causes of defects and how to eliminate them

The subject of the article is the repair of a soft tile roof. In fact, this flexible material on the roof structure creates an airtight coating, which very rarely fails. Determining that he needs repairs is simple - the roof starts to leak. Therefore, in this article we will talk about the ways and technologies that solve the problem that has appeared, which materials are used for this.

causes of defects and how to eliminate them

Roof covered with shingles

Causes of leakage

There are three:

  1. Incorrectly designed roof .

  2. Installation of shingles carried out with large violations .

  3. There appeared damage to the roofing coating during its operation.

The most difficult position is number one. If the roof is designed incorrectly, then the best option, albeit very expensive, is to dismantle the shingles and redo the roofing structure, taking into account the rules and regulations of correctly performed installation processes. In two other cases, the repair of a flexible roof is much easier. But here, knowledge of the basic rules for carrying out repair operations is also required.

Let's consider in stages how to repair the roof covered with soft tiles.

causes of defects and how to eliminate them

Consequences of improperly performed installation of shingles

Research on roofing

It is necessary to begin with an inspection of the roofing material for detection of damaged areas, small defects and flaws. I would like to note that experts recommend inspecting the roofs covered with shingles, at least once every three months. After all, even the smallest punctures or swelling can be the cause of great trouble. Therefore, it is better to get rid of them in time.

It is necessary to carry out the audit of roofing in two stages:

  1. From the attic side . Here it is generally necessary to pay attention to whether the smudges have appeared, which will be clearly visible on the reverse side of the laid solid crate.

  2. On the side of the coverage , that is, from the street . Here we must pay attention to the quality of the coating as a whole. Special attention to places where defects can form with high probability. For example, on the valley, at the junction with pipes or walls.

causes of defects and how to eliminate them

Inspection and Detection of Defects

Repair of Shingles

Rarely when roofing covered with soft tiles, fails completely. This is usually one or two shingles in the panel under which an air bubble has formed or a crack has appeared. Therefore, the repair consists only in the replacement of these shingles, even without completely dismantling one panel. Carry out this operation in the following way:

  • Exfoliate damaged shingles from the coating, for which they use a thin chisel or spatula.

  • The same hold and with upper shanks of tiles located above the defective panel. Usually it does not cause difficulties, because shingles - self-adhesive material.

causes of defects and how to eliminate them

Raise the fine chisel of the upper row
  • but in with a thin chisel each panel has four nails hammered in. They are located under the shanks of the upper tiles . That is why they have to peel . In order for the shingles not to fall back into their place, they need something to jam . For example, a plate.

  • After that you need to remove nails that are nailed to defective tiles . Remove those that hold failed shingles. The rest can not touch.

  • Now you need the damaged area of the panel to cut . To do this, usually use a sharp knife or scissors. It is important - not to damage the lining carpet , located under the tiles. This is a roll-type fiberglass material impregnated with a bitumen-polymer mixture.

  • Now you need to make a patch . To do this, use the solid panel shingles. You can buy it in the store or see if there is some roofing material left after the roof has been formed. For the patch, half or third panels are cut. The thing is that it is laid so that it partially covers the neighboring intact areas.

causes of defects and how to eliminate them

Patch from a new panel of bitumen tiles
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  • Bitumen mastic is applied to the upper planes of the intact areas, as well as the reverse side of the patch.

  • The latter is applied to the surface of the defect and strongly pressed against the base .

  • Hammer nails into it.

  • Then the reverse planes of the bent panels located above are also treated with bitumen mastic .

  • Remove the support and put the shings on top of the patch, pressing them against the base.

Please note that this technological sequence of repair of soft tile roofs must be strictly maintained during any repair work related to damage to bitumen tiles. That is, regardless of whether the whole panel has failed or just one shingle.

The video shows how to properly repair the roof covered with soft tile:

Repair of the junction and ridge

The most common cause of this flaw is the detachment of the waterproofing material that was used to close the junction between the tile and the wall (pipe). Often waterproofing reinforced with metal aprons. And in these cases, leaks occur due to a loose pressing of the aprons to the surface of the junction points.

All these problems can be solved in the only way - to find the leakage place, determine why it appeared, remove the waterproofing and apron and reinstall them using new materials. If the reason is in the very bituminous tile, then it is necessary to determine which of the panels has burst or air space has appeared under it. This tile should be dismantled completely, and in its place to install a new one.

causes of defects and how to eliminate them

Repair of the ridge covered with shingles
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As for the skate, this is the simplest repair operation. On this element of the roof set the so-called starting lanes. In fact, it is a soft tile, which has cut off shingles. The strip thus obtained is divided into three parts and fixed to the ridge in the transverse direction, attaching to the crate on both sides of the ridge along two slopes. Repair is that the defective strip is dismantled, after removing the nails. And in its place a new strip is laid with subsequent fastening to the crate with nails.

Another of the most vulnerable places is penetrations for ventilation pipes. Today, to seal the joint, special caps made of high-strength rubber are used. They are simply put on pipes and fastened to the slope of the roof with screws, as shown in the photo below.

causes of defects and how to eliminate them

How the penetration through the roof is formed

Depressurization can occur only at the junction of the roof covering and the hood. The reason is trivial - improper installation process. Most likely, the screws were tightly twisted, which led to the deformation of the pairing. In this case, you have to change the cap completely. The second reason is wear due to the negative impact of natural loads. It will have to be solved as dramatically as in the first case.

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Conclusion on the topic

Unfortunately, there are often cases where seemingly hermetic roof covered with shingles begins to leak. To prevent this, it is necessary to order the project of the house only from proven architectural bureaus, use the services of professional roofers familiar with the technology of laying soft tile. And the last thing is to periodically inspect the roof covering for the formation of flaws that may appear as a result of the operation of the roof structure.

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