What should be the minimum angle of inclination of the roof of a soft roof and how to determine it

The construction of roofing systems is carried out according to appropriate technologies, calculated and tested by many years of practice. The criteria according to which the minimum angle of inclination of the roof from a soft roof is taken are not taken from the ceiling and help to solve quite practical tasks. This article will discuss the rules and regulations that determine the slope of a soft roof, dependence on the type of material and other operational issues related to the materials of this group.

What should be the minimum angle of inclination of the roof of a soft roof and how to determine it

Compliance with the norms and rules for tilting a soft roof is a guarantee of full and long-lasting operation

Types of soft coatings

Among soft roofing coatings are common:

  • Rolled materials (roofing material, asphalt resin, roofing sheet and other types).

  • Sheet or piece (shingles, Ondulin, etc.).

According to the type of deposition, there are:

  • Fused . Attach to the sub-base on your own adhesive layer (or layer deposited on the substrate), which heat on the flame of the burner to the melting degree .

  • Adhered . Mounted on its own adhesive layer that does not require heating.

  • Membrane . Installation is mechanically . The canvas must " breathe " - i.e., pass in one direction water vapor , contributing to the preservation of materials in working condition.

Modern manufacturers have developed a huge number of varieties of roofing materials that have different trade names and some differences, but, in fact, are the same prototypes - roofing material, bituminous tiles and slate of bituminous cardboard .

What should be the minimum angle of inclination of the roof of a soft roof and how to determine it

Varieties of related roofing materials

Three main factors affecting roofing slope

Effect on minimum roof slope from a soft roof have three factors:

  • The magnitude of the wind load is .

  • The amount of snow in winter period .

  • Own qualities of roofing material .

The wind force is capable of reaching very impressive values, so it cannot be ignored. The problem is the relative rarity of strong impulses, forcing people to gradually calm down and stop caring for the roof's windshield. The steeper the angle of inclination, the stronger the area of ​​the sail formed by the ramp plane. At the same time, perfectly horizontal planes are also unstable, since they often raise them above the rafters and tear them as a whole.

The amount of snow in winter in some regions reaches 560 kg / m 2 , which, even for a small roof, will be a significant load. Therefore, for the organization of an independent descent of snow masses, take the appropriate angle of slope of the slopes.

What should be the minimum angle of inclination of the roof of a soft roof and how to determine it

The amount of snow is one of the most important factors

The intrinsic qualities of the material determine the strength of the bond with the substrate and the degree of roughness of the coating. Smooth surfaces contribute to the self-sliding of snowdrifts, freeing the roof from unnecessary stress. However, the unnecessarily slippery surface in practice proved to be dangerous, since the avalanche-like descent of snow often causes harm to people, cars, or other property that was under the fallen pile. Most types of soft roofs have a relatively rough surface that holds the snow and prevents abundant descent.

Minimum and maximum slope of flat roofs according to SNiP

According to the requirements of SNiP, the minimum slope of a roof made of soft tile or other similar material starts from 1.5% (1 In practice, the minimum is usually around 3- 5 ° for organizing rainwater runoff. Such a small value is used only on flat roofs and practically does not form a slope. In a private house building, such a construction of the roof system is not often found, because it is inconvenient and does not allow snow and rainwater to slide off. The ideal range of angles of inclination, optimal for different roofing:

What should be the minimum angle of inclination of the roof of a soft roof and how to determine it

Calculation of the angle of inclination of the roof depending on the coating material and type of roof

It should be noted that the maximum slope of the roof is not regulated. This is due to the fact that increasing the slope requires a corresponding increase in the consumption of building and roofing materials, which is impractical.Generally, when choosing the optimum angle of inclination, they follow the minimum and their own ideas about how it should look attractive. roof. In addition, the magnitude of wind loads in the region makes its own adjustments and makes it necessary to reduce the slope of the slopes.

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Slope designation

There are various designations of the angle of inclination of the roof slopes:

  • At degrees .

  • In percentage .

The first option is convenient for designers to perform calculations and other theoretical actions. In practice, it is the percentages that show the ratio of the height of the roof in the area of ​​the ridge to the distance from the longitudinal axis to the eaves. So much easier and more accurately it turns out to bring the slope of the roof for soft tiles, and, to create it, does not require the use of trigonometric tools, but only a regular ruler.

What should be the minimum angle of inclination of the roof of a soft roof and how to determine it

Tilt angle in degrees

However, untrained people often do not pay attention to the units in which the slopes are that causes inconsistencies and errors during construction.

For very small angles, it makes no sense to build a special roof system. Instead, it is easier to do - pouring a spreader, a layer of sand, which is aligned with the desired inclination with respect to the horizon. Geotextiles are laid over this layer and the flooring is laid according to the standard technology.

What should be the minimum angle of inclination of the roof of a soft roof and how to determine it

Wind efforts are recommended to be considered individually depending on the specific location and its features.
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We select the slope of the roof slope

It is common to use soft roof tiles on pitched roofs. It is easy to install, durable, resistant to external influences and has an attractive appearance. According to the norms of SNiP, the minimum angle of inclination of the roof of soft tiles is 3 °, which is too small for the roof of a private house. It is necessary to increase the angle, guided by only one criterion - the value of the wind load.

This is a very difficult task, since the magnitude of the force of the wind effect is influenced by a mass of additional factors. If the house is located on an open place or on a hill, the wind force is assumed to be maximum, corresponding to regional values ​​in the SNiP tables. If the house is located in a valley, surrounded by thick trees or higher buildings, the wind load is taken far below the table values. The frequency and force of winds, the possibility of squally rushes is taken into account.

In the video material, recommendations are given on which slope to determine for the roof so that the snow rolls well or is not at all:

It may be interesting! In the article on the following link read about the inclination angle of a single shed roof: the calculation of the angle on a calculator .

Summary of the topic

Many owners reasonably believe that they will admire the roof every day, and a strong wind lasts a few minutes and happens every 20 years. The final decision is made in each case individually, based on the location of the house and the owner’s own considerations. In the end, the aesthetic component really means a lot, and it is rarely possible to fully protect the roof from destruction by choosing the right angle of inclination. For this, it is necessary that the wind blew only in one direction, which almost never happens.

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