price per m2 - which one to buy metal siding in Moscow

The article contains information about metal siding for exterior home decoration about its advantages and disadvantages, installation features and price offers for this material in Moscow and the region. After reading the article, it will be easier for you to make a choice and choose the best material in terms of price-quality ratio.

price per m2 - which one to buy metal siding in Moscow

Siding significantly changes the appearance of the house.

Metal siding is a relief galvanized sheet coated with a polymer layer with a pattern imitating different types materials. Available in various versions: brick, stone, wood. Differs in high esthetic qualities and durability. It is used both for finishing new houses, and during restoration work - if the old house retains its original strength, but lost its appearance, then restoration with the help of metal siding may be the best solution.

The advantages and disadvantages of metal siding

Metal siding nowadays is a fairly common material for exterior decorating. More and more people prefer him, choosing from a variety of options. After all, this way of building design has a lot of advantages, for which he received recognition not only in our country, but throughout the world. Of its merits, the following are most often noted:

  • High strength values ​​. And the durability of the material allows you to maintain this quality for a long time. It is worth noting that for this reason, metal siding rarely requires restoration and repair work.

  • Very easy to clean . It washes well with ordinary water and does not require regular painting and treatment with protective compounds.

price per m2 - which one to buy metal siding in Moscow

The side covering of the house can be simply washed with running water
  • Metal siding retains its properties , even if it is placed in an alkaline environment. The material is not subject to corrosion in the absence of chips and abrasions on the outer protective layer. It can also tolerate too high temperatures and high humidity.

  • Good protected from precipitation and ultraviolet radiation.

  • Metal siding is completely environmentally friendly material because it contains only natural ingredients and harmless polymers.

  • The installation of this material is quite simple . It should be noted that you can install it both horizontally and vertically.

  • It has high fire-fighting qualities , and this increases your safety.

However, not everything is so cloudless. Like other building materials, this one has its drawbacks.

First, it cannot provide good thermal insulation for the room. Secondly, the price of metal siding is quite high when compared with other finishing materials.

Metal siding characteristics and transport features

The ease of installation ensures that the sheets are not very large in size. According to GOST, their length should be from 50 centimeters to 6 meters. But in reality, fifty to sixty centimeter components are most often used. Most often, the weight of the sheet does not exceed five kilograms.

price per m2 - which one to buy metal siding in Moscow

Sheets of metal siding are quite heavy, so you need to take care of a strong mount

However, you should pay attention to the fact that working with different types of metal siding, it is necessary to avoid all kinds of deflections and creases, otherwise there is a risk of losing a lot of money to buy new material. Therefore, when unloading siding usually use the work of several people. It is strictly forbidden to throw such finishing material. Store it preferably in a dry place.

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Metal siding design

Manufacturers offer a huge variety of colors and simulated materials. Therefore, anyone who chooses home decoration with siding can create their own unique style.

In addition to the choice of colors, it is possible to purchase material with a specific type of coating. Polyurethane has good strength and resistance to high temperatures. Therefore, it is most in demand in the southern regions. Plastisol has even greater strength and durability, and its feature can be called a matte color. Polyester is less durable and resistant to mechanical damage, but there are more colors using this coating. In addition, he has the advantage of a more affordable price.

price per m2 - which one to buy metal siding in Moscow

One of the advantages is a wide range of colors.

Metal siding has a special decorative qualities.He clearly repeats the pattern of the selected species and the shade of wood. With a high-quality installation of finishing material, it is often possible to confuse it with a real forest from a certain distance. This option is in great demand in the market of building materials.

price per m2 - which one to buy metal siding in Moscow

Metal siding under the tree is an affordable dream of living "in a wooden" house

Prices in the metal siding catalog for finishing the house outside depend on the quality cover its appearance and pattern. Usually, a material that imitates wood or stone will cost more. About the price for different types of coatings it should be said that the plastisol polymer has the highest cost.

Features of work with metal siding

In order to carry out the correct and reliable installation of this material, they usually follow certain rules and regularities.

The installation technology of finishing materials indicates that the surface must be well prepared before installation. Such procedures as cleaning and renovation of crumbling plaster are performed. Be sure to remove all the plants that are on the surface of the wall. All drains and exterior design elements, as well as communications, are removed.

