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The importance of quality roofing is difficult to overestimate. In order for the roof to not leak and not need to be repaired throughout the entire operational period, due attention must be paid to waterproofing measures. One of the most popular offers on the market for materials for waterproofing flat roofs is the products of the brand "TechnoNIKOL".

pasting, materials, installation features, photo

Materials for waterproofing roofing TechnoNIKOL are often used in construction

Advantages of materials TechnoNIKOL

Thanks to high-quality waterproofing TechnoNIKOL, roof leakage and wear to the roof structure can be avoided.

Here are some advantages of using such a material:

  • Long service life . Previously, ruberoid was widely used, however, waterproofing of TechnoNIKOL for a roof has an operational period of 5 times longer.

  • High installation speed , which is caused by the presence of a self-adhesive base layer. Such material can be laid 3 times faster than the built-up material.

  • Hydrophobic shale coarse-grained topping that protects against ultraviolet rays .

  • Complies with fire safety standards .

  • It is environmentally friendly material.

This material has a protective film that preserves the adhesive properties of the self-adhesive layer.

Materials needed for roof waterproofing

The TechnoNIKOL company manufactures a range of materials used for roofing. Among them are the following:

  • Roofing rolled coatings.

  • Polymeric and profiled membranes .

  • Mastics and primers.

  • Sealants and foam .

pasting, materials, installation features, photo

Liquid mastic for waterproofing a flat roof is evenly distributed over the surface

Water-repellent properties are given to rolled materials. Therefore, when moisture hits the surface, water droplets simply remain on top and are not absorbed into the material. If you use non-hydrophobized dressing, literally after a few years, the roof will have to be repaired.

On our website you can find contacts of construction companies that offer roof repair services. Directly to communicate with representatives, you can visit the exhibition of houses "Low-rise Country".

Rolled waterproofing and its varieties

Waterproofing of a flat roof TechnoNIKOL is produced in rolls 1 meter wide and 8 meters long and more. Weight is 5 kg / m 2 .

Such material is produced in the following variants:

  • Premium Class . Such materials are used only where there are increased requirements for strength and reliability, as well as where guarantees are necessary.

  • Business Class . It is also a very reliable material that is widely used throughout the country.

  • Standard of class . This class is a good combination of price and quality. Due to the popularity of this material, as well as wide demand for it, there is now a wide range of similar products.

pasting, materials, installation features, photo

The process of laying roll waterproofing on the roof of a private house
  • Economy class . It is used if there is a need to create a roof, which will not necessarily differ in high strength and waterproofing characteristics. Of course, we are not talking about private homes.

  • Subeconomy of class . They are used to create temporary structures.

The service life of the first of the above materials is up to 30 years, and that of the Subeconomic class - 5 years.

In addition to standard materials for protection against moisture, there are also analogues, which also include soundproof qualities. It is reasonable to use them on buildings located in the industrial zone, as well as if there is a road or railway nearby.

Waterproofing for a wooden flat roof

Unlike pitched structures, water or snow can accumulate on a flat surface, so it is necessary that the waterproofing be airtight.

pasting, materials, installation features, photo

The built-in waterproofing will carefully cover the surface of the roof from moisture penetration

The wooden roof itself consists of truss legs located at some distance from each other from friend. Perpendicular to them mounted sparse crate. Then the wooden flooring is laid. Since the waterproofing of the roof TechnoNIKOL stacks without the use of open fire, it can be successfully used for wooden structures.

The presence of self-adhesive edges makes it possible as simply as possible to achieve complete tightness of the waterproofing being laid.

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Waterproofing on reinforced concrete

A reinforced concrete slab that fits horizontally can also serve as a roof overlap. For a flat roof, a slight slope is needed, and it is created using expanded clay. As the rolled waterproofing material needs a solid base, a concrete screed with mandatory reinforcement is poured over the expanded clay.

pasting, materials, installation features, photo

Roof waterproofing scheme with reinforced concrete slabs

Work execution procedure

Work with waterproofing waterproofing TechnoNIKOL possible carry out at air temperature above + 10 ° С. If you are overlapping an existing roof, then first you need to remove the old coating and clean the surface from debris and dust. To ensure the performance of waterproofing work, it is necessary to prime the surface. For this, a bituminous primer is used (well, if it is water based).

The roll material is laid parallel to the bottom-up slope. In order not to be mistaken in the measurements, at first the roll is rolled on the surface of the roof and only after fitting it is cut off. Removing the protective film you need to iron the waterproofing roller or brush. This allows you to lay it flat and to ensure maximum contiguity to the surface.

pasting, materials, installation features, photo

The waterproofing coating must fit snugly to the surface of the roof

Each successive row will overlap by 10 cm. End face overlaps must also be performed special care. It is very important to remove the dressing and drown it in bitumen. At the place of formation of overlap, it is necessary to apply a layer of bitumen mastic, and when gluing, carefully roll the joint with a roller. End overlaps should be more - 15 cm. If in the next rows it is necessary to create joints, it is important to ensure that the distance between them exceeds 50 cm.

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Some more facts

In order to avoid deformation of materials, as well as their premature destruction, it is necessary to store waterproofing for roofing works in a vertical position at temperatures from -35 ° C to + 35 ° C. It should be protected not only from direct sunlight, but also from moisture and precipitation.

Rolled waterproofing is often placed in one rather than two layers, which increases the speed of the waterproofing work.

About the features of TechnoNIKOL waterproofing and the rules for laying materials in video:

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In conclusion

Waterproofing materials of the TechnoNIKOL trademark is one of the most popular offers on the market. But although the company makes waterproofing as simple as possible for installation, there are quite a few nuances of its application. Therefore, in order for the roof to function properly during the entire operational period, it is better to entrust the repair of the roof to professionals.

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