The device flower beds - the stages of creation

The article will discuss how the arrangement of flower beds is carried out, how the type of the described landscape design element is selected, how the planting project is developed, how plants should be planted, and how to take care of them. Photos and videos clearly demonstrate the variety of ready-made solutions.

The device flower beds - the stages of creation

The flower bed is a spectacular decoration of the local area

Creation stages

When creating landscape design, different techniques are used, different elements of gardening. One of them - the device beds and flower beds. They are created by planting flowering plants. In this way, accent zones, bright spots are formed, which become a real decoration of the garden. In order for the described type of gardening to look spectacular, it is important to create all the existing rules and regulations in its creation, to take into account the soil and climatic conditions of the area.

The arrangement of flower beds is carried out in five stages:

  • First, the type of bed is determined.

  • Then plan-project is developed, the flower bed is taken out according to the created drawing.

  • After the planting of plants is made.

  • It ends with a long period with colors and leaving behind them.

The device flower beds - the stages of creation

The original organization of the flower garden

Selecting the type of bed

There are a large number of options flower garden designs. In landscape compositions, regular flowerbeds and flower beds of a free configuration are often used. The first differ from the second in strict geometric shapes and relatively small size. For their creation, pilots and biennials, carpet-linear and pottery-casing cultures are often used. The second are filled with large space (from 80 m² and more). For the indicated purposes, plants are used which, when flowering, help to form one color. These can be tulips or chrysanthemums, phloxes or peonies. Such plants retain their decorative throughout the vegetative period, when the buds go off, the texture and color of the leaves comes to the fore.

The device flower beds - the stages of creation

The flower bed of a free configuration

Flower beds ranging from 5 to 50 m² are called groups . They always have free shapes. The main emphasis is not the form, but the inner filling. Sometimes simple groups are created by planting plants of the same crop. Complex groups are created from plants that bloom at different times of the season. In addition, flower growers use different types of height to fill them. They place the highest in the center, and the lowest on the sides of the curb. In this way the volume is created.

  • Mixborders - flower beds ranging from 3 to 5 m². They are formed with the help of group planting of different plants, repeated at a specific interval. The form of such a flower bed can be different, inside it can be flowers and beautiful grass. There are flat mixborders, volumetric and stepped. Such decoration elements always look very impressive: due to the presence of different plant species, the flowerbeds can bloom from spring to late autumn. Often, stone boulders, crushed stone, mulch, coarse sand, any other bulk material are used for additional decoration in mixborders.

The device flower beds - the stages of creation

Volumetric large mixborders
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  • Tapeworms are flower beds that are organized in the middle of a green lawn, around a branching tree, near the walls of a house. They are created by planting large-sized plants (rhubarb, peony, bokkoniya).

  • Parterias are flower gardens that make up a regular composition. They often have a strict geometric shape, are always formed from decorative perennials and perennials, have a clear outline border. It can be made of different materials: it is made of brick, filled with concrete, lined with stone, or simply formed with special plastic tape.

The device flower beds - the stages of creation

Parter flower beds always have a strict geometric shape
  • Rabatki - flower beds, similar to long rectangular ribbons. Their width varies from 50 cm to three meters. Such landings are located along the walking paths. Can be made as a multi-row planting of a single plant species or several.

  • Borders are narrow elongated flower beds up to 50 cm wide. They are created as a border around other plantings, used as decoration of all the above-mentioned types of flowerbeds.

The device flower beds - the stages of creation

Bright border tape framing a large element of the landscape composition

Developing a plan-project - possible schemes planting flowers

In order to make it possible to design and maintain flower gardens, you must first make a clear plan for planting by selecting a seedling scheme. There are a large number of possible combinations of plants in a flower bed. The easiest way to make a monochrome flower garden. To create it, you need to choose flowers of the same shade and plant them in a heap in groups within the delineated boundaries.

If necessary, complicate the design, experts advise to choose plants of different heights. The highest (phlox, for example) are planted in the center. Around them are lower plants (meadow peoargonia), closer to the border are those that spread along the ground (pansies).

