Domokomplekt frame house from the factory: the advantages, types, choice

Frame technologies have recently been increasingly used for the construction of residential buildings. The domokomplekt frame house from the factory is a set of wall panels, floors based on dry treated wood. All components are produced according to a strictly specified size according to the project and are treated with a solution that provides fire resistance and biological protection. The design is assembled with galvanized fasteners: nails or plates.

Domokomplekt frame house from the factory: the advantages, types, choice

Project of a house set of a frame house

Advantages of frame buildings

The house set of a frame house is quite often used in the USA and European countries, there are many buildings built on this technology. It has a number of undeniable advantages, which include:

  1. Savings on the basis. The ease of construction allows you to save a lot when pouring the base. In addition, frame structures are more resistant to seasonal movements of the base, which occur during the heaving of the soil.
  2. Construction is carried out in the shortest possible time. You can fully build a house in 2-3 months, while it will take at least six months to build a brick building.
  3. The room does not need to shrink. For houses on the basis of timber, cinder blocks or bricks, it is necessary to shrink before starting facing procedures. Because of this, the alignment and surface warming will not work right away, which means that you will not be able to move to a new house right away. Frame house set allows you to move into a new building immediately after the completion of construction work.
  4. No need for construction equipment, which will save money. All structural elements are small and light, so you can lift and move them on your own.
  5. The frame construction has excellent seismic resistance, this is ensured by the absence of rigid links between the structural elements. Also, wood materials have a good level of flexibility, which allows them to withstand heavy loads without damage.
  6. Frame buildings have excellent energy efficiency, since wood coatings have low thermal conductivity.
  7. Environmental friendliness. When built using frame technologies, only natural materials are used, the radiation level of which does not exceed 15%. For brick or concrete based houses, this figure is much higher.
  8. The frame house sets allow you to hide all communications inside the walls without special expenses. Replacing engineering networks after construction is complete will also not cause problems.
  9. Long service life. Manufacturers claim that the building will last at least 50 years, but with proper care, the house can stand up to 100 years.
  10. Variety. A large number of projects with a detailed plan that allows you to complete the construction, even a novice in the construction craft.
  11. The possibility of redevelopment in the finished house.

More information about the construction of houses from factory house sets can be found in this video:

Species of house sets

Frame house set from the factory has enough many varieties. The most popular types are:

  • Classic frame option. The assembly of elements is carried out according to the Scandinavian technology. The kit includes racks, lezhny, crossbars and diagonal braces, prepared in advance and assembled by the manufacturer. For the construction you only need to form the walls according to the instructions.
  • Frame-panel version. Differs panel walls, which were pre-made by the manufacturer. The panel consists of racks and base, and from the outside is protected by a special finish. Assembling using such a kit is quick and easy as the walls are already knocked down and ready to be installed.
  • Canadian Household Kit.
  • Finnish house set.
  • Self-assembly kits.

Domokomplekt frame house from the factory: the advantages, types, choice

Classic frame house set
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Also, the house structure of the frame house from the factory must be accompanied by documentation, which includes:

  1. The frame construction project. It includes a complete installation instruction, detailed drawings and their descriptions, an overview of the materials used, the type of base and the type of cladding.
  2. Plans. Consist of the location of elements and engineering communications.
  3. Drawings. Detailed schemes of fastening all the structural elements among themselves.
  4. Construction estimates. It describes the amount of necessary materials and the cost of their purchase.

Canadian house set

The sets of such buildings are made on the basis of CIP panels.They are highly durable, which eliminates the use of the frame. The features of this kit include:

  1. SIP-panels are produced by gluing two sheets of OSB, bars, internal frame and insulation material. Insulation is often foam polystyrene, its minimum thickness is 150 mm, and the thickness of the whole sheet is usually within 170 mm. The strength of the panel is ensured by gluing wooden beams.
  2. Production of these sets is carried out using high-tech equipment in the factory.
  3. Every detail is cut from the slabs according to the project drawings. This allows you to accurately calculate the size of each element.
  4. Door and window openings are cut out on special equipment using laser technology.
  5. At the ends of the elements there is a groove, where the installation of wooden bars will be carried out.
  6. A large part of the building will consist of the panels: exterior walls, ceiling and floor ceilings, interior partitions.
  7. Polystyrene is used for structural insulation. Its thickness may vary.

Domokomplekt frame house from the factory: the advantages, types, choice

Canadian house set

The remaining structural elements are made on the basis of a softwood timber by size according to the project. Windows can have any filler, according to the personal preferences of the customer. All components are treated with special solutions that provide protection against the formation of mold or mildew, as well as fire resistance.

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Finnish Domkomplekt

Such products are of high quality and use of exclusively natural and environmentally friendly materials. Panels and partitions are made of wood, insulation based on basalt wool or ecowool. Expanded polystyrene is often used for external surface insulation.

