Corner brick grill - features of construction

Frying kebabs in the country is a favorite way for many city dwellers to take a break from business and city life. This is actually a pleasant experience, which allows not only to spend the weekend in nature, but also to eat deliciously. Therefore, grill or barbecue in the country - one of the important elements of suburban life. In the article we will talk about a brick corner grill: about its merits, about the method of construction, let's designate some subtleties of the construction of a brick structure, and also give examples of finished buildings in photos and in videos.

Corner brick grill - features of construction

Angular brazier (barbecue), built of brick

Steps for the construction of angular braziers

Denote that brick the brazier is a heavy construction, therefore it is necessary to lay a solid foundation in the form of a slab foundation under it. The dimensions of the latter are determined by the size of the area of ​​the angular mangal with the addition of 5 cm on each side. This also applies to the width of the structure, and its length.

Therefore, on the selected area put a markup, which will mark the boundaries of the future structure. Typically, for this set pegs that are tied with twine, or chalk powder marked the boundaries directly on the ground. If the brazier is small in size, then you can do with a bayonet spade, digging through small grooves.

After that, inside the markup, the ground is selected to a depth of 50 to 100 cm. The depth of the pit depends on the volume of the future brick structure. The greater the volume, the more bricks in it, and, accordingly, the greater the weight of the building. So, under such construction it will be necessary to fill in more powerful base. The depth of the foundation is also affected by the type of soil on the construction site. If it is sandy, then you can not dig deeply, but leave space only for filling the crushed stone layer. But at the same time, the sandy layer located below the soil will need to be leveled and well compacted.

Corner brick grill - features of construction

Concrete foundation for a brick brazier is the optimal solution.

If the soil in the summer cottage is clay, then the process of laying the foundation for the angular construction of the brazier must be carried out in the following order:

  • The bottom of the excavated pit is covered with sand with a thickness of at least 30 cm . This thickness provides a kind of waterproofing, because vertically moisture through the sand can only rise to a height of 30 cm. These are the laws of capillary physics.

  • The sandy layer is flattened and compacted using water . Please note that the thickness of tamped sand should not be less than 30 cm.

  • Gravel layer 20-30 cm thick should be covered, it is also leveled and, if possible, tamped.

  • It remains only to pour concrete solution 10-15 cm thick . If the volume of the brick barbecue is large enough, then it is recommended to lay the reinforcing frame in the form of a metal grid or grid made of steel reinforcement in the concrete layer.

  • After the concrete has dried out , and this may take several weeks depending on weather conditions, the surface of the foundation is covered with waterproofing material . For example, roofing material in two layers, polymer-bitumen film, bitumen mastic.

Corner brick grill - features of construction

Concrete mortar foundation for a brick grill

Construction of a brick structure

Required It should be noted that the brazier itself can be located in different angles in the corner structure. That is, it may be the corner of the building or one of the parts located along the wall of the structure. For example, the photo below shows that the brazier, that is, the device in which the meat is cooked, is located in the corner.

Corner brick grill - features of construction

A brick brazier with a brazier in the corner of the structure

This is a more complicated construction option, because you have to make corner niches for the brazier. And this is due to the specifics of brick laying, plus large waste in the process of joining bricks, where half of burnt stone is used.

It is easier to assemble a brick structure, in which the brazier is located on a straight section of the building, as shown in the photo below.

Corner brick grill - features of construction

The roaster is located on the straight section of the brick barbecue

In essence, the roaster is a rectangular niche section where the metal barbecue is placed. In any case, it will be rectangular, regardless of where the grill is located: in a corner or in a straight section. There are options barbecues in which the roaster is assembled from refractory bricks. Then in this case, the metal grill can not be used. But a metal product is cheaper than a brick niche made of refractory stone.

It is difficult to describe in words how to spread the roaster of a corner barbecue stove. After all, ordering (laying bricks in a row) is a rather complicated scheme, where you have to take into account the locations of niches, chimneys, dampers and other elements of the furnace construction. For example, the photo below shows one of the variants of the order scheme of the corner stove.

Corner brick grill - features of construction

Ordering option for the angular barbecue oven
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Note that before proceeding to the formation of the roaster, it is necessary to lift five rows of vertical brickwork. This is done specifically to create a thick brick layer that could retain heat for a long time, reducing heat loss.

