Garden Designer Flower Bed: prices for fencing

The article describes how to create and decorate flowerbeds with the help of modern solutions. You will learn what decorative fences are, how they are installed and used. Thanks to them, it is possible to divide the areas near the house and other buildings into decorative zones. The garden designer of a bed is an original decision and decoration of any bed or a bed.

Garden Designer Flower Bed: prices for fencing

Garden Designer

What are the decorative fences

Decorative fences for flower beds and garden beds are of two types:

  • national teams are assembled from separate segments;

  • tape are presented in the form of rolls.

The fence garden designer is offered in various shapes and shades. It can be an imitation of logs, flowers, fences, bricks, picket fence and other options. Made from high strength and durable polymer material. He is not afraid of the harmful effects of moisture, temperature changes, sunlight, does not fade. Depending on the model, it is fixed in the ground by spikes or dropping. Ribbon options have good flexibility, so you can create different forms of flower beds.

Garden Designer Flower Bed: prices for fencing

Prefabricated Garden Designers

Purpose and Benefits

Similar fences are used in landscape design at country sites, near apartment buildings and so on. With their help, you can make ordinary flowerbeds or create stacked beds. Widely used in the design of the tracks, various plantings, flower beds. Decorative fences Master Garden look good when zoning sites.

Such a solution has many advantages, which makes it indispensable in the design of the plots:

  • some types of fences have realistic imitations of natural materials;

  • easily and quickly are assembled and installed in the right place;

  • durable , they are easily bent, you can create different forms;

  • do not take much time, are easy , are easily transferred and installed in a new place;

  • do not fade under sunlight, high-strength material is protected from cracking;

  • spec Other fixtures do not harm the plant root system;

  • reasonable price for different models of fences;

  • hold the soil in one place and do not allow it to crumble.

Garden Designer Flower Bed: prices for fencing

Decorative fencing does not fade under the sun's rays

It should be noted that the garden designer curb and fencing is made made from safe and durable materials that meet high quality standards. There is no unpleasant smell, no toxic substances are emitted, which is very important for human health and the environment.

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Decorative fences in creating landscape design

If you want to make the site well-groomed, more beautiful and original, to give it a finished look, then you should buy garden fences for flower beds. Such modern, colorful and durable designs are a simple and inexpensive solution that is often used in landscape design, zoning, landscaping, and so on. With the help of such fences you can quickly and very easily achieve good results, make the site neat and beautiful. Experts recommend the use of just such designers, so you can create flower beds of any size and shape, or make them in several tiers.

Garden Designer Flower Bed: prices for fencing

With the help of a decorative fence, you can zone a territory

The decorative fence of the garden designer "Master Garden" consists of prefabricated plastic elements. Depending on the model, their height can be 8–25 cm. Selecting models is necessary taking into account the goal set and the desired result. The main advantage of this fence is a unique design. Thanks to the special characteristics you can create absolutely any shape. This means that the finished bed can be of any structure and size.

The use of the constructor is not limited to the creation of flowerbeds. It can be used, for example, to create the original low sandbox. It is also widely used in decorating small fountains, creating various ponds and streams, where you can even contain fish.

Garden Designer Flower Bed: prices for fencing

With the help of the garden designer you can create a flower bed and much more
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Prices for fences

Such decorative fences have a low cost, which makes them very popular. For example, there are a large selection of prefabricated small blocks with different patterns, shapes, patterns, and shades. The height of such models is 18-25 cm, length is 1.9-3.1 m., And the cost is 190-300 rubles. for each package. Models in the form of a fence or large mesh can be purchased at a price of 300-700 rubles. per pack. The dimensions of such decorative fencing are 8-24 cm in height and 3.1-3.2 m in length in each package. A little more expensive model will cost "Butterfly" - 320-350 rubles. packaging (height 36 cm, length 2.4 m).

Garden Designer Flower Bed: prices for fencing

Garden Tape Designer

You can buy curb tape at a price of 330-700 rubles. per roll with a length of 9 m and a height of 10-20 cm, depending on the manufacturer and model. The tape can be flat or wavy.

There are models in the form of a braid at 390 rubles. , length 2.4 m, height 19.5 cm. The same price for a model of decorative fence "Hemp" - length 1.6 m, height 15 cm.

Models with an imitation picket fence will cost 400-450 rub. Their height is 29-55 cm, and the length is 2-2.24 m. The price of each model depends on the complexity of implementation, the additives used, the manufacturer and some other factors.

Garden Designer Flower Bed: prices for fencing

Flowerbed from the garden designer

From the video you can learn how to make a flowerbed from the garden designer:

It can be interesting! In the article, the following link reads about decorative garden figures: what they are made of, in what styles of landscape design are used.


The garden fence for flower beds can be used to create paths, flower beds, sandboxes, in any kind of decoration in landscape design. The characteristics of the material and its advantages allow you to enjoy the result over the years. Fences are made of durable, durable and flexible material, because with it you can create any form.

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