Domokomplekt frame house from the factory: the advantages, types, choice

Finnish house-set

The scheme of a typical wall panel of a Finnish house set is as follows:

  1. Outdoor plate . It is made on the basis of OSB, its thickness is 15 mm. Differs in the excellent durability and protection against influence of moisture. It is subject to facing with use of various materials.
  2. Basalt-based insulation. Its thickness is usually within 150 mm. The advantages of such insulation can include a long service life, environmental safety, excellent thermal insulation and sound insulation parameters. Also such material does not ignite.
  3. Vapor barrier. Provides protection from wind, steam and waterproofing surfaces and roofs. Thanks to this layer condensate will not accumulate on the surface.
  4. Interior trim. It is a gypsum chipboard 10 mm thick. The composition includes wood chips, a small amount of water and gypsum.
  5. Frame stand. The base is a dry planed board with dimensions of 45 by 145 mm. Installation is carried out between the inner and outer panels with an interval of about 0.5 cm. Provides additional rigidity to the frame.
  6. End beam. Panels are sutured using timber. The bars and windows are also inserted into the window and door openings, they facilitate the attachment of additional elements to them.

All components of the structure are manufactured in the factory according to project drawings. Unlike the Canadian variety, glue connectors are not used in the Finnish house set. Sheets of panels are stitched with nails and staples. The material has excellent vapor barrier and waterproofing properties. Wooden elements are treated with special solutions that provide protection from fire and bacteria.

House sets for self-assembly

Any frame house, the assembly kit of which does not consist of large panels can be built on its own, carefully following the instructions and recommendations. Although this process takes more time, it will be a good idea to save money. There is the possibility of ordering a kit with various components. Standard domokomplekty includes the following components:

  1. Lower harness timber. It provides holes for the installation of parts for the thorn-groove technology.
  2. Top trim of the beam.
  3. Lags for overlapping surfaces.
  4. Rafters.
  5. Materials for the production of shields. Made according to the sizes provided for in the project. There is the possibility of ordering ready-made boards with insulation.
  6. Elements for the ceiling of the required size.
  7. Components of roof lathing.
  8. All fasteners.
  9. Detailed project documentation with plans, schemes, recommendations for installation and fastening.

Domokomplekt frame house from the factory: the advantages, types, choice

Domokomlekt for self-collection

All elements of this set are numbered, which significantly simplifies the construction work. Also it will turn out well to save on the team of builders. But this choice has a number of drawbacks:

  • A rather long construction phase.
  • High complexity of the process.
  • Climate dependence.

Is the frame house 15 days a reality or a hoax? The process of assembling a house can be found in the following video:

Choosing a frame house set

Choosing components at home is a serious task that affects the quality and the life of the building. It will be necessary to take into account the following nuances:

  1. Weather conditions of the area where construction will be carried out. From this factor depends on the choice of materials, insulation, thickness of surfaces, waterproofing characteristics.
  2. Seismic activity. May need to use more durable construction and type of base.
  3. Type of soil. The choice of the foundation directly depends on it.
  4. Groundwater level. Depending on this factor, it will be possible to build a basement, to avoid waterproofing, to choose another foundation.
  5. Designer wishes of the owner. The complexity of the room design, the choice of materials for external and internal cladding will depend on this.
  6. Recommendations from specialists and people living in this field.
  7. Personal construction skills and experience in carrying out facing procedures. Some knowledge will help to save money.
  8. Financial capabilities of the buyer.

Domokomplekt frame house from the factory: the advantages, types, choice

Building a house from a frame house

Based on these factors, manufacturers provide the following configurations:

  • Low budget. The kit includes only the most necessary materials to create a frame. The warming and finishing elements are absent.
  • Economy class. The kit includes all components of the design, wall panels and insulation. The walls are made in a wooden frame, and the overlap of timber. Materials for outer and inner lining are not provided.
  • Standard. Includes all components for the construction of buildings, facing materials are also included.
  • Suite. Panel floors are made with filling. Durability and moisture protection significantly increased. The set, in addition to facing materials, includes elements for drainage and engineering communications.

Domokomplekt frame house from the factory: the advantages, types, choice

House project from the house set

If the customer so desires, there is the possibility of combining sets. You can also purchase small-panel or large-panel components. Large materials allow you to finish construction faster, but for their installation it is necessary to use special construction equipment. Small panels are lightweight and small, so several people can handle their transportation and installation.

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To buy a house-complete set of a frame house is an easy task today, because they are available on the market in a wide range. The selection includes offers designed for a different budget of the buyer. When buying, you need to take into account other factors: features of the site, the needs and preferences of tenants.

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