which one can buy in Moscow - price comparison, video review and features

Subject of the article - why choose the "Wave" border, what are its main advantages and design features. After reading this article you will receive comprehensive and detailed information about this product for the garden, its cost and features of operation. Thanks to the information provided here, you will be able to competently approach the arrangement using this construction of the summer cottage or house adjoining plot, optimize capital and operating costs without compromising quality.

which one can buy in Moscow - price comparison, video review and features

To solve problems in the field of landscape design it is not always necessary to use natural stone

What is the "Wave" border

Decorative border "Wave" is a composite construction made of polymer elements 32 cm long and 9 cm high, imitating natural stone. Fencing for a bed "Wave" on the soil surface is fastened with the help of long plastic pins (nails), which simultaneously act as connecting parts. They are threaded through the lugs of the elements of the composite fence, or they are stuck into the ground through the openings of the curbing areas. The curb area for the “Wave” flowerbed, in addition to the carrier function, also allows for trimming the grass evenly, as it leaves space for its string (between the lawn border and the plastic of the fence).

The "Wave" border can be bought at a price of about 500 rubles for 3.2 meters of fencing (10 elements). The manufacturer offers several colors of the border garden "Wave" terracotta, khaki, brown. Under the order you can purchase goods of almost any color, but this will certainly affect the timing of the purchase.

which one can buy in Moscow - price comparison, video review and features

Details of the plastic curb can be fastened together at different angles
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Advantages and features of the product

The brand name of the company of the manufacturer of the curb "Wave" - ​​"Master Garden", you can buy products of this brand in many online stores and regular outlets. Goods from this manufacturer are in deserved demand for their high consumer properties. In particular, wave-shaped decorative fencing has the following strengths:

  • excellent UV resistance;

  • does not absorb moisture at all;

  • versatility for different styles of landscape design;

  • can be used at high and low temperatures (including frost);

  • meets the requirements of safety for the environment, humans, domestic animals;

  • no toxic substances are released into the atmosphere and soil;

  • c period of operation not tr fucks any special care;

  • easy to clean from dirt (earth, fertilizer, etc.) with a stream of water from a garden hose;

which one can buy in Moscow - price comparison, video review and features

With the help of a standard garden hose, you can quickly and efficiently clean the colored polymer fence
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  • simple and quick installation, not requiring in-depth knowledge and specialized tools;

  • wide possibilities in part of the form of fencing due to a variety of fastened at different angles elements;

  • does not fade from the sun and does not crack with time;

  • has a long service life;

  • in case of damage of some part of the fence is easily repaired (replacement of the element);

  • does not rot and does not become covered with fungus and mold;

  • allows you to cut lawn grass around the perimeter of the lawn VK yuchaya borders (due to the special site at the component parts);

  • is not attractive to insects and rodents;

  • does not deform or harm the root systems;

  • prevents shedding of beds and helps maintain their shape;

  • if necessary, can be quickly dismantled and moved to a new location;

  • has an attractive cost compared with a border of natural and artificial stone;

  • convenient transportation and storage in packs of 10 pieces weighing 1.7 kilograms (deliver to the place m possible in the trunk of a car);

which one can buy in Moscow - price comparison, video review and features

Plastic curb in compact packages of corrugated cardboard
    is supplied
  • does not require mandatory dismantling for the winter;

  • extensive functionality (arrangement of the boundaries of paths, beds, recreation areas, flower beds, garden zoning).

Visually about the "Wave" curb - in the following video:

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Overall Output

A wave-like composite fence made of a durable polymer that is resistant to external adverse effects is an effective and aesthetically beneficial solution for a garden or a house. With it, you can equip and protect from sprawling as small beds and flower beds, and a decent area for the rest of the lawn grass or long walking paths. How best to use this versatile material, how much it is needed for the realization of the plan better to consult with professionals.

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