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When planning to install a fireplace in a wooden house, you need, first of all, to think about the process of its integration into the building. The problem is that the log house, even reinforced with innovative impregnations, exhibits a high degree of flammability, moreover, it is continuously subject to deformations. Even after the initial shrinkage, the structure is insignificant, but it still changes its dimensions following the dynamics of air humidity. Professionals point out that practically all the weak points of an open source in a wooden structure can be leveled if the design of the structure is correctly made.

species, how to build, install, photo stylish solutions

The rough stone texture of the fireplace underlines the natural structure of wood on the walls and ceiling

Types of fireplaces: which models can be installed in wooden houses

If we take the base material as a basis, such housing can be equipped with the following types of fireplaces:

  • stove brick . The constructions are distinguished by large dimensions and substantial mass; they require the laying of a separate foundation, not combined with the base of the walls. The brick exhibits high heat capacity, it is able to warm up the room for a long time and evenly. The thickness of the masonry closest to the wall should exceed 25 cm, it is isolated from the tree using a layer of basalt wool, vermiculite or perlite;

  • with a metal furnace - steel or cast iron. Often the structures include a glass door, resulting in something between a functional stove and a fireplace. The efficiency of modern variations can reach 80%, the advantages of the solution are compactness, availability, and speed of installation. Metal fireboxes are embedded in decorative fireplaces made of artificial or natural stone, wood, brick, chimneys are masked with gypsum plasterboard;

  • stone . Meets less often due to the complexity of the arrangement and the need for a foundation, it is installed in spacious rooms.

species, how to build, install, photo stylish solutions

Urban metal solution embodied in a spacious country house

The shape and location criteria allow you to select several groups :

  • angular . They are compact, they are optimal for small houses;

  • isolated . Usually they have a free-standing version, they are made in a square, round, rectangular shape, the firebox can be open or closed. Products require free space, often order their placement in the center of the living room;

  • straight . They are divided into wall and recessed, the first mounted near the wall, the second is used to serve two rooms.

species, how to build, install, photo stylish solutions

A neat built-in fireplace with a glass screen in the spacious living room

By the type of fuel used, the fireplaces are:

  • classic solid fuel . Coal, firewood is used, it is customary to design them together with firewood. Structures require insulation of all floors and adjacent surfaces;

  • electric are complemented by imitation of live fire. Fireproof fireplaces equip the attic of wooden houses, upper floors, products do not need a chimney and their own foundation;

  • biofireplaces function on ethanol, perform only aesthetic tasks;

  • gas fireplaces , like classic ones, imply the installation of a full-fledged firebox and chimney system.

species, how to build, install, photo stylish solutions

The light design, not typical for the interior design of wooden houses, echoes the veneer of a solid fuel fireplace

Electric variations can warm the room, while alternative biofireplaces do not.

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Fireproof installation of a fireplace in a wooden house

The center cannot be located opposite the openings: a draft from a door or window will cause smoke. When deciding how to install a fireplace in a wooden house, it is worth remembering that the floor in the active area should be lined with materials that are not afraid of sparks, coal - stone tiles, sheet metal, ceramic granite. The introduction of a stove in a small room is impractical; large amounts of oxygen are needed to maintain combustion.

In order for a wooden house to become stable, natural shrinkage has completely passed, it is necessary to wait at least 3 years between the end of its construction and the beginning of the fireplace installation. In this case, the risk of displacement or the occurrence of problems with the removal of combustion products will be minimized. Experts also note that, according to safety standards, installation of open fireboxes is prohibited on the upper floors.

species, how to build, install, photo stylish solutions

According to fire prevention requirements, the space in front of the fireplace is lined with facing tiles

it is obligatory to isolate. The room must provide a place to accommodate a fire extinguisher. The stove can not be installed next to the windows, decorated curtains, curtains, also undesirable neighborhood with soft furniture.

Special attention is paid to the insulation of wooden surfaces in order to protect them from heat, sparks. Such materials as basalt cotton wool, sheets of mineral insulation, supplemented with a reflective screen, rolled non-combustible synthetic compounds can be involved here. If the chimney penetrates the ceiling, it is necessary to wrap it with fire-resistant wool having foiled film.

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How to properly install a fireplace in a wooden house

When starting to solve the problem of how to properly build a fireplace in a wooden house, always start with the design: the experts calculate the design parameters based on the wishes of the client and the measurements made Schedule planned masonry features.

Video example of a professional installation of a metal fireplace in a finished wooden house:

All work can be divided into basic steps:

  • Construction of the foundation . It is isolated from the base of the house, but is poured at the same time with the latter before the construction of housing begins. If you want to introduce a fireplace in an already completed structure, the craftsmen remove the floor covering and disassemble some of the ceilings. The depth of the pit should reach the line of soil freezing, at the bottom of the formed layer of gravel, broken brick. The finished formwork height should exceed the floor level by 10 cm. When pouring mortar, reinforcing ligaments are used, leveled, hydro-insulated after solidification.

  • Preparing walls . They are sheathed with insulating materials, often in a multi-layered form. Sheets are fixed on metal guides, the joints are sealed with adhesive foil tape. An alternative solution for insulation may serve as an additional brickwork, laid against the wall.

  • Assembling the fireplace . Masonry is performed according to the project, starting from the base, a special heat-resistant solution is used. Internal surfaces are formed of refractory bricks, the rest are made of full-bodied. Gradually introduce the components that form the firebox, the door.

species, how to build, install, photo stylish solutions

Building a fireplace in a wooden house
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  • Formation of the chimney . It can be internal, passing through the ceiling up to the roof, or external, leading to the products of combustion from the fireplace. In the first case, a combination of two pipes inserted one into the other is used. At this stage, special attention is paid to sealing.

  • Floor finishing . The space around the fireplace with a radius of up to 150 cm is protected with non-combustible materials - marble, porcelain stoneware, facing tiles.

The low-cost finishing solution is metal sheets. But they eventually become uneven, giving the room a utilitarian look.

TOP design ideas: what a fireplace can look like in a wooden house

The budget category of projects is based on the use of prefabricated metal fireplaces. For their harmonious implementation, it is enough to calculate the compatibility of the models with the characteristics of a particular structure, create the foundation, install the components and install the chimney. Such solutions do not always look like the notorious stoves: manufacturers offer an assortment of elegant products that can fit into both urban and classic interiors.

species, how to build, install, photo stylish solutions

A laconic copy that needs only a competent installation

Models mounted in stone niche, on a pedestal.

species, how to build, install, photo stylish solutions

Here, when designing, it is necessary to take into account the load created by the material

A fireplace in a wooden house, assembled according to an individual design project, refers to the premium segment. Non-standard forms prevail here - fireplaces in the form of an elongated oval, having a decorative panel framing the firebox, or a vertical orientation of the active zone.

species, how to build, install, photo stylish solutions

A stylish solution embedded in the heating system of the house
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When drafting a project, it is necessary to voice requirements for the heat capacity of the solution. Full-scale brick and stone structures are able to fully heat the room, they warm even after the combustion of firewood. In this case, the installation of a fireplace in a wooden house is justified by the need for heating. Metallic solutions, on the contrary, heat the room faster, but they are not adapted to further preserve heat.

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