Aviary for huskies: how to make and where to install

The article will talk about how a husky aviary should be, where it is best to place it, what materials to use to make it, how to teach a dog to live inside a new dwelling. Photos clearly demonstrate the diversity of ready-made solutions, the video tells about the stages of the manufacture of housing for the Huskies.

Aviary for huskies: how to make and where to install

The Husky is the kindest dog

Features of the character and behavior of the breed

Husky is a very good-natured dog, she always enjoys life and is never aggressive. These dogs very quickly find a common language with people. It is difficult to find an animal that could compete with them in devotion to its owner. It bribes many.

The described breed was originally bred as a sled. She is in the first place movement. Both puppies and already old animals possess vivacity and curiosity. So that the dog could waste its energy, it is vital for long walks and a large area for housing. Therefore, in urban apartments the dog needs to allocate a separate room, on the private plot you can build a spacious aviary.

The second option allows you to ensure the safety of the dog itself. The fact is that the lack of an active lifestyle stimulates the emergence of interest in the study of the surrounding world. The animal is trying to try everything on the tooth. Finding a husky in the apartment is dangerous because the dog begins to gnaw everything. At such a moment, she is able to hurt herself easily and even hit by shock. Therefore, to start such a breed, nevertheless, is desirable when there is an opportunity in the private territory to organize a spacious living space for the animal.

Aviary for huskies: how to make and where to install

Spacious housing for Huskies

But even here there are some limitations: in no case should the sled dog be put on a chain, she can easily strangle yourself. You can not limit it to cramped walls, so an ordinary booth will not save the situation. A spacious dog enclosure for huskies is the only right decision. It is important not just to put a canopy, as for a normal shepherd dog, it is necessary to create a site on which housing will be available, a separate food zone and a platform for active games.

A creature that loves to communicate with people cannot be left alone. Even in a spacious aviary in such a situation, the dog will feel uncomfortable. The owners must constantly let the dog know that the family needs it, that it is a full member of it. Abandoned dog quickly get sick and die.

Aviary for huskies: how to make and where to install

Haske need to communicate

Where you need to put an aviary

So, having become acquainted with the character of the described breed, it is easy to understand What should be the size of the aviary for husky. It is suitable only for a comfortable, safe and large housing. Finding a place for such a structure is not easy. And all because there are a number of requirements that must be followed.

  1. First, a dog, while inside its housing, should not be exposed to natural and man-made factors. It is impossible to place an open-air cage where there is always street noise , where in the spring thawed water gathers and floods the land , where any technical equipment works continuously .

  2. Secondly, there should be no objects near, constantly irritating the smell of animals (cesspools, storage of petroleum products, cows or goats pens). It is not necessary to plant plants next to the aviary, copiously flowering for the whole of the warm period .

  3. Thirdly, in the area allotted to the aviary, there must be light and water . If they are not, you need to take care of the engineering communications.

Aviary for huskies: how to make and where to install

Place for the Husky aviary
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Any animal does not tolerate the sun. Due to the fact that the husky has a thick undercoat, she feels bad in the heat. Therefore, shadow areas are best suited for the dog's habitat. For the location of the enclosure is ideal territory in which the structure will be able to face south. In regions located in low latitudes, experts recommend leaving the east open. In this scenario, the dog will always be protected from the sun. In the warmer areas of the country, you need to abandon the booth in favor of shelves similar to the plank bed. They are installed in an area protected from the wind. On them the animal will sleep.

What design should an aviary

There are many variants of housing for large dogs. Since the husky in an open-air cage must feel free, it is better to choose combined constructions for its erection.They must have at least one wall made of brick, the other three must be left open. Along the perimeter you need to make a fence of a metal rod. Grids for designated purposes are not suitable: such strong dogs as Huskies, they are easy to disassemble, they will try to nibble them. As a result, the risk of injury increases significantly.

