What to buy a hammock for giving in Moscow, hanging hammocks, photo

Having made the decision to purchase a hammock to give, you will inevitably run into the problem of choice. This attribute of a carefree holiday is presented on the modern market in various modifications and price categories. Firmly rooted in our minds as a symbol of relaxation, the hammock is very popular among the owners of country houses, country houses and cottages. Domestic and foreign manufacturers strive to meet high consumer demand, adding to the range of products with improved models. In this article we will explain how to choose the appropriate option based on your preferences and not to be mistaken when buying.

What to buy a hammock for giving in Moscow, hanging hammocks, photo

A hammock is a great way to relax at the cottage

Key varieties

If we talk about the design features of a hammock, There are several main varieties. When making a purchase, you should examine the advantages and disadvantages of each of them: . If such a product is used in a city apartment, it is fixed on the ceiling or between two walls. Special strips at the ends facilitate installation. If you are interested in such a hammock, it is not difficult to buy a convenient, attractive exterior model - such products are represented on the domestic market in a huge variety of sizes and colors.

The advantages of this design include a relatively low price, compactness and mobility, ease of transportation and installation, as well as an impressive aesthetic component. The disadvantages are reduced to the possibility of falling out of the hammock with a strong swinging and punching the cloth under the weight of the lying.

What to buy a hammock for giving in Moscow, hanging hammocks, photo

Hanging hammocks are fixed between two large trees or specially prepared poles

Frame hammocks

These are universal models with metal or wooden frame that do not require additional support. This design is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors. Stationary frame hammocks are usually chosen for arranging a recreation area in urban apartments, and collapsible models are bought to give, which are easy to move from one place to another.

The advantages of frame structures include ease of installation, reliability and practicality in operation, as well as relative safety compared to pendant counterparts. The disadvantages of this solution are reduced to a higher price.

What to buy a hammock for giving in Moscow, hanging hammocks, photo

Frame hammock, does not require to prepare separate supports, you can simply install it in a convenient place

Chair hammock

The principal difference between these hammocks and traditional suspended and frame structures is in the form of a bed, made in the form of a chair. Such models are often chosen for home as they do not take up much space. In a hammock chair it is convenient to work with a laptop, read your favorite book, do handicrafts or enjoy aromatic coffee.

Due to its attractive appearance, such products often become one of the central interior items when embodying bold design solutions. A comfortable hammock chair will be appropriate in the lobby, in the kitchen, in the nursery or on the loggia.

What to buy a hammock for giving in Moscow, hanging hammocks, photo

A hammock chair can become a mini-office - it can comfortably sit with a laptop or books


Such models are widely used in country houses and suburban areas and are rarely used indoors. A distinctive feature of the design of a hammock swing is the only point of support.

Small-sized models can be used as a cradle for a small child. If you need to buy a hammock to give, this decision will certainly justify itself.

What to buy a hammock for giving in Moscow, hanging hammocks, photo

Swing and hammock - 2 in 1, will be a gift for those who like to swing
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Basic materials used in the manufacture of

Comfortable rest and the opportunity to relax in a hammock to a large extent depends on the material of manufacture. No matter how ergonomic the design, it is unlikely that you will be able to comfortably settle in a sagging bed with rigid, knots that dig into the body. According to the material of manufacture, there are three types of hammocks: fabric, mesh and wicker.

What to buy a hammock for giving in Moscow, hanging hammocks, photo

A hanging braided hammock is a common option, but it will not work for a long time in it - the net can stick into the body

Thanks to the optimal cost ratio and qualities are deservedly the most popular fabric.Among the fabrics that are most often used in the manufacture of hammocks, select cotton, burlap, flax, mattress teak, canvas, polyester and nylon:

  • Cotton bed has good breathing ability and high strength, withstanding loads up to 150 kg. This fabric is hypoallergenic and pleasant to the touch. However, cotton quickly loses its original appearance, fading in the sun and even becoming covered with mold when there is insufficient drying.

  • The sacking is notable for its low cost, increased reliability and excellent air throughput, however, the caustic surface of such a hammock will not suit everyone.

  • Many people choose flax because of its durability and pleasant tactile sensations, but a linen bed can shrink strongly after washing.

  • If you prefer a compacted but not hard fabric that dries quickly after washing, lets air through and does not cause allergic reactions, it is recommended to choose mattress tick .

  • In contrast to natural fabrics, the bed of polyester or nylon is resistant to shrinkage, wear, and the adverse effects of moisture and ultraviolet rays. However, such hammocks do not breathe and are less pleasant to the touch.

What to buy a hammock for giving in Moscow, hanging hammocks, photo

The fabric for the hammock should be cotton
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If you are interested in a fabric hammock, you can buy a suitable model in Moscow at any time - all the listed varieties are presented in the metropolitan stores.

Mesh patterns, which were widely distributed a few decades ago, are used less and less nowadays. These hammocks are lightweight, minimal price, ease of installation and transportation. However, all these advantages are offset by the lack of comfort while lying in such a hammock. If the funds do not allow you to purchase a more comfortable hammock, the mattress laid on top of the grid will significantly reduce discomfort.

Wicker hammocks are easy to use, reliable, and durable, but you must ensure the quality of the weave when you buy. The rattan and wicker stock has already managed to earn the sympathy of domestic buyers due to its attractive appearance, comfort, flexibility and elasticity. The only drawback of such a solution is the possibility of drying out at sudden temperature drops.

What to buy a hammock for giving in Moscow, hanging hammocks, photo

The wicker hammock made of rattan should be protected from sudden changes in temperature and from strong sun

Models of Brazil nuts are not afraid of negative climatic conditions Since the flexible wood of exotic tree species is treated with special compounds. Having bought such a hammock to the country, you will provide yourself with a comfortable pastime for a long time. The high price of such products is justified by excellent performance.

How different hammocks can be, will show the video:

Dimensions and load

Although the maximum load is different hammock species vary in the range of 80-200 kg, most models presented by leading brands are designed for weight from 100 to 120 kg. In addition, the capacity of the sucker is largely determined by the quality of the supports and fasteners and the fabric used in the manufacture. As a rule, a hammock for a child can withstand up to 80 kg, for an adult - up to 120 kg, and for a whole family - up to 200 kg. The length of the standard model is 2 m, and the width is 1.5 m.

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Even if you set out to buy a hammock at a low price, when choosing a suitable option, the price of the product should not be the only determining factor. Assessing the advantages and disadvantages of the available models, you can choose a hammock that fully corresponds to your ideas about the ideal rest.

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