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During the construction and design of a country cottage it is very important to correctly determine the architectural style. Many homeowners choose a calm and restrained classic. Some closer ethnic direction. But lately, increasingly, preference has been given to functional modern styles, and perhaps the most courageous and expressive of them is the loft. It combines modern design and interior industrial premises. In this article we will talk about how to design a house in the style of a loft, how to revet it outside and how to decorate it inside.

projects, interior, 35 interesting ideas

Loft-style house

What is the loft style

Despite the fact that this direction originated in In the first half of the last century, it became popular only in recent years in domestic country construction. To understand the essence of a loft, you need to know the history of its appearance. It all started in New York, when the jump in real estate prices forced entrepreneurs to withdraw their production from the city center to the outskirts and free industrial buildings. The premises in the factory and factory buildings, and especially their upper floors attracted New York bohemia. Thanks to their large size, high ceilings and good lighting, these rooms turned into excellent workshops.

Gradually, workshops in industrial buildings were settled down and became something average between housing and a fashionable art studio. Currently, the first lofts have become so legendary and elite that they are no longer available for creative bohemia. Now they live successful lawyers and financiers. And the style itself has become widespread as a bold alternative to the correct and boring classics.

projects, interior, 35 interesting ideas

A classic loft with concrete walls

Characteristics of the style

Loft (industrial style) is characterized by a combination of opposites - expensive finishes and coarse production materials, high artistry and complete disregard for it, urban elements and the latest technologies. There are several main features of this style that must be considered when using it.

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Loft-style houses are designed with a minimum number of partitions. All rooms that can be combined - are combined. First of all it concerns the daytime group of premises, including the entrance hall, living room, dining room and kitchen. Often, an office or workshop is settled here.

Sleeping rooms can also be combined with rooms for other purposes. For example, part of a spacious bedroom may be reserved for an office, library or dressing room.

projects, interior, 35 interesting ideas

The layout of the house-studio in the industrial style


Spacious rooms are usually divided into functional areas by a contrasting combination of colors and textures of the finish, as well as differences in the level of the floor or ceiling. However, the absence of any zoning is characteristic of the interior of a loft-style house. Separate zones simply exist in a single space without distinction. Here it is important not to “cut” the space, but to preserve it.

High ceilings allow you to divide the room vertically and equip the second level (mezzanine). The upper level is reserved for the placement of cozy bedrooms. You can make a small library or just a place to relax.

projects, interior, 35 interesting ideas

Bed-mezzanine in the living room

If zoning is done using partitions, then they usually choose material that does not "eat up "space. This is primarily glass (transparent or frosted), as well as metal and mirrors.

projects, interior, 35 interesting ideas

Transparent sliding partition


For loft-style houses there are large panoramic windows without drapery, and open plan provides natural light from two or three sides. In some cases, guest zones are designed that are lit from all four sides. The height of the premises makes it possible to make living rooms and studios with a second upper light.

Artificial lighting is selected in such a way as to make the room even larger. Ceiling lamps are used mainly, and quite rarely - wall. Lamps are installed with bright but diffused white light. The only exceptions are bedrooms where lamps with a muffled glow can be used.

Lighting devices are mainly modern in design and installed in whole lines. The exceptions are individual original lamps that perform the function of an accent in the interior.

projects, interior, 35 interesting ideas

Lighting option for the living room
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The walls in the loft interior are surfaces without a fine finish. In modern homes, facial trim is used, but it often mimics rough brickwork or concrete wall covered with simple whitewash or paint.

The floors in the original version of the loft were mostly concrete. But this is not practical and uncomfortable. In modern houses, this style of flooring is usually wooden, lined with blackboard. Sometimes they are laid out of stone or made bulk.

Wiring, a ventilation system, and roof rafters can be laid along high ceilings. All this does not hide inside the walls and ceiling, but is left open. Often, decorative ceiling beams and elements of ventilation pipes are installed to give the interior an urban character.

projects, interior, 35 interesting ideas

Ceiling beams as a design element

Wood trim is quite suitable for an industrial style. It is especially relevant when using the loft design in a wooden house. But you shouldn’t completely finish all walls with panels or board, brick or concrete surfaces must be present in the industrial interior.


Loft style does not accept decorations. It is minimalistic and functional. Its variety arises due to the use of non-standard solutions. For example, referring to the original appearance of the habitable factory attics are various heaters, fireplaces simplified in form, and even barrels of fire. These are the elements of decor and are used for the design of the premises.

Originality is very important for a loft. Therefore, it is advisable to come up with a special "highlight" for the interior, something that will become an individual distinctive feature of this particular house. For example, on the wall may be a graphic author’s drawing in charcoal or chalk. In the corner of the living room can stand a street lamp or an old telephone booth. These road signs, as well as garden benches, deck chairs, chain swings will do.

projects, interior, 35 interesting ideas

Original industrial-style decoration


This style requires the use of strictly seasoned and limited color gamut. Usually choose two or three contrasting colors and beat them. The main colors are gray, black, white, brick.