Aviary for huskies: how to make and where to install

A spacious husky enclosure
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The total area of ​​the enclosure is calculated in such a way that each dog has at least eight square meters. This indicator is only suitable for cables. When a bitch lives in a house, an open-air cage should be made one and a half times more spacious. It is better to foresee the possibility of replenishing the number of animals than to remake the capital structure. Two huskies will live comfortably if the area of ​​the enclosure is twelve square meters.

The dog shelter must have its foundation. For its production is traditionally chosen concrete solution. With it, a frame base is constructed, then the area inside it is poured. Immediately at this stage, at the peaks on four sides with a step of one, two meters, metal support posts are installed, to which several rows of a metal profile will then be attached in a horizontal position.

A layer of film waterproofing is lined up above the foundation. It closes the tie. When it dries, you can begin to fold the back wall of the aviary out of bricks or cinder blocks. Top construction closes slate. Experts do not recommend to use for this purpose a profiled sheet or metal roofing. The noise of the rain will distract the animal and make it unnerving.

Aviary for huskies: how to make and where to install

A spacious canopy with a large walking area

The floors inside the enclosure should be combined. Where its territory is protected by a canopy, you need to make the floor wooden, on the open part you can leave concrete floors. Previously, all wooden elements are treated with antiseptics. They will help protect them from rotting processes. It is important to choose good boards without knots and nails. Otherwise, the dog will hurt his paws. When mounting the wooden floor, it is necessary to ensure that the boards are pressed tightly against each other. If there is a gap, and the dog’s nail gets there, the animal will get hurt badly.

The video shows how to build a kennel and an enclosure for a dog of the Husky breed:

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A booth is knocked out of a board with a groove and a comb 35 cm thick. Many owners make it warmed. But practice shows that inside such a structure very large colonies of parasites are formed. The husky has a very long and fluffy coat, it is able to protect the animal from the most severe frosts, so you should not take excessive care and complicate your life and the dog.

Aviary for huskies: how to make and where to install

A convenient enclosure with a booth

The dimensions of the booth must correspond to the size of the husky. The length of the kennel fully corresponds to the length of the dog, the height should be five centimeters higher than the basic dimensions of the withers. There must be so much space inside that the dog can calmly stretch out and sleep. It is not necessary to do too large a doghouse: it will be very cold in the winter.

For making a booth it is better to use a tree of coniferous species. It has pronounced bactericidal properties. Experts recommend to make the roof removable. Then it will be easier to get out of the kennel or get an animal out of there when it gets sick and cannot go outside on its own. If you make the roof flat, the doghouse will turn into a guard object. The dog will be able to sit on top of it and watch what happens in the yard.

It is better to place the feeder away from the kennel and closer to the fence. You can directly weld a small table with grooves into which you can insert the bowls. This design will allow longer keep the aviary clean and less clean up inside the shelter of the dog.

Aviary for huskies: how to make and where to install

Flat-roof booth

The design described can be made by yourself or you can order an existing enclosure with installation. This service is offered by many companies specializing in the manufacture of enclosures for different animals.

The video shows how to keep a Siberian Husky puppy in an open-air cage:

Knowing the right parameters for open-air cages, their production technology, it will be easy to build pet house by yourself. Using it, people should understand that an aviary is not a place for punishment.The animal should go there willingly and with great positive. He should feel safe there, so you should never shout at the huskies inside the aviary and beat her there.

In order to teach a dog to a new place of residence, you need to start feeding it inside it. And while the dog eats, close the cage. After the open. And every time the time spent inside the aviary to increase. Huskies are easy to train, so the animal will quickly get used to the new housing.

Aviary for huskies: how to make and where to install

Convenient aviary for two dogs
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Summary of the topic

Aviary for a large dog is not a whim, but a vital necessity. In it, the pet will be able to hide from the rain and snow, retire in order to rest. Sometimes it becomes necessary to isolate the animal for a while. If new people came to visit, or builders came to the house, it is better for the dog to be in the aviary. You can buy it ready, or do it yourself. If there are elementary building skills, nothing complicated about it. It is better to place a ready-made aviary in the frontal part of the yard: not far from the gate, facing the house, next to the walkway. The dog will be able to calmly observe what is happening and at the same time he will remain isolated.


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