The device flower beds - the stages of creation

Monochrome flower bed of circular shape
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The flowerbeds on which flowers bloom are contrasting in color look very impressive. You can create beautiful flower beds from plants with leaves of different colors. Beautifully look compositions within which the color smoothly replaces each other. If you pick up similar shades in range, you will be able to create a truly decorative ornament.

The device flower beds - the stages of creation

Original contrasting flower bed of triangular shape

When creating a multi-tiered flower bed that can cover and divert attention from an ugly fence, you can use the "scheme for impatient people. " It involves planting plants that will grow in a few months and will form a very lush, colorful decoration. Making a plan project, it is necessary to place a stock rose on the background, plant a decorative sunflower next to them, in front of them Irish poppy and lobelia, and then a catnip, a bell of the Poskhar, a blue katananha, stonecrop and geyher.

For the implementation of the plan, it is important to pre-make the markings corresponding to the drawing, to form a border, after before planting it is important to prepare the ground.

The device flower beds - the stages of creation

An interesting example of a complex multi-tiered planting


The seat is prepared two weeks before the main works Planned area is pre-cleared of debris It is important to dig the ground, remove from it all the stones and old roots, well loosen and fertilize with potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus. Liberally pour and leave the soil for self-drying.

The device flower beds - the stages of creation

Marking and planting flowering seedlings

Immediately before planting, the excavation is pulled out, its bottom is loosened to a depth of 15 cm comes back. Soil leveled rake. Then, with the help of white sanding, zones and sectors of planting of various plants are designated. They are planted strictly according to the scheme of the necessary plants. It is important to plant those that will winter in the ground in early autumn (before September 15). In the southern regions, this period can be extended until September 25.

The number of bulbs or seeds is determined depending on the variety of the selected plant, its size and root system. For example, large perennials should be planted in two pieces per square meter, average three in three pieces, low in six pieces, ground cover up to fifteen pieces per square meter.

The video shows how they decorate city streets with flowers:

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Planting of seedlings should not be carried out with deep penetration of the horse system. This will adversely affect flowering. Shallow planting will lead to freezing processes. The depth of planting the bulb is calculated by the formula (no deeper than three bulb sizes).

Perennials need to be seated. For this, the adult plant is completely dug out of the soil, neatly divided into 4-5 equal parts, so that each has five buds. Each is then planted in the prepared soil in accordance with the flower garden.

The device flower beds - the stages of creation

Seedlings of letniki planted in the ground with a lump of earth

Letniki planted with seedlings. You can buy it in special nurseries. You can grow yourself from seed. It is possible to immerse seedlings in the soil at the stage of flowering with a comedian of the earth. It is important to water the soil beforehand, then dig holes that are large enough to fit the roots completely without a bend; the seedling needs to be dipped a little deeper than the horse collar. Seedlings should be kept in a moist environment under a covered bedspread.

It is better to water the flower beds after five hours in the evening or in the morning. It is important to moisten the soil in such a way that water can penetrate to a depth of 25 cm. Once a month it is important to wash the plants themselves.After watering the soil must be mulched with peat chips, mixed with sand in equal quantities. This layer will help contain water evaporation and prevent the formation of a crust.

The device flower beds - the stages of creation

Peat crumb for mulching faded buds, remove dried stalks with your hands, wash off dirt from plants, constantly loosen the soil, apply fertilizer in time, protect planting from pests. As needed, you will have to “repair” flower gardens: remove dead plants and replace them with new seedlings. The maintenance of flower gardens is a troublesome business, it requires some attention and a waste of free time. But for those for whom the creation of flower gardens is a hobby, it will be easy to perform such work.

The video tells you how to care for a flower bed, when and how to feed:

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Generalization on the topic

Beds and flower beds are a surprisingly beautiful element that is often used in landscape design. The device of such compositions should begin with drawing up a project of planting selected plants and its transfer to the ground. If everything is done correctly, a corner will appear on the site. He will invariably attract the eye, and delight throughout the warm period. For the proper development of plants need a bed to constantly keep clean, regularly water the flowers and loosen the ground. These are essential ingredients for proper care.


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