Prices for projects of houses from rounded log in Moscow, photos of projects of one-story houses

Round timber is a material widely used in wooden house-building. On the technology of building a log house, as well as all its pros and cons, you can read in our article "Building houses from a rounded log - timeless classics among modern building materials." Here we will determine what you should pay attention to when ordering a project for a country home ownership from a rounded log.

Prices for projects of houses from rounded log in Moscow, photos of projects of one-story houses

A round log house does not require an exterior or interior decoration.

What does the project documentation for the house include?

The project documentation for any building includes a large number of documents. Typically, a residential house project consists of three parts:

  1. The engineering part includes information about the utilities of the future building (electricity, heating, ventilation, plumbing and sewage).
  2. The structural part, which contains various data on the structures of the structure (foundation, ceilings, stairs, balconies and many other elements).
  3. The architectural part consists of various plans: a masonry plan (establishes the order and rules for masonry walls), a roof plan and other structural elements, as well as various specifications (documents describing individual moments of construction, for example rational use of material). This part of the project allows builders to determine the size and location of structural elements, material for construction and solve other tasks in the process of building a house.

However, some schemes and plans are not developed in all cases, for example, for the construction of a one-story building. may not need schemes of stairs and balconies. Many of the documents included in the project are determined on the basis of the material, the size of the future structure, the construction budget, the terrain and soil features. All such questions are clarified by specialists before the start of project development, and are included in the technical task, which allows architects to take into account all the necessary nuances of construction.

Prices for projects of houses from rounded log in Moscow, photos of projects of one-story houses

House from a rounded log under the snow.

The following documents are required for a project from a rounded log:

  1. The architectural part (draft design) performs two functions:
  • Gives builders a complete picture of what the result of the construction will be.
  • It is an integral part of the permits for obtaining a building permit.
  • Specification for elements is the document necessary for the correct production of all building construction components.
  • Technological maps of the assembly help to correctly assemble the design together.
  • The need to develop the remaining documents of the wooden household project (its constructive and engineering parts) is discussed individually and depends on the wishes of the customer, as well as the specifics of building a building on a particular piece of terrain.

    Prices for projects of houses from rounded log in Moscow, photos of projects of one-story houses

    A house from a rounded log does not need interior decoration.

    What should be considered when developing project documentation?

    When designing a house made of round logs, specialists should take into account a number of features of this building material:

    1. The length of the logs. At the production of roundingles, logs with a length of 6 meters are usually exposed. Since this length is often not enough to build a log wall, during the construction of the logs are joined together. Such joints must necessarily be on the bulkheads (at the intersection of the external walls and internal partitions), otherwise a wall of increased heat loss may form in the wall (cold bridge). This will lead to a loss of the quality of the log house, as low thermal conductivity.
    2. Shrinkage of the structure. Any wooden house is prone to shrinkage, so the project must be provided for log height tolerances.
    3. Increased moisture absorption of wood. In order for the log house not to be in contact with the soil and not absorb moisture from the soil, it is necessary to pick up a rather high foundation. This also needs to be considered when designing.

    Prices for projects of houses from rounded log in Moscow, photos of projects of one-story houses

    Ready-made house from a rounded log.

    For whom to order a project?

    Today, finding a company that prepares project documentation is not difficult - there are many organizations that are professionally involved in building design. Also, the majority of construction companies offer the preparation of project documentation for the construction site as an additional service.

    The main thing you need to pay attention to when choosing - the experience of the designer in the field of designing houses from rounded logs. The architect may not know or forget about the peculiarities of wood, as a building material, which will adversely affect the constructed house without relevant experience.For example, if the project does not take into account the shrinkage of the structure, after some time cracks may appear between the logs.

    Prices for projects of houses from rounded log in Moscow, photos of projects of one-story houses

    Residential house from a rounded log .

    Prices for projects of houses from a rounded log

    The cost of a specific project of a house from a rounded log is made up of many factors: the area of ​​the house, the type of project, the volume prepared during the design of the documentation.

    The individual project of a house from a rounded log is developed taking into account all wishes of the customer with the obligatory observance of building norms and rules. The price for it, depending on the complexity of the structure being built, the total area of ​​the house and other factors, varies from 50 to 300 thousand rubles.

    Model project prepared in advance based on an analysis of the construction market and general requirements for the construction of residential properties. Such projects usually have a fixed cost, which depends on the area of ​​the house. For a typical project of a house up to 100 m2, you will have to pay about 20 thousand rubles.

    Some construction companies that additionally provide design services, when ordering turnkey construction of houses, offer to develop a draft design (to create the architectural part of the project documentation) for free. Also, sometimes developers include the cost of the project in the price of the finished house.

    Having decided to build a house from a rounded log, you should carefully consider each stage of its construction, including the design of your future home, and then the finished housing will last a long time, and living it will become truly comfortable.

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