dear, large, high-quality and equipped

In the video you can see the preparation of the base for the frame pool:

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A frost-resistant metal pool for summer cottage is an excellent solution for a pleasant stay. It can be used at any time of the year. In summer, only a filter connection is required, and in winter, you can install a protective translucent frame around the product and connect heating equipment. On the modern market there is a huge selection of products for every taste and wallet. Even with minimal cost, you can equip your country house with a full-fledged rest place with all the necessary equipment.


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