Ladders for giving: versions, materials, finishing

The staircase in the house is not only an important structural element in a high-rise building, but also a significant component of the interior. Thanks to various combinations of materials and constructive solutions in installation, it is possible to achieve high quality and uniqueness of the staircase device.

Ladders for giving: versions, materials, finishing

Project of a staircase in a private house

What are the types of stairs

All stairs to give, based on their design features can be divided into 5 types:

  1. Marching.
  2. Screw.
  3. Ladder on the bridge.
  4. Duck pitch.
  5. Attic.


The most common in modern high-rise buildings is the flight. The name comes from its design - marches. This design is best to install in places where there is a large amount of free space. In other cases, the installation of the flight of stairs is difficult and does not make much sense. What is its feature? This is a straight staircase consisting of marches. Each march consists of steps, in the amount of from 3 to 15. If the number of steps is greater, then climbing to the next floor will be very tedious. Most often no more than 11 steps are mounted, and an intermediate platform is made, the width not exceeding the march itself.

Ladders for giving: versions, materials, finishing

Marching Staircase

Also, the Flight Staircase can be of 2 types: closed, when there are risers and open, when there are accordingly, no.


A spiral staircase for a private house is mainly installed in a confined space. It is a column around which steps are set. The width of the steps should be not less than 27-30 cm, since otherwise discomfort will be felt during the ascent. Spiral staircases are also a very cheap option, since their production does not use as much material as on the main flight. They also do not require a strong load-bearing wall.

Ladders for giving: versions, materials, finishing

Spiral staircase

The main advantage can be called the aesthetics of the spiral design.

Important! It is not recommended to install spiral-shaped structures in places where residents will often carry things and other dimensional cargo, as well as if there are children in the house. This is not only inconvenient, but in some cases dangerous.

Ladder on the road

It has a very beautiful and pleasant appearance. To a person who first saw such a ladder, it may seem that it is not reliable, but it is not. Properly designed ladder can withstand a mass of about 180 kg. Its name comes from the word "bolt" - bolts. Steps are attached to the bolts, and then lean on the wall. Also the steps go a bit overlap.

Ladders for giving: versions, materials, finishing

Ladder on the Boats

This option will perfectly fit into a futuristic or modern design.

On our website you can find contacts of construction companies that offer the service of designing houses. Directly to communicate with representatives, you can visit the exhibition of houses "Low-rise Country".

"Duck pitch"

If there is not enough space in the house, then the "duck pitch" is the most optimal option. A modular design, as a rule, has a rise of 45 degrees, but there are also structures with a 70 degree rise. For her, you can freely choose materials, almost all of them are suitable for maintaining the interior style, but it is worth remembering about security. If there is enough space in the house, then it is better to bypass this option side, as it is not the most convenient to use.

Ladders for giving: versions, materials, finishing

Staircase "duck step"

Attic stairs

They are also called attic, because they are mainly used to rise to the attic. They can not be called stationary, because to use them, you must first lower. By construction, they are divided into:

  • parade (the slope is 45 degrees),
  • compact (the slope is from 45 to 60 degrees),
  • steep (rise vertically up; step-ladders).

Ladders for giving: versions, materials, finishing

Attic stairs

They are also perfect if the whole house is laid out and the stationary can ruin the whole harmony. With the help of the attic ladder you can organize a fire exit, and its compactness will make it extremely invisible, but at the same time convenient.

A selection of interesting decisions on the design of stairs in the country - in this video:

What material can be selected for the suburban area

The whole weight of the climb comes in steps. What kind of material to choose so that the steps are not too bulky, but at the same time they are strong and beautiful?

Before you begin to study the material for future steps, you need to know the most optimal design features:

  1. The best height of the steps varies from 15 to 20 cm. If the height is less, there is a desire to jump over the level, if more, it is difficult to climb.
  2. Width is about 30 cm, considering that the steps are overlapping.
  3. The optimum angle of inclination is from 25 to 35 degrees. In the case of a smaller angle, the staircase will take up too much space, and the larger - the ascent will be difficult and sometimes dangerous.

Ladders for giving: versions, materials, finishing

Drawing stairs for giving
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The most common materials in the construction of stairs are:

  • Concrete steps are very strong, the option is "for centuries". After calculating the stairs, it is constructed of concrete blocks, and then finished with any decorative coating. Lack of stairs - abundant cold. If you are used to walking in a house without shoes, then your legs will be very cold.
  • Forged iron steps are not the most suitable option for arranging inside the house. They are better suited for the decoration of the porch. They look good only if they are made by a true master. Iron is also very cold and, moreover, traumatic material. The advantage is no slip.
  • Wooden stairs for country house - a classic! Wood - the most common material for the arrangement. It is very convenient and pleasant to walk around barefoot, and a professional designer will quickly create an element of the interior of your dreams. The biggest downside is the price. But the staircase itself in a high-rise building is not a cheap pleasure. The abundance of materials allows you to create a design that is suitable for price and quality. The most expensive wood species: oak, ash and beech. And inexpensive for the price can be made from larch or pine.
  • Glass is probably the most inconvenient option, but at the same time the most elegant. It allows you to create "floating" and "invisible" steps, but at the same time slippery and very cold.

