design features, standard designs, materials

Your own summer house will allow you to spend your days off from work in nature, to enjoy clean air away from noisy cities. But a ready-made solid house is an expensive acquisition. With a small income, you can invest gradually. Using the services of a reliable construction company, pick up your favorite project, perform work in stages. Today houses from profiled timber with a bay window are popular. Pre-worth familiar with some construction issues.

design features, standard designs, materials

House with a bay window - variant of the project

Bay window, what it is and why you need

In architectural terminology The bay window is a ledge of various geometry in the wall of the house. In wooden houses, bay ledges are made in the form of polygons (trapezoidal, rectangular, and the like). It is advantageous to build a bay window on the entire height of the building. Downstairs organize a living space, on the top floor make a balcony.


Houses with a bay window have a number of undeniable advantages:

  1. An additional living space appears.
  2. Original appearance.
  3. Ability to beautifully and stylishly decorate the internal area.

As a rule, panoramic windows are inserted into the ledge walls, increasing the access of daylight. It turns out a cozy place that resembles a veranda. This is most relevant for cold areas of Russia, where it is not optimal to organize open areas. It is advisable to use the space for a terrace, kitchen, living room.

design features, standard designs, materials

Modern dining area in a glass bay window


Certain problems appear during the construction of the building:

  1. Difficult architecture increases the complexity of construction work.
  2. The more corners, the less the stiffness of the building.
  3. Need for additional warming.

design features, standard designs, materials

In our climatic conditions, the bay window will have to be insulated

However, the desire to get comfortable accommodation makes it difficult to overcome difficulties.

Many interesting ideas concerning the construction and design of the bay window can be found in this video

A variant of a convenient country house

Construction Companies offer many projects of various sizes and heights.

Modern families, as a rule, are not numerous. To rebuild and maintain a large cottage does not make sense. Therefore, the best option is a small house built from environmentally friendly wood timber. Completion with bay window and balcony is comfortable.

The most profitable two-story housing, allowing you to get the maximum usable area on a small plot of land. You can choose a suitable project at an affordable price, which is definitely suitable for country houses.

design features, standard designs, materials

House with a bay window is beautiful and convenient
On our site you can find contacts of construction companies that offer the service of building houses from laminated veneer lumber. Directly to communicate with representatives, you can visit the exhibition of houses "Low-rise Country".

It may seem that a 7x7 house is a modest housing option. However, the presence of the bay window allows you to compare it with a full-fledged cottage. The correct ratio of area and well-thought-out planning to the smallest nuances ensures efficient use of each m 2 . This is the best option not only for temporary, but also for permanent residence.

Standard projects

Standard projects of houses with a bay window and 7х7 balcony differ in the design features of the roof:

  • double-slope;
  • attic roof structure.

design features, standard designs, materials

Typical house design with bay window 7 by 7

The total area of ​​a square house with a bay window is about 90 m 2 . This is enough for a comfortable stay of a small family, you can comfortably meet guests. The upper level is a landscaped attic with a wall height of more than two meters.

With the basic version of a house from a profiled bar of atmospheric drying, the following are performed:

  • double base;
  • floor logs;
  • walls between rooms;
  • partitions between walls;
  • floors;
  • gables of the upper floors;
  • elements of a wooden staircase;
  • truss system.

The profile form is selected individually. The crowns of the log are assembled with nails.

design features, standard designs, materials

Plan of the first floor

design features, standard designs, materials

Plan of the attic floor

On the first floor there is a kitchen combined with a living room, a bedroom. According to the standard plan on the second floor there are three rooms from which it is possible to make a nursery, another bedroom and a study. The layout and size of rooms can be changed at the request of the customer. The location, quantity, size of window and door openings also change.

What to look for when choosing wood

The quality of the wood material determines the performance characteristics of the building.Construction companies offer several types of profiled timber.

Beam with EB

For private houses everywhere I use the profiled beam of natural humidity (EB). The dimensions of the cross section for a dwelling are 100x145, 145x145 and 145x195mm.

design features, standard designs, materials

Profiled timber of natural humidity
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The main advantage of a timber with natural humidity is low cost, it does not take much time to make it. The process of preparation for operation implies only machining:

  • on a special machine - after machining, the necessary dimensions and shape appear;
  • cutting a profile in the form of "thorn-groove" or "comb "provides fast and robust assembly.

