Types of fraud in the country house building

It is risky to buy a country house, but building it may be even more dangerous due to fraud. The fact is that there are a lot of deceptive schemes in a country house building, and legal regulation is poorly developed.

Types of fraud in the country house building

It would seem that building a house is a process that must fully meet the expectations of the owner and be under his control. So where can the deception come from?

Few people build a house on their own, almost all resort to the help of various companies and brigades, some of which are dishonest. Sometimes the buyer himself does not know exactly what kind of house she dreams about and how much this dream costs in reality.

Flying in the clouds

Alexey Klochkov , the general director of Alpbau, is convinced that the main deception lies in the inconsistency of the advertising picture with the actual signed contract. Often the buyer wants to buy a house for 600 thousand rubles, which in the booklet looks like a cottage worth several millions. For example, a man chose a house of pine. In the photo, he sees a beautiful project from class A pine, selects it, signs all the necessary documents and pays for the purchase, but as a result he gets a house of a completely different quality. Moreover, this “cottage” may turn out to be from pine wood with blue, rot and mold, but fully correspond to the signed documents, in which the class of pine is not indicated anywhere at all. We have no regulations in our country that prohibit building houses of pine below Class B.

Aleksey Klochkov also notes that we do not have laws and standards governing the construction of buildings up to three floors and an area up to 1500 square meters. meters This construction is not regulated in our country! Based on this, a company can build what it wants and what it wants from. And the customer, who is poorly versed in materials and technologies of housing construction, does not even understand what he is buying.

An expert jokingly says that you can only build your dream house from the third time. When building the first house, the owner knows nothing and is often deceived. On the construction of a second house, he gains experience. And only the third house can fully meet all its requirements.

Konstantin Blinov , director of development for the Moscow office of Sokolsky DOK, agrees that on the market for country housing there is often a wishful thinking. As a rule, this sin is a brigade of developers who promise to build a house cheaper than companies. The paradox is that in most cases the customer himself goes to these networks, and then it turns out that wall insulation is not enough to operate the house in winter, that water freezes in the pipes, and that it is very difficult to repair or maintain the house, since the owner no drawings. This can not be considered a real fraud, as in the contract, if it is, usually there is no technical task, which describes all the necessary amount of work on the house.

Closer to the matter

They can deceive the customer not only at the stage of project selection. Quite often, contractors save on construction, trying to get additional benefits. In the name of such "economy", there are violations of technology or the purchase of low-quality materials. For example, in the process of laying in two bricks, they can leave between layers empty or construction debris. At the same time, outwardly nothing is noticeable. Similarly, they can do with overlaps. In this case, savings occur on cement, which is diluted with sand during the preparation of the concrete solution.

Types of fraud in the country house building

Growth of appetite

Andrey Kazakov , head of sales department of Good Wood corporation, notes that the situation is common when prices rise during construction. It is usually explained to the owner by the fact that not everyone took into account at the cost estimate stage or prices rose, etc.

How to protect yourself?

First of all, according to Konstantin Blinov , the buyer must have at least the minimum competence in matters of construction. He may not know all the subtleties, but he must understand for what it pays a large enough amount of money. You can also use the services of companies that will help draw up a full technical task to the construction contract.

Try to contact trusted companies that have information on the Internet and value their reputation. Andrei Kazakov advises reading reviews, watching houses under construction and building, as well as personally communicating with customers who have previously ordered homes in this company. Find out the company's experience in the market, the number of objects built. Request information about the balance of the organization and its assets. Sergey Tsygamenko, the president of the builders association for CIP technology, notes that you can order an electronic statement on the legal entity on the tax service website.This will allow the buyer to check whether such a company is registered at all, as well as to get an idea about it. On the website of the Arbitration Court of the area where the object is located, there is information about what cases are going on for this legal entity. This will allow you to track the company's judicial history, and the presence or absence of bankruptcy cases will show whether the contractor has financial difficulties.

Most importantly, carefully read the contract: a list of works, construction time and warranty. Market experts believe that it is better to conclude contracts with companies that are members of SROs (self-regulatory organizations). Such organizations have insurance premiums that, in the event of any problems with the warranty period or poor quality work, will be used for reimbursement.

Types of fraud in the country house building

Keep track of the quality of construction yourself or use technical supervision services. Do not forget about the house under construction and come to the construction site more often without warning. If in the end you were deceived, but you still have a contract, you must go to court. All market participants point out that if there is a contract for a construction contract, the organization must be responsible for the quality of work. And even if the house was built by a subcontractor, the responsibility lies with the legal entity with which the customer entered into an agreement. It is this firm that bears both administrative and criminal responsibility.

So, the choice of a construction organization must be considered deliberately, because it is up to it that your dream comes true.

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