But the brazier is not the most important element. The chimney plays a huge role in the brick construction. Although the system of removal of smoke and carbon monoxide gases is always the main one in all furnace structures. It depends on the quality of the chimney, the so-called stove furnace. With an open grill all the same. After all, the heat from the coal is not just burning wood or coal, it is the supply of fresh air to the combustion zone and the removal of smoke with gases upwards. There are certain parameters for the intensity of the removal of combustion products. They should not be exceeded, not reduced. Therefore, in the process of designing a corner barbecue made of brick, it is necessary to relate the dimensions of the brazier with the cross section of the chimney.

Corner brick grill - features of construction

The shape and dimensions of the internal cavity of the chimney brick barbecue

If the cross section of the chimney is less than the required parameter, the smoke will fall from all holes, slots and holes. At the same time, the intensity of burning wood and smoldering of coal will noticeably decrease. If, on the contrary, the cross section of the chimney is larger than necessary, there will be a rapid removal from the combustion zone not only smoke and gases, but also oxygen. Bad again.

The video shows how to tidy up properly when collecting a brick grill:

And one more thing. In any construction of a brick barbecue (barbecue), that is, regardless of whether it has a straight or angular design, it is not possible to form niches without a corner metal profile. That is, in order to form a transition from horizontal brickwork to a vertical one without a supporting wall, the easiest way is to lay a steel corner of 32x32 or 40x40 mm.

Corner brick grill - features of construction

Corner brick grill with a fryer in a broiler
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If the supporting wall is laid in the project, that is, if it is intended to lift not the back wall, but a cabinet before the brazier, then you can do without a metal profile. For example, the photo above shows a variant in which a niche is located under a broiler. In this design it is necessary to use a steel corner, on which the bricks of the brazier bottom will rest.

Pay attention to the same photo. It clearly shows that the niche under the cleaver has an arched vault. This design makes it possible to avoid the use of metal profiles. On the one hand, the smaller the variety of building materials, the better. But on the other hand, the arched arch is a complex structure that requires experience, skills and knowledge of the correctness of the laying.

The photo below shows a part of the angular barbecue grill, which is at the stage of construction of the brazier. Please note that between the lower niche and the top there are two rows of bricks that lie on a steel corner. It is very clearly visible. That is what was mentioned above.

Corner brick grill - features of construction

Steel corner between the roaster and the lower niche of the stove

Features of brickwork

Construction of fireplaces, stoves, barbecues and barbecue, that is, facilities that use open fire, are built by the same rules. Here are the main ones:

  • the firebox or the brazier is built from fireclay refractory brick ;

  • for masonry use a special refractory mixture , which is currently sold in all hardware stores in paper bags and bags;

  • for the construction of the whole construction use ceramic brick ;

  • the thickness of the masonry mortar is 3-4 mm ;

  • between chamotte and conventional brick lay masonry mortar with a thickness up to 6-13 mm, which compensates thermal expansion of different on the density of materials.

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Simple constructions

It is not always possible to build a corner barbecue made of brick with a chimney and adjacent pedestals or table tops. This is a fairly large cash investment. There is a much easier option. For example, the photo below shows a brick grill, the construction of which is very simple.In fact, it is a low brick structure consisting of three walls that form a place for the installation of a metal barbecue. And although the photograph shows a structure located in one direction, it is not a problem to make exactly the same angular type.

Corner brick grill - features of construction

Simple construction of a brick barbecue

A tabletop and pedestals can be attached to this brick structure. But even in this case it will be much cheaper and simpler than to fence a complex construction. At the same time, a simple model of brazier makes it possible to experiment with the preparation of products, if placed from the burning zone of the grill at different heights.

The only minus of simple barbecues is the smoke that comes down from the fuel burning zone. But this is not the biggest drawback. After all, frying meat or vegetables on the grill does not occur every day. So you can suffer. But this inconvenience will depend on the proper placement of the brick structure. Therefore, before planning, designing and building a brick grill, it is necessary to consider its location relative to the wind rose. That is, it should be positioned so that the wind was blowing all the time towards the rear wall.

The video shows the features of laying bricks during the construction of the corner barbecue:

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Conclusion on the topic

If you have a desire to make the suburban area more functional, but at the same time do not reduce its usable area, plus improve the landscape design, then a better structure than the brazier built from a brick in the form of an angular structure, not to be found. A huge number of standard projects will help you choose the best model. But you can order a project to your requirements, taking into account the possibilities of the suburban area itself.


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