The material is suitable for building a house for shrinkage. Ideally, it takes the summer season, the moisture evaporates at a positive temperature.

Dry wood

Dry profiled timber: the section for residential buildings is 140x140 (for small ones) or 140x190 mm (suitable for three-story cottages). This is a more expensive and high-quality material. Moisture evaporation is carried out in modern chambers, supporting gentle drying modes work. Wood advantages:

  1. The material is very light, does not require the construction of a strong foundation.
  2. Construction work does not involve the use of specialized equipment.
  3. High heat-insulating characteristics, economy on heating.
  4. No additional interior decoration or facade insulation is required.

design features, standard designs, materials

Dry wood for construction

It is possible to build a small house from a 7x7 bar with a bay window in the shortest possible time, literally in a couple weeks. For shrinkage and shrinkage, a minimum amount of time is required, finishing work starts almost immediately. If small gaps appear, they caulk one more time; no disassembly is required.

Incorrect material

For building a cottage, it is important to choose the right tree with the necessary characteristics:

  • aspen after drying significantly deformed;
  • oak is the most expensive and very durable material, requires considerable effort when felling;
  • linden quickly decaying.

The listed building materials are widely used exclusively for interior decoration.

Proper raw materials

The most suitable option for houses are conifers, often pine and spruce materials are used. These rocks are characterized by a significant resin content in the body of the tree. With regard to construction, this disadvantage is an advantage: the resin protects the wood from premature failure. Comparing the spruce and pine among themselves, we get the result:

  • the spruce retains heat,
  • the pine is more resistant to rotting.

The best option is a dry pine timber with a profile impregnated with substances that increase its service life.

design features, standard designs, materials

Dry pine shaped timber - the best option

Proposals from developers

Construction companies are developing projects of houses from timber 7x7 with a bay window of any complexity.

Assumed are already ready, interesting basic projects, made of inexpensive, but enough quality materials. Their cost is fixed. If you make an order in advance, in winter, you can save a decent amount.

The performance characteristics of wooden log cabins are higher than those of panel, frame or panel houses. Thermal performance of enclosing structures can do without finishing work.

If the surface of the earth is rather uneven, screw piles are used as the foundation. On a flat platform the house is being built on a solid strip foundation.

design features, standard designs, materials

Foundation for a house with a bay window

You can choose high-quality roofing, depending on the material capabilities and desires.

Installation is carried out:

  • metal tile;
  • ondulin of any color;
  • soft tile, the service life of which reaches 100 years.

In the application, you must indicate the selected parameters of the wood bar:

  • type (dry or with natural humidity);
  • bar size.

The choice of materials significantly influences the cost of the project: the more massive the tree, the higher its price. The quality of wood material largely determines the durability and strength of the house.

Advantages of large construction companies

All construction work is carried out on the basis of advanced construction technologies. Many firms have a fairly large staff of qualified professionals using the experience accumulated over many years. Often established their own production for the production of wood material, therefore, with confidence can guarantee the work of high quality.

Appealing to time-tested construction companies in the Moscow region, if you wish to build a small house from a bar with a bay window, has obvious advantages:

  1. Free shipping of building materials 100 km from the city.
  2. Minimum prepayment, payment of building materials after their delivery and inspection.
  3. If necessary, provide their employees with housing (in mobile trailers).
  4. A strict technical control over the process is carried out at all stages of construction, if desired, with the participation of the customer.
  5. Payment is made after the object is handed over.
  6. Willingness to develop a project of any complexity.
  7. Only quality material is used.

design features, standard designs, materials

The specialists will build the house quickly and with a guarantee of quality
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Competent experts will advise on any matter. On the first call, the client will go to the site, assess the state of the terrain and access roads. They will offer interesting ideas and develop a project, taking into account all the desires of the most demanding customer. Then calculate the cost of materials and works. All listed services are absolutely free.

The serious competition in the construction services market has left only those companies that build good-quality and comfortable wooden cottages for reasonable money that are viable.


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