Buy a cheap metal gazebo to give: what can you save on

The article will talk about how to buy a cheap metal gazebo to give, which version of its execution to pay attention to if you want to save as much as possible. Photos and videos of finished works will demonstrate the diversity of the existing range.

Buy a cheap metal gazebo to give: what can you save on

Metal arbor from a profiled pipe

Features of the described products

To understand what a metal arbor is, you need to carefully explore the advantages of these products and their disadvantages. A canopy assembled with metal has a long service life. For durability and reliability of the design, no other similar structure made of wood or plastic can be compared with it. There are collapsible constructions on sale that can be assembled independently, adhering to the mounting algorithm described in the manufacturer's instructions. A strong frame withstands high loads, they are not deformed, even when the soil on which the gazebo stands, gives a strong shrinkage.

A metal gazebo will never burn in a fire, with proper care it will not be afraid of corrosion. The basis of the product, if necessary, you can repaint several times and achieve a very correct combination with other elements of landscape design. Metal is perfectly combined with different materials, so you can use anything like a roofing sheet, polycarbonate or slate.

Buy a cheap metal gazebo to give: what can you save on

Inexpensive gazebo from a metal corner and polycarbonate

The described products will not collapse over time under the influence of external negative factors, the metal will not crack as wood does not burn out in the sun like plastic. Insects cannot damage it.

There are commercially available metal gazebos for summer cottage - you can buy collapsible products that are installed directly on the ground at low prices in the Moscow region and the capital. There is a wide range of similar products. All of them have a different shape, different sizes. Any model is supplied to the customer in complete set. If desired, it can be significantly reduced in price by removing the floor and benches, choosing the most inexpensive roofing material to cover the roof. In this case, the price of the metal gazebo will be determined based on the material used for the manufacture of the frame.

So, for example, if a profiled pipe is used as the supporting element of the structural frame, the final cost of the product will be twice as expensive as that made of aluminum shaped pipe. In the latter case, the weight of the gazebo itself will be significantly less.

Buy a cheap metal gazebo to give: what can you save on

An aluminum profile gazebo is the most affordable method of manufacturing
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Stationary capital constructions are much more expensive, for reinforcement of which a strip foundation is used. In order to understand how the estimate of such a project is determined, it is necessary to describe all the stages of its implementation.

Factors determining the final cost of the metal gazebo

Stage one - design. It is easy to sketch a sketch of a future gazebo on your own, but as practice shows, in the absence of experience, mistakes are made, the correction of which is very expensive. Therefore, experts recommend to entrust this type of work to a professional designer. He will not only compile the project correctly, but will also calculate the number of pipes needed to assemble the framework, as well as other building materials. Designer services - the first item of expenditure in the estimate.

Buy a cheap metal gazebo to give: what can you save on

The finished design of a metal gazebo with calculations
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As a rule, for the manufacture of arbors from a profiled pipe, pipes with a cross section of 50x50 mm and a wall thickness of 4 mm are used. Also need a pipe section of 20x40 mm. With the help of them, then the transverse elements of the metal crates will be created. In the expenditure item you must include the cost of the base material, as well as the cost of roofing, electrodes, metal drills and screws.

A separate article in the estimate - welding works and work on the construction of a column foundation. If you want to buy a metal gazebo cheaply in Moscow for a dacha, you should contact specialized companies that offer a turnkey service or perform part of the installation work yourself by ordering a collapsible design. Such a metal gazebo costs around 30,000 rubles.

Buy a cheap metal gazebo to give: what can you save on

The cheapest version of the metal pergola
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The most expensive version is wrought iron gazebos. They look more elegant than canopies made of profiled pipe. They have complex decorative elements (ornate patterns, openwork inserts, details made using artistic forging). The finer the work, the more expensive the finished product. Buying a ready-made wrought-iron gazebo, which can be assembled on site, will cost you a tidy sum. On average, the cost of such products is 2800 rubles per square meter. In the finished version of the estimate can vary from 150 thousand to 700 thousand rubles. Design forged arbors - the pleasure is very expensive. Their cost depends on the master's reputation, his skill.

Buy a cheap metal gazebo to give: what can you save on

Openwork forged arbors

In contrast to standard standard designs, such products make landscape design not only attractive, but also unique. Everyone knows what the exorbitant prices of the products described are, therefore, the status of the owner of the site is easily determined by them. Such objects are always made in a piece copy. Each work is a work of art that any museum in the world can easily decorate. Not many can afford to buy such an arbor, but the demand for such an embodiment always exists. And if there is demand, it means there will be supply. It is possible to buy gazebos from metal, created on an individual project, in Moscow only in specialized studios.

The video shows several ideas for the manufacture of design arbors, assembled from a metal profile:

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Summary on the topic

Arbors from metal have a number of advantages over analogues made from other materials. To make them independently easier and cheaper, but for this you need to have professional skills. If not, it is easier to buy the finished product. It will cost 30-700 thousand rubles. Such a price range is present due to the fact that different materials are used for the production of the described products. The cheapest option is a collapsible gazebo of profiled pipe. The most expensive - designer wrought iron gazebo.

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