Green roof - beauty or good

It is difficult for a Russian to think about excesses, because the harsh climate and violent winds knock a spoon with red caviar out of their hands. It would seem that you can stop, but Western fashion pulls his bony little hands to the Russian huts from a solid log.

Today, the fashion of landscape design is gaining popularity, namely "Green Roof".

Green roof - beauty or good

Undoubtedly, the green roof decorates the house

What it is and why everyone likes it

Eco-friendly roofing It reminds ordinary city citizens of the fact that they are in essence people who must be in union with nature. This type of roofing is a kind of compromise, allowing the brutal inhabitant and the inveterate lover of concrete to be realized as a gardener.

Example from the life ! The vigorous metalworker Seryozha, who has lived in the city all his life, went to his aunt to the country on a visit. A serious woman with a firm hand, quickly turned Seryozha into Gray and taught him not only the basics of survival, but also the rules of life. A professional racer was forced to acknowledge his burrowed gardener's talent and surrender with all the giblets.

Of course, if we consider such a project from the point of view of utility, then you will find many advantages:

  • Space saving . Ideal for those who do not have spacious prairies, and forced to cost only a few hundred. Green roof can be used under a vegetable garden or flower bed, which gives you more opportunities for creativity.

Green roof - beauty or good

Flowerbed on the green roof
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  • Protection against overheating rooms. The temperature on the hottest days will be similar to the one that can be observed in the wooden house: light coolness and freshness. In addition, this roof perfectly warms the house in the winter, so that you can save more on heating. An interesting fact is that such a roof serves longer than usual, which means that it should be changed / repaired less often.

  • Savings on materials . Despite the fact that the eco-roof requires a reinforced roof system, in general, it turns out much cheaper and more practical than the usual option.

  • Minimum requirements for operation . Under the floor of the ground, is the usual drainage system, through which excess moisture is removed from the surface of the soil.

  • Ability to play with the form . The most interesting thing is that this direction can often be found in forest buildings, huts or fairy-tale houses.

It is precisely its versatility and adaptability that makes it possible to use it even in the harsh Siberian climate.

Green roof - beauty or good

The green roof can almost completely hide the house
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Comrade, your roof has gone!

In order to build a small oasis, you will need savvy, some money and free time.

Consider the construction technology, as a call to action:

  • To begin, you need to choose the place that you want to decorate, or vice versa, to hide the flaws .

  • Then, apply the markup and build a box around the perimeter of the roof. Make sure that there are no pointed nails or cracks on its surface.

  • Lay an oilcloth or other material in such a way that the incoming water can flow into the drain unhindered.

  • Fill the resulting space with soil or sawdust (it all depends on what kind of crop you are going to grow), and then tamp the ground using a garden shovel.

  • Plant the plants according to their height and water the finished flowerbed.

Of course, you can grow even southern flowers, however, you should not forget that this type of roof requires frequent watering, so it is recommended to install drip irrigation or other automation

Green roof - beauty or good

Automatic watering of the green roof

Life example! Method of high-quality digging, amateur gardener Victor received in the early 90s, when he had several points on the market. Today he understands that the roof may be needed at any time and such a useful skill needs to be improved, so he spends all his free time at the cottage.

Now, inspired by such great ideas, let's talk about the shortcomings:

  • Great weight . For small garden frame houses, the issue with durability is very acute: it’s not a fact that the prefabricated structure can withstand the load, which still increases with the arrival of winter.

  • Permanent watering .It is watering that provides constantly flowering and a beautiful view of the eco-roof. If you are a serious adult uncle, constantly disappearing at work, then this version of the roof will be a burden, not a joy.

  • Possible occurrence of moss, mold . It is possible that from excessive moisture, the adjacent wooden parts may rot or become covered with black damp. Tightness is a guarantee of quality and durability, so if you are not confident in your abilities, then it is better to resort to the help of professionals.

For some reflections on the green roof, see the following video:

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In order to decide on global changes in life, you need to lose something. Therefore, before embarking on the implementation of an unusual idea, it is worth consulting with close friends and relatives. Listen to their opinions, but make your own way anyway: only you are responsible for the condition of your roof.

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