After that you need to install a batten of wooden slats. This procedure is required, because it is very difficult to mount siding to bare walls. In order to fix the sheets horizontally, the batten is mounted vertically. If the surface is uneven, then metal brackets are used.

price per m2 - which one to buy metal siding in Moscow

Siding is necessarily attached to the crate
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The use of metal siding trim provides for enhanced insulation and additional vapor barrier. All joints prokleivayu tape, so that they do not get moisture.

Now you can proceed directly to the installation work. The price of metal siding is what the convenience and ease of installation largely depends on. Installation often begin with the lower slats. They are attached to nails or rivets. From the installation of these components depends on how smoothly and parallel to the foundation will rest the remaining sheets. Further, the technology provides for the installation of corners and splashes. After that, all works on fastening metal siding are made in the order of bottom-up. Self-tapping screws with which help finishing material is fixed, you should not twist against the stop.

price per m2 - which one to buy metal siding in Moscow

The panels for each section of the casing are sized to fit

When installed, the panels are cut to length. This is to ensure that they are included in the fasteners. The clearance between such elements should not exceed one centimeter. When working on the design of door and window openings, it is imperative to use slatted strips and water drains.

In general, installing metal siding is not such a difficult task. This procedure is inexpensive, and is performed fairly quickly. The use of some modern technologies greatly simplifies it.

You can more clearly see how metal siding is installed by viewing this video:


Price of metal siding

The cost of the material depends on the whole complex of its characteristics. For example, the price of siding metal for exterior home may be affected by the class of zinc coating or the type of polymer. But still steel galvanized siding will have a higher cost than similar material with a different composition.

price per m2 - which one to buy metal siding in Moscow

The cost of a profile depends on those involved in its derection. making materials and technology
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So, this facing material with a profile " shipboard board "and a thickness of 0.4 millimeters will cost 300 rubles per square meter. If the thickness is 0.45, the price will increase to 350 rubles per m 2 . Here is the price of a material with polyester coating. It is the minimum cost of this cladding.

There are also other types of such finishing materials differing in price. For example, the profile "Block House GL" with a polyester coating and a thickness of 0.45 millimeters costs 370 rubles per square. Profile "Ekobrus" has the same cost, provided that the same thickness of the sheet. A little more expensive will cost metal siding profile "Lbrus". Such material costs at least 380 rubles per square meter, with the same sheet thickness.

price per m2 - which one to buy metal siding in Moscow

Bar Siding can also have a different price.

Now consider the more expensive types of this material. If you increase the thickness of the sheet to 0.5 millimeters, and replace the polyester coating with the polymer Pural, then the same “Ecobrus” will significantly increase in price. Now its price will be not less than 690 rubles per square meter."L Brus" with the same figures will cost 710-720 rubles per m 2 . If you stop at the "Vertical" profile, it will be a bit cheaper than other profiles with a thickness of half a millimeter and a Pural polymer coating. Its cost will be about 670 rubles per square.

price per m2 - which one to buy metal siding in Moscow

Vertical siding looks beautiful, but it is rarely seen on houses

However, manufacturers offer another high-quality polymer that has not the highest bidder. This is ECOSEEL. A square meter of “Shipboard” with such a coating will cost about 640 rubles. "Lbrus" will cost about 15-20 rubles more. Price is for material with a sheet thickness of 0.5 millimeters. "Ekobrus" with the same characteristics costs about 680 rubles.

price per m2 - which one to buy metal siding in Moscow

“Shipboard” profile

“Vertical”, coated with QARZIT polymer, with a thickness of 0.5 has a price of about 660 rubles . “A shipboard board with the same parameters will be a little cheaper. Its price will be about 640 rubles per m 2 .

As with the purchase of any product, purchasing metal siding, you should not prefer the cheapest or the most expensive models. The main thing is to find a finishing material with an optimal price-quality ratio. If you want to buy metal siding while saving money, you should compare the offers on different trading floors, because often the difference in price is quite large.

More about features The tendencies of metal siding in video:

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Metal siding is a quality and reliable lining for any home. Such material will last for a long time without fading in the sun. It is not subject to rotting and decomposition, due to the fact that Various paint and varnish coatings are used to create it. Because of their qualities, metal siding has gained great popularity, and many people are confident that this is the best material for cladding buildings.


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