Ladders for giving: versions, materials, finishing

Glass staircase in a private house

The better to cover the staircase

If the staircase is ready, but it can be seen that something is missing, you can trim the stairs with a decorative coating. Weight options:

  • It is better to paint only the concrete stairs. There is no need to spoil the forged metal or beautiful wooden.
  • Absolutely any stairs can be covered with carpets. The advantage of a carpet is softness, pleasantness to the touch and when walking. Also, carpets are quite safe due to the lack of slipping, if there are children or elderly people in the house. But it is worth thinking about fixing the carpet, because one wrong step can make the carpet "moving down". Of the minuses is to immediately call the fact that the carpet must be cleaned regularly and sometimes washed. This is a fairly time consuming process.
  • Laminate flooring is the cheapest option for finishing, but you should think about non-slip edges. Although this is the cheapest option, you need to carefully mark out the material. Laminate flooring is very inconvenient in cutting under certain forms, and a lot of waste can occur.
  • Tile is a very beautiful option for decoration, although it is very rare. The tile is resistant to wear, but you need to choose it with notches to prevent slipping.
  • Natural stone - although the most expensive, but at the same time the most beautiful and elegant option for finishing the steps. Among the shortcomings can be identified "loudness". If you decide to quickly go down the stone in the shoes, then everyone will hear it in the house. For safety, it is better to purchase a non-slip tape.

Ladders for giving: versions, materials, finishing

Carpet as a covering for stairs

Ready and quick solutions

If you don't want to spend a lot of time on the selection of materials, their order, call masters to build a ladder, waiting for a project or calculation, then the ideal solution would be to simply buy a finished ladder from popular models "Profi Hobby". There are presented ready-made solutions for various types of stairs: wooden, attic, screw and modular.

If there is a desire to assemble a ladder from ready-made materials, then you can order separate steps, railings, risers, pillars, platforms and columns.

Careful calculation is the key to the success of construction

Before creating and mounting the ladder, all its elements must be carefully calculated so that later it does not become clear that it does not fit into its place, which is too bulky, does not withstand mass or standing at the wrong angle.

The first thing to do is to decide on the installation site of the future structure. You should not do it in the bedroom - it will make the room pass-through and deprive it of any comfort. Installation near the bedroom is also undesirable - very often drafts are formed near the stairs. The most suitable place would be the entrance hall, lobby or living room.

Ladders for giving: versions, materials, finishing

The wooden staircase will complement the interior of the living room

After choosing the place, you must carefully calculate the size and select the materials for manufacturing. For example, wood is great for the interior in the style of "hi-tech".

Do not forget about the technical parameters, such as the angle of inclination, the height of the steps and their number, the presence of an intermediate platform. For each design requirements for comfort and safety will be different.

Railings must be present, even if the staircase has only 4 steps. It is desirable that they withstand a load of more than 100 kg and were at a height of more than 90 cm.

Ladders for giving: versions, materials, finishing

Railing is a necessary element of any staircase

It is also necessary to conduct round-the-clock coverage to the approach - this is the safety standard.

Requirements for the suburban ladder

Safety - health is the most important. It is worth to worry about the anti-slip coating.

  1. Convenience - walking on stairs should be comfortable and pleasant.
  2. Simplicity - for the country stairs you can not bother too much. This makes sense only in a house where people live constantly, or in a two-story apartment.
  3. Compactness - you shouldn’t make the staircase almost the entire room, but at the same time you can’t sacrifice convenience and safety. You need to look for a "middle ground".
  4. Durability - a normal ladder must withstand impressive weight.

Professional Installation Tips

  1. If the dacha is made of wood, then it is better not to change the material and make a wooden staircase.
  2. The approaches should always be mounted if children or adults walk under the stairs.
  3. A bar of 50 * 50 mm is perfect for building an attic staircase.
  4. For descent to the garage it is better to use a metal base, shaped pipes, it is important to brew everything tightly. You should also weld jumpers on the steps to prevent slipping.

Ladders for giving: versions, materials, finishing

For a wooden house, the best option is a ladder of similar material
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It is not too difficult to select and install a modern staircase to give because of the wide range of offers. The simplest option is to choose a finished product that fits into the existing room. If you need to create and implement an individual project, you should contact a specialist, as he will help create a safe staircase that fits into the interior, and most importantly, taking into account all the norms.


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