Red or blue shades are used to emphasize the interior. Often in the loft, silver paints are used that go well with glass and metal surfaces. But often loft-style rooms are made out in the same color as a pair of bright accents.

projects, interior, 35 interesting ideas

Standard color scheme of the interior in industrial style


When choosing furniture, one of two fundamentally different is used approaches. The first of them is the selection of a minimum set of interior items with the most modern design. And the furniture should be restrained in design and multi-functional.

Another approach involves choosing furniture with an outdated design that is associated with past cultural eras. These can be items with a shabby surface, peeling paint, or missing parts.

projects, interior, 35 interesting ideas

Designer home furniture in the loft style
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Main directions

In the course of its development, this style was divided into several directions. The main ones are:

  • glamor;

  • industrial;

  • boho-loft.

Industrial direction

It requires a minimum of means and effort to recreate. To get an interior in the style of an industrial loft, it is enough to furnish a room with high ceilings and without decorative finishing with simple hermetic furniture without excesses and fill the space with some elements creating the atmosphere of an industrial building.

As a decor, wires, chains, wooden trusses, valves and pipes connected to nodes will be suitable. All this, when properly applied, creates a rather powerful flavor. Instead of a wardrobe, it is recommended to install open hangers and racks. However, to feel comfortable and confident in such an environment, you need to have a certain character or great love for modern architectural art.

projects, interior, 35 interesting ideas

Industrial loft with an open ventilation system

Glamorous direction

Differs from other directions in the use of pastel shades in the palette . The design of the house in the loft style, in its glamorous version, can be made not in the traditional gray-white scale, but, for example, with a combination of white and beige or orange.

In a glamorous loft, accents in the form of lampshades and lamp shades are particularly important. There should be a lot of them, and all of them must certainly be unusual and memorable.You can use the original furniture, for example, in the Baroque style, which will contrast with the rough decoration of the room. It is important that the furniture was flashyly expensive, otherwise it will not work out enough effective contrast with the factory wall decoration.

Despite the fact that the glamorous loft allows the use of soft colors and decorations, it is, in fact, even more eccentric than its basic version. The thing is even more bold combinations of the incompatible. Accept this style, without having the qualifications of a designer, is quite difficult. There is a risk of getting an unaesthetic interior vinaigrette. But for professional architects, he reveals wide possibilities in creating unique artistic solutions.

projects, interior, 35 interesting ideas

Glamorous loft in the interior of a modern house

Boho-loft (bohemian style)

From a simple loft, bohemian The style is characterized by the presence of art objects in the interior. These are mainly paintings, sculptures and photos of unknown, but talented authors of our time. All these elements must be selected with artistic taste. In addition, posters, experimental or underground theaters, posters in the style of pop art, etc. are hung on the walls.

The main rule here is no extra items and no "consumer goods". It is better to let the rooms look empty and ascetic, than furnish with furniture and decor without any particular artistic idea. Furniture and décor are purchased at antique stores or at flea markets. Suitable worn furniture made of expensive wood and leather, as well as items with forging elements.

projects, interior, 35 interesting ideas

Unique boho loft
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Living room

In a loft-style house, the living room is a single room that can accommodate an entrance hall, dining room, kitchen and the living room itself. It should have large windows and high ceilings. This whole area can be designed in the most daring way, as it is designed for daytime stay and has no special design rules such as a bedroom or a nursery.

No matter what techniques are chosen for the design of the living room, one of its walls must be decorated with brickwork. The brick wall is the loft's calling card. And recently, this style has become so popular and recognizable that now, in order to designate it, even a small fragment of a brick wall is enough.

projects, interior, 35 interesting ideas

Fragment of a brick wall in the interior

Since the standard methods for distinguishing zones in the loft are almost not used, zoning is carried out mainly the correct placement of furniture. It is not at all difficult to do. So, the territory of the kitchen is limited to its working area. Dining area, in the form of a dining table and a set of chairs is located next to the kitchen. Place the living room - at the window or exit to the terrace.

A massive sofa with a wide but squat table is suitable for arranging a guest area. In general, all the furniture in this part of the house should be quite large, otherwise it will look bad against the background of a spacious room with a wide glazing. The interior design of a country house in the style of a loft requires non-standard solutions. And this is especially true of the "heart" of the home - the living room.

projects, interior, 35 interesting ideas

Living room in industrial style

One of the characteristic elements of the interior of a living room in a loft style is an open fireplace. It should either resemble primitive devices for heating factory premises, or have an unusual original design.

projects, interior, 35 interesting ideas

Fireplace in the interior design of the living room


In the bedroom, you need to create a soothing and cozy interior. Even if it is a loft style bedroom. If the design of the living room is rather pronounced style features, then in the bedroom you can use only a slight hint of it. The walls can be simply plastered. Ideal - artificially aged and worn plaster. The floor in the bedroom, of course, should not be concrete or liquid. It should be covered with floorboard of any natural color.

projects, interior, 35 interesting ideas

The bedroom in the loft style

The furniture in the bedroom should be at a minimum. At the same time it should be quite massive. A large bed with a high headboard will look good. Suitable in the form of simple cabinets made of natural wood. Instead of a cabinet, it is better to install an open storage system.

It is important that wide aisles remain between pieces of furniture. If you put them close, the main effect of the loft will be lost. However, this does not apply to bedrooms furnished on the upper level of the living room.

A bedroom is a private room, an intimate zone of the owners. However, in a loft, it can be combined into a common space at home as well as a kitchen or dining room. Of course, this option is not for everyone.But with proper zoning and high-quality heating, the combined bedroom can be very convenient and comfortable.

Loft-style bedroom


When finishing the kitchen, you can safely use the most practical materials - stone, ceramics, glass metal Chrome kitchen equipment is ideal. All utensils should be hidden in cabinets. In sight, you can leave a couple of items that emphasize the selected architectural style.

Loft-style kitchen


To decorate a dining room, simply place a wide dining table and chairs next to the kitchen. The dining area for reference to the interior of the factory canteens should be designed for a large number of seats (at least 6).

It is possible to designate the dining area with separate lighting. In this part of the house, round lamps with long chains will be especially appropriate. There should be several of them.

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Loft style is considered too informal and extreme for the design of children's rooms. In fact, it can be very interesting to beat, soften and stylize. The result will be a very stylish and cozy children’s room. A hint at the loft can be a wall decorated with brickwork and lamps that look like street ones. But the most important thing is that this style allows you to use the center of the room to accommodate items of interior that are not accepted in other styles - swings, sports equipment, etc.

Loft style children


In the bathroom, you need to apply the decoration of ceramics, made under the old worn tiles. Here, too, would be appropriate brick wall. It is advisable to avoid plastic parts; instead, use as many shiny metal elements as possible.

A bathroom, if there is enough space, can be placed in the center of the room, lifting it up using a small podium. However, it should be round or oval. The contrast of rough walls and smooth round bathroom always looks great.

Loft style bathroom


Loft-style houses are designed in a simple rectangular shape, with wide glazing, often one-story and with a flat roof. But for those cases when you need to build a small cottage in the style of a loft or a large house on a compact plot, there are projects of two-story or attic buildings.

projects, interior, 35 interesting ideas

Compact loft-style house

If a loft house is designed with an attic, then it should have a simple gable roof . At the same time in the guest area is often planned double light.

projects, interior, 35 interesting ideas

Living room with a second light

In houses with a flat roof, a roof terrace is often provided with metal or glass fences.

projects, interior, 35 interesting ideas

Terrace on the flat roof of the house

Materials such as baked bricks, concrete and even metal are used to embody a daring and brutal loft. These wall materials as possible leave without exterior furnish. If the building needs to be further warmed and protected from external influence, the simplest facing is chosen.

Perfectly convey the mood of a building style in which different wall materials are combined, for example, brick, concrete and metal.

projects, interior, 35 interesting ideas

The facade of the house in the loft style

The houses in the style of a loft, constructed in whole or in part from sea containers, are very expressive.

projects, interior, 35 interesting ideas

Sea Container House

There is a softer version of the loft as a modern architectural style. It allows the asymmetry of the silhouette of the building, finishing with light plaster or facade board, the use of modern and aesthetic finishing materials.

projects, interior, 35 interesting ideas

Modern loft-style house

Project of a small one-story house

Below is a variant of the project of a small one-story house in loft style. This example shows how all the rooms in the guest area can be combined. However, the sleeping area here is taken out in a separate wing and is designed according to the usual design rules. The second bedroom is designed for guests of the house, but it can be arranged as a nursery.

projects, interior, 35 interesting ideas

Project of a one-story house

Project of a large two-story house

The next project was designed for a family of several people . The plan provides everything for work at home - there is a small reception at the entrance of the group and an office in the depths of the first floor.

The most important element of this layout is a spacious living room with double light, wide glazing and access to the terrace. On the second floor there are two rooms, which in fact are fully equipped with separate apartments.

projects, interior, 35 interesting ideas

Spacious loft-style house

Project of a compact square house

The following draft version is proposed that fully complies basic loft rules. The designed house has a rational square shape, it has a large living room with a second light, flowing into the kitchen-dining room. In the planning with maximum benefit distributed all the internal space of the house. Loft-style houses, the projects of which are designed specifically to embody this style, are usually very simple and concise.

projects, interior, 35 interesting ideas

Project of a rational home in a loft style

Interior examples

projects, interior, 35 interesting ideas

Living room with dining room with ceiling beams

projects, interior, 35 interesting ideas

Bedroom with bright color accents

projects, interior, 35 interesting ideas

Living room with brick wall and fireplace

projects, interior, 35 interesting ideas

A cozy loft in gray-brown

projects, interior, 35 interesting ideas

Loft in the industrial area

projects, interior, 35 interesting ideas

The original solution of the guest area

projects, interior, 35 interesting ideas

A loft-style house with white walls

projects, interior, 35 interesting ideas

A loft house with a second light

projects, interior, 35 interesting ideas

Loft studio with a mezzanine

projects, interior, 35 interesting ideas

Living room with a spiral staircase
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Loft style differs from most other styles used in the construction and decoration of country houses with bold solutions and contrasting combinations. That is what he attracts people who want to have housing with individual